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7 Best Fire Pit Rings Available Online

by Lianne Jones June 30, 2022

7 Best Fire Pit Rings Available Online

For some of us, sitting in the garden and taking in nature is a wonderful experience, and sometimes there’s nothing better than getting some family together, sitting around a fire and enjoying the night rolling in whilst you watch nature do its thing around you.

For some this series of events is an everyday occurrence, and for you it can be the same by purchasing a Fire pit or a steel ring.

So in this article we’ll be going over the 7 best fire pit rings that you can buy online, so you can spice up your garden in no time

What Are Fire Rings?

7 Best Fire Pit Rings Available Online

In as simple terms as possible, a fire ring is a piece of really useful equipment that can create a bonfire in your backyard.

All you have to do is place the essential fuels inside the fire ring and start the fire, as simple as that.

You will not need anything extra to operate a particular fire ring.

As these rings are quite simplistic, you can find lots of different options for fire rings in the market, especially online.

They come in a lot of different sizes to fit your garden and offer lots of different features.

If you are looking to buy a fire ring for yourself, it’s important to make sure you keep following things in mind:

  • Size of the ring: In general, you can find fire rings ranging from 20 inches all the way up to 45 inches. As this difference is pretty marginal, you must consider your needs before selecting one. A bigger one can hold more fire, but it will also take a much larger space in your backyard.
  • Material: The fire rings are mostly made out of metal. But, you can also find a few options with different materials. As these rings are constantly exposed to heat, you must consider the build material before buying one.
  • Safety: As there is no lid or wire mesh on the top, there’s a reasonable chance of ash and debris coming out of the ring. To avoid contact with that, make sure you get a larger ring to maximize the safety conditions, and of course always sit far away from your fire ring in order to remain safe at all times.

Now we know what a fire ring is, let’s take a look at some of the features that you should be on the lookout for when searching for a fire ring of your choice, everyone’s different, so of course whatever is the most important to you will change from person to person.

Overall Size And Depth

The size is also a very important factor as it basically decides the best choice for your application.

For example, if you are looking for a fire ring to put in your backyard, then you should not invest in a very large fire ring as it will congest the working space in the backyard.

On the other hand, you will need a larger option if your application is generally aimed at the social gathering of friends or family in an open space.

Also, you should consider the depth available for the fuel so that the wood does not accidentally fall out of the fire.


The portability is highly dependent on many factors such as shape, size, type of structure, and weight.

A large structure is generally not an ideal option for portability unless it can be disassembled and packed in a small space.

On the other hand, a compact device can be packed easily and stored in the vehicle without any problem.

Also, a heavier option is much harder to carry as compared to a lightweight option.

Body Material

As you may have seen, almost all of the options are manufactured with a certain type of steel.

But, their build quality changes because of many variables such as the thickness of the material, density of steel, overall weight of the fire ring, etc.

If you want to confirm the durability of the product, you should be getting a heavier option as the steel used in these options probably has a higher density.

Also, a high-temperature paint job will highly reduce the heat effect.


Safety should be the most important factor as a fire pit can cause unfortunate fire hazards.

As far as the safety goes, deeper and larger fire pits are generally safer as you can stay a little far away from the fire.

Also, there are a few built-in accessories, such as a wire mesh that prevents any lit particle from coming out of the fire.

Such small hot particles can easily make a piece of cloth or grass catch fire.

So now that we know what a fire ring is and what you should be looking for, let’s get started at looking at some of the best options that are available for you to buy.

Pleasant Hearth Round Solid Steel Fire Ring

  • Size: 33.5”x10” (top ring) 28.5”x10” (inner ring)
  • Weight: 36.08 pounds
  • Fuel type: Wood only
  • Material: Steel
  • Assembly required: Yes

Our top entry on this list and Amazon’s choice, the Pleasant Hearth round fire ring is perfect for anyone that’s looking for a classic fire ring that they can place inside of a prebuilt structure that you’d like for your fire pit.

