Side Burners For Outdoor Kitchens

Side burners for outdoor kitchens are essential to quickly craft well-rounded meals. You can cook corn on the cob just the way you like it without taking your eye off the meat. These add-ons are ideal for vegetables, like onions and peppers, and for warming buns for hamburgers and hot dogs.

If your grill doesn’t include side burners at all, or the current one you have doesn’t offer enough space, we’ve got you covered. We offer the best selection of double and single burners along with power burners and sear stations.

To figure out what you need, check out the popular options below. Overall, your choice should include:

  • Brass plated burners – for the best heat retention
  • LED control knobs – ideal for night cooking
  • Stainless steel - to hold up against the elements
Double Side
Without a doubt the most popular choice to add to any grill, these give you plenty of room to accommodate any veggies or sides you’re cooking.


Single Side
These are for modest at-home chefs who could use the convenience of a side burner next to their meats for a small number of portions. However, if you find yourself barbequing at your next backyard party and need to accommodate plenty of side requests, you might regret not upgrading to the double models.

Power Burners
These boilers regulate the amount of air that works its way into your boiler’s combustion chamber. As a result, you’ll enjoy faster-boiled water.

Searing Stations
A searing station is defined by its three burners close together. These will cook anything faster than your average grill. Searing stations have the potential to cook each side of any meat in less than four minutes.