Built-In Pellet Grills

If you want a grill that can pack a lot of flavor, then a built-in pellet grill is the answer:

  • These BBQ's use wood pellets as fuel, making them far more sustainable than other types of grills. They also provide that great wood smoke flavor that is so popular in BBQ dishes. This type of fuel even comes in flavors, so your pellet smoker can give you far more options than a stove or another type of grill.
  • With a built-in smoker, you can make amazing dishes in a snap. These grills don’t need lighter fluid and rarely experience flare-ups. It’s nearly impossible to oversmoke food cooked over wood pellets.
  • These models have way more versatility than other grills, with a temperature range from the 100’s up to 600 in some.

Whether you use it for grilling, smoking, baking, or all of the above, this grill is a great investment.

Staff Picks

These grills are still gaining popularity, and new models pop up frequently. Among our inventory is our staff pick: the Louisiana Grills Estate Series 860 Sq. In. 304 Stainless Steel Built-In Grill (LG ESTATE 860BI).

This smoker has plenty of room for multiple items, with a 579 square inch stainless steel grilling area. It features an adjustable flame broiler and a digital control center for temperature monitoring. Use it for grilling, smoking, broiling, or something else – you’ll get a great dish every time.

Many don’t know the benefits of a pellet grill. Check them out for yourself and see the difference! You won't regret it. 

Louisiana Grills LG860BI 43" Stainless Steel Built-In Wood Pellet Grill
Sold Out $2,599.00