Outdoor Grill Cart & Stands

What’s a quality grill without an outdoor grill cart and stands to hold it up? Unless it is built into a stone base in your outdoor kitchen, or it comes packaged with a durable stand set up, you’ll never be able to use your grill without the proper base – it’s what gives the machine strength.

Outdoor carts are great options for your brand-new grill. Not only will they provide the support your grill needs, but they can be taken anywhere you’d like. Tailgate and camp easily with your own cart – it’s always easy to set up, and a quality model will hold up in the natural elements.

There are many types of carts and stands to choose from – some are classic, others cutting edge. Let’s go over some of your best options:

Stainless Steel Portable Support Carts

Stainless steel carts are most likely to match the exterior of your portable grill. The silver, sleek exterior is resistant to corrosion and natural damage from years of outside use. They also come with ample cabinet space for storage.

Stainless Steel Pedestals
Pedestals are slim, yet sturdy. Small in size, they can fit anywhere in your outdoor kitchen. These are one of the easiest options to transport.

Cypress Wood Table Cart
Polished cypress wood carts are tasteful and quaint. Each offers plenty of room to place items like sauces on the top wood layer as well as underneath. If you go with a large model, it’s possible to place prepared food buffet style on the table for easy serving.

Blaze 34" Stainless Steel Professional Grill Cart w/ Drawers BLZ-3PRO-CART
$1,299.99 $1,614.99
Blaze 35" Stainless Steel Grill Cart for 5 Burner Traditional/LTE Gas Grills BLZ-5-CART
$679.99 $759.99
Blaze 44" Stainless Steel 4 Burner Professional Grill Cart w/ Shelves BLZ-4PRO-CART
$1,579.99 $1,907.49