5 Burner Gas Grill

A 5 burner grill is the ideal size for many grill lovers. When it comes to picking out a grill that’s perfect for your summertime cookout, you don’t want something too small with limited cooking capacity. However, you don’t want an appliance so big that it takes over the backyard. You can’t go wrong with a 5 burner gas grill. These appliances are the perfect option for a backyard BBQ.


People prefer 5 burner grills for their ability to cook many things at once. While they offer expansive grilling surfaces, many models are neither large nor obtrusive. This makes them a good compact option with the perfect balance for cooking space and storage.

Features to Look for

The basic feature of any 5 burner gas grill is guaranteed heat control. You should be able to achieve an even distribution of heat with each burner. The appliance should also give you good control of the heat levels for the burners.

Side Burners

Getting the perfect grill doesn’t mean that you have to spend a large amount of money. However, for those seeking all the bell and whistles, you can find additional updated features to make your investment worthwhile like additional side burners.

If you purchase any grill with side burners, you’ll want one that will last at least a couple of years. Check to make sure the manufacturer offers a warranty.

Construction and Design

You’ll want to consider construction material, such as stainless steel. This material will match other appliances you have, as well as protect your grill from harsh storms and corrosion.

Brand Choice

Summerset and Blaze are two popular brands that have a wide range of options that fit these needs and more.