There’s a wide lip that’s perfect for keeping the inner section of your fire pit secure, and coming in at relatively small compared to some of the other options further down in this list, it’s perfect for those of us that don’t have massive amounts of space to work with in our gardens.

As well as that, the sleek black finish that coats the whole ring is perfect for blending in with whatever fire pit setup you’ve got going, it won’t stand out, and any scorch marks that may occur will be difficult to see because of the color.

If you’re looking for a standard fire ring that’s perfect for a smaller but substantial fire pit, then there’s no better choice than this one here.

RYFT Fire Pit Ring

  • Size: 42”x10” (top ring) 36”x10” (inner ring)
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Fuel type: Wood only
  • Material: Steel
  • Assembly required: Yes

Next up, is this RYFT fire pit ring, which is similar to the Pleasant Hearth ring at the top, with a few different features.

Firstly, this ring is larger, if you’re working with a lot of space, and want to create a permanent fire pit that’s large enough to get the whole family around, then this is a good choice.

There’s no need to place this ring inside of the pit though, as it’ll stand freely on its own without any other support, and still be a great communal place for your family and friends to enjoy.

The steel is resistant to rust and any heat whatsoever, and at around 2 millimeters thick, you shouldn’t expect any sort of superficial damage to be done to the material any time soon.

That same wider lip makes it perfect for slipping into rounded foundations that you’ve got set up for a more fixed fire pit, and the black coating looks great contrasted against any materials you’ve got around the pit, stone in particular looks fantastic.

Overall this fire ring is another great go-to if you’re looking for a fire ring you can keep inside of a permanent fixture, and the only reason this product isn’t on the top of this list is because of it’s higher cost, and occasional issues with delivery.

Pleasant Hearth Wilderness Fire Ring

  • Size: 36”x12”
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Fuel type: Wood only
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Assembly required: Yes

Coming up next, is the pleasant hearth wilderness ring, which is perfect for any little ones that you might have.

The frame of the ring is made from a similar steel that most Pleasant Hearth fire rings are made from, but beautiful ornate wilderness designs have been cut in around the steel, featuring wolves, deer, bears and trees which gives a wonderful look for those that prefer an exposed fire ring.

There’s a thin wire mesh laid across the circumference of the inner of the ring, mainly there to make sure that any embers or stray bits of ash can’t fall through where some parts of the design make up the wall.

Whilst the mesh is sturdy, it won’t hold up in the same way that a stronger steel might in quite a violent fire, so if you’re choosing to go with this fire ring, then smaller and more delicate fires are going to be your best bet.

Naturally, you won’t be wanting to cover the design of the ring up because of how great it looks, so this fire ring is going to be best suited for freestanding lower fire pits, that you can move about fairly easily due to the products lower overall weight.

If you’ve got kids, or just enjoy the design of this fire ring, then this is a great choice for keeping lower and more controlled fires, perfect for smaller families.

Pleasant Hearth Infinity Galvanized Ring

  • Size: 28.5”x13.19”
  • Weight: 22.44 pounds
  • Fuel type: Wood only
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Assembly required: Yes

Next up on our list is yet another Pleasant Hearth fire ring, this round Infinity fire ring has a really nice rustic look that makes it great as a regular fire ring or even as a raised flower bed.

As well as that, the industrial-style galvanized steel is substantially better than others on this list at preventing rust, which makes this ring perfect for the outdoors.

This ring has four options for use: you can use it on its own, you can use it as a liner for a stone fire pit, you can partially bury it, or, if you want to get creative, you can turn it into a raised flower bed.

For this reason, the Infinity ring is one of the more versatile rings that’s on this list.

The only reason this ring isn’t higher is because of the relatively thin material that makes up the ring.

In saying that though, if you’re looking for a more industrial, and very versatile fire ring that might not look as flashy as some others, but certainly gets the job done, then this is the fire ring for you.

VBENLEM Fire Pit Ring

  • Size: 36”x10”
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Fuel type: Wood only
  • Material: Q235 Steel Construction
  • Assembly required: Yes

Next up is the VBENLEM fire pit ring which is a relatively small brand that manufactures kitchen appliances and fire pit rings to improve the lifestyle of consumers.

