Built In Charcoal Grills

Built-in charcoal grills are the best grills for flavorful foods. Not only does food taste better when it’s cooked with these grills, but it also smells better. With a built-in grill, cooking over charcoals create a fantastic smoky flavor in anything you cook on it.

A good charcoal grill like the ones in our inventory can create a great sear on a steak. All the heat is self-produced – no need for infrared burners. Charcoal burns hotter and quicker than any other fuel source.

This style is close to the heart of traditional grilling, but it does require some elbow grease. The food cooked on one of these grills, though, is miles ahead of other popular styles.

  • Smoky flavor.
  • Sears meat quickly
  • Caramelized crusty exterior 

If you’re looking for one but don’t know where to start, check out our staff favorites from two popular brands, Blaze and Fire Magic:

  • The Blaze 32-Inch Built-In Stainless Steel Grill (BLZ-4-CHAR) features an adjustable tray to give you more control over the cooking temperature by raising or lowering the coals.
  • The Fire Magic Legacy 30-Inch Built-In Smoker Grill (14-SC01C-A) has the same adjustable tray, and an easy access front door to load charcoal even while cooking.
  • The Fire Magic Firemaster Built-In Countertop Grill (Large) is an open model designed to slot right into an outdoor kitchen island for easy access.
When it comes to flavor, you can’t beat any of these three appliances. Take a look at our built-in charcoal grills to see all their benefits for yourself!