Outdoor Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular in many backyards. Why? It’s simple – everybody loves pizza! These appliances will add a new dose of fun to your outdoor kitchen. Plus, they are easy to use and have quick cook times.

Oven Types and Their Perks

The two most common types are either gas or wood fire pizza ovens.

  • Gas pizza ovens are convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is turn the oven on and wait for it to pre-heat.
  • A wood-fired pizza oven uses hardwoods as fuels. Some even come with flavored pellets to add some kick to the taste of your pizza. A wood-burning type can reach up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It will give you that classic wood-fired crust and taste.
  • A built-in pizza oven is going to be larger than a portable one. It will offer you the benefit of installing a natural gas line that can be connected to the appliance. It will also heat more fully than a portable one and provide more space to cook larger pizzas.


Any oven that you purchase will have a dome-shaped ceiling. They are designed this way to evenly spread heat throughout the oven.

Make sure that your oven's hearth and dome are fully insulated. This will ensure it can reach and maintain higher temperatures. A properly running outdoor oven will cook your pizzas faster. This is especially convenient if you will be cooking more than one.

We recommend that you look at our gas and wood-fired ovens as well as our built-in options for the best selection and quality. Order your oven today and enjoy:

  • Crispy better than restaurant pizza (in minutes)
  • Boosted flavor 
  • Crispy crust on any dish
  • Extra heath benefits