The brand’s products are mainly known for their durability, and this product is no exception to that reputation.

Vbenlem’s fire pit ring features a rugged steel construction with 3mm thick steel and a high temperature resistant black paint coating on the surface.

The pit can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme heat without sustaining any damages and rust.

The outer diameter measures 45 inches while the inner diameter measures 39 inches that makes it perfect for campfire, or any situation that needs a heavy duty fire ring that can withstand a lot of punishment.

It’s fairly easy to set up the ring, featuring 4 pieces for easy assembly, so with just a couple of screws, you can set up the fire pit within minutes without worrying about any potential problems whilst using the thing.

Overall this is an excellent fire ring if durability is something that comes first for you, and the main reason why it’s this low on our list isn’t because it’s bad in any way, but just because setup can be relatively frustrating with no screws being included in the packaging, and some components of the ring being slightly awkward to fit together.

Still a great choice though.

Pleasant Hearth Classic Fire Ring

  • Size: 36″ x12″
  • Weight: 10.12 pounds
  • Fuel type: Wood only
  • Material: Steel
  • Assembly required: Yes

The classic arts-and-crafts design of this outdoor fire ring makes it the perfect complement to any style of home or backyard.

The 36″ wood-burning steel fire ring is an ideal size for giving your backyard parties that extra boost they need to continue on into the evening, whilst the fire looks spectacular within the 360 degree see-through ring.

The Classic fire ring combines value, sturdiness, and a really easy assembly.

At only 10 pounds, it’s also lightweight enough that you can move it to the garage or shed when you aren’t using it, whilst the mesh isn’t as sturdy as if the ring was covered completely with steel, it makes up for it if you’re a fan of showmanship, as the fire really looks great when built up inside of this ring.

It won’t contain every piece of your fire, but that’s not always necessary, especially if you’ve got a dedicated spot to put this ring in.

You’re probably best only going for this ring if you don’t mind the odd escaping bit of debris from the fire, despite the mesh being in the way, but if you prize aesthetics over durability, then this is a great option.

Sunnydaze Square Fire Pit Ring

  • Size: 42″ x10″(top ring) 36″ x10″ (inner ring)
  • Weight: 36.08 pounds
  • Fuel type: Wood only
  • Material: Steel
  • Assembly required: Yes

The final entry on our list, this sunnydaze square fire pit ring is great if you’d prefer a square fire pit instead of a circular one.

This also comes with a lot of different hidden benefits, including a square offering more natural resistance to any wear or tear, simply because of it being a stronger shape.

As well as this, the Heavy-Duty square fire ring has a wide top lip which makes it perfect for fitting into the foundations of a fire pit, and It has a solid construction of thick steel with high-temperature paint that resists rust very effectively.

All of these features put together makes for one of the most durable fire pit rings on this list.

You can use this ring in-ground, above ground, or framed with bricks to create a permanent place for bonfires, which is going to be the best option for this ring considering all of it’s other strengths.

The large upper ring lets you create a more expansive fire pit without sacrificing any of the 3-foot burning area, which makes it perfect for making a large, permanent fire pit that you can use to entertain in your garden.

Overall, if you’re looking to build a large fire pit, but you’d prefer a square build instead of a large circle then this is a great option.

It fits snugly into rocks designed for it, and because it’s square it’s super easy to build, and maintain!

You really shouldn’t expect to see any wear or tear come off from this thing, especially if you’ve dug it into the ground.

Final Thoughts

Overall, There’s many different fire ring pits that are perfect for your garden, whilst there are many more than those that are featured on this list, these are some of the best options available, and offer a wide array of different options, from different shapes and sizes, to different designs and materials used to make the ring in the first place.

Just remember to take your time whilst setting these rings up, as once they’re securely built none will break any time soon, and for the more permanent rings, it’ll be very difficult to get them out of their foundations without a lot of work, so take your time!

We hope that you’ve found a fire ring that’s right for you.

Lianne Jones
Lianne Jones

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