Freestanding Gas Grills

Freestanding gas grills are a great option for BBQers. Their many perks make for an ideal outdoor cooking experience.

Here at Outdoor Cooking Pros, our selection of freestanding gas grills is unmatched. We offer top brands used and trusted by BBQers everywhere.

Should you go freestanding or built-in? This is a question that plagues BBQers everywhere. Each has their benefits, but you can’t go wrong with freestanding options.

What’s so great about them? A few of their many benefits include:

They aren’t built into a structure. Most units feature wheels for mobility. You have the freedom to rearrange your patio as you please. Plus, most come with convenient access drawers for storage.

Freestanding grills tend to be cheaper. They typically use either propane or natural gas. Both fuel types burn clean and efficient. You’ll save money by not having to use charcoal.

These units ignite and heat up quickly. You won’t have to wait around to start cooking!

The control knobs are straightforward and easy to use. You have control over the exact temperature ranges you want.

This is perhaps one of the best benefits. These gas grills are known for their versatility. Different types can come with unique features including:

  • Rotisserie kits
  • Side burners
  • Outdoor storage

These features provide high-end utility. You will have the freedom to grill anything you’ve ever wanted to! Take a minute to explore our collection of freestanding gas grills. You might just find the one that’s right for you!