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These grills and kitchen products are amazing patio and outdoor kitchen additions. They offer top-notch quality, an attractive design, and a wide variety of products and accessories to choose from. These products also provide generous lifetime warranties that can’t be beaten.

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  • Excellent value
  • 45 years of industry-leading experience
  • Best-in-class lifetime warranty
  • Affordable outdoor kitchens 
  • Made by passionate grilling professions

Our products stand the test of time, are affordable, and offer incredible experiences. When launching Outdoor Cooking Pros, we focused heavily on providing Blaze gas grills that were affordable for the average consumer. Now, we are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of quality options, ranging from grills to Blaze refrigerators, that we know they will love and won’t break their wallet.

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    Blaze 37" Aluminum Complete Outdoor Kitchen Island BLZ-ISLAND
    $8,250.00 $9,500.00
    Blaze Professional 44" 4 Burner Built-In Gas Grill With Rear Infrared Burner BLZ-4PRO
    $5,299.99 $5,374.99
    Blaze Professional 34" 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill With Rear Infrared Burner BLZ-3PRO
    $4,299.99 $5,299.00

    Blaze 37" Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen Island Only w/o Appliances BLZ-ISLAND-1
    $3,500.00 $3,876.24
    Blaze 40" Stainless Steel 5 Burner LTE Built-In Gas Grill w/ Rear Burner BLZ-5LTE2
    $2,749.99 $2,804.99
    Blaze 15" Stainless Steel 50Lbs Outdoor Ice Maker with Gravity Drain BLZ-ICEMKR-50GR
    $2,499.99 $3,124.99

    Blaze 32" Stainless Steel 4 Burner LTE Gas Grill w/ Rear Burner BLZ-4LTE2
    $2,299.99 $2,358.74
    Blaze Grills 30" Stainless Steel LTE Built-in Gas Griddle w/ Lights BLZ-GRIDDLE-LTE
    $2,299.99 $2,374.99
    Blaze Grills 32" 4 Burner LTE Built-In Gas Grill with Rear Burner BLZ-4LTE
    $2,299.99 $2,312.49

    Blaze BLZ-42-VHOOD 42" Stainless Steel Outdoor Vent Hood
    $1,899.99 $2,358.74
    Blaze Stainless Steel Pellet Fire Pit with Caster Wheels BLZ-FP-PELLET
    $1,699.99 $2,124.99
    Blaze 32" Stainless Steel 4 Burner Built-In Charcoal Grill BLZ-4-CHAR
    $1,619.99 $1,624.99

    Blaze 44" Stainless Steel 4 Burner Professional Grill Cart w/ Shelves BLZ-4PRO-CART
    $1,579.99 $1,907.49
    Blaze 21" Stainless Steel Enclosed Dry Storage Cabinet with Shelf BLZ-DRY-STG
    $1,399.99 $1,613.74
    Blaze Professional 10" Stainless Steel Built-In Power Burner w/ Cover BLZ-PROPB
    $1,399.99 $1,499.99

    Blaze 30" Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Triple Access Drawer BLZ-30W-3DRW
    $1,299.99 $1,466.24
    Blaze 9" Stainless Steel LTE Built-In Power Burner BLZ-PBLTE-LP
    $1,299.99 $1,402.49
    Blaze 34" Stainless Steel Professional Grill Cart w/ Drawers BLZ-3PRO-CART
    $1,299.99 $1,614.99

    Blaze 11" Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket for 4 Burner Professional Gas Grill BLZ-4PRO-IJ
    $919.99 $956.24
    Blaze 22" Stainless Steel Ice Bin & Wine Chiller with Drain BLZ-ICEB-WH
    Blaze 26" Stainless Steel Double Roll-Out Trash or Recycle Drawer BLZ-TREC-DRW
    $799.99 $811.24

    Blaze 16" Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Triple Access Drawer BLZ-DRW3-R
    Blaze 39" Stainless Steel Access Door & Triple Drawer Combo BLZ-DDC-39-R
    Sold Out $999.00
    Blaze 9" Stainless Steel Built-In LTE Double Side Gas Burner w/ Lights BLZ-SB2LTE
    $799.99 $828.74

    Blaze 11" Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket for 3 Burner Professional Gas Grill BLZ-3PRO-IJ
    $789.99 $811.24
    Blaze 13" Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket for Gas Griddle BLZ-GRIDDLE-IJ
    $769.99 $807.49
    Blaze 32" Stainless Steel Outdoor Access Door & Double Drawer Combo BLZ-DDC-R
    Sold Out $798.74

    Blaze 35" Stainless Steel Grill Cart for 5 Burner Traditional/LTE Gas Grills BLZ-5-CART
    $679.99 $759.99
    Blaze 16" Stainless Steel Double Access Outdoor Kitchen Drawer BLZ-DRW2-R
    $649.99 $671.24
    Blaze 26" Stainless Steel Narrow Trash Storage Drawer w/ Trash Bin BLZ-TRNW-DRW
    $499.99 $504.99

    Blaze 10" Stainless Steel Professional Power Burner Insulated Jacket BLZ-PROPB-IJ
    $459.99 $562.49
    Blaze 9" Stainless Steel Power Burner Insulated Jacket BLZ-PB-IJ
    Sold Out
    Blaze 32" Stainless Steel Double Access Door W/ Paper Towel Dispenser BLZ-AD32
    $399.99 $403.74

    Blaze 12" Stainless Steel Drop-In Single Side Gas Burner w/ Cover BLZ-SB1
    Sold Out $421.24
    Blaze 9" Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket For Double Side Burners BLZ-SB2-IJ
    $385.99 $397.49
    Blaze 25" Stainless Steel Double Access Kitchen Door BLZ-AD25-R
    $369.99 $382.49

    Blaze 28" Stainless Steel Horizontal Single Access Door-Right Hinged BLZ-SH-2417-R
    $349.99 $499.00
    Blaze 18" Stainless Steel Vertical Single Access Door Left Hand Hinged BLZ-SV 1420-R-LH
    Blaze 18" Stainless Steel Vertical Single Access Door Right Hand Hinged BLZ-SV 1420-R

    Blaze 21" Stainless Steel Vertical Single Access Door Right Hand BLZ-single 2417-R
    $289.00 $337.49