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Are There Pellet Grills Made In The USA In 2022?

by Lianne Jones February 22, 2022

Are There Pellet Grills Made In The USA In 2022?

If you own a household appliance, chances are you are already aware of the fact that many of them, despite the fact that they are bought from an American brand or merchant, are made in other countries, most notably China.

The ultimate goal to maximize returns for shareholders is to achieve a significant margin/profit to cover manufacturing costs, marketing expenses, and dealer percentages while still providing a low-cost product to customers.

All of the expenses associated with production, marketing, and dealer commissions are taken into account in this calculation. The use of pellet fuel in grills and smokers is becoming more common; pellet grills and smokers are particularly popular.

The majority of pellet grills and smokers are made in China, however certain pellet grills and smokers continue to be manufactured in the United States. Take, for example, any of the pellet grills and smokers that are now being created in the United States of America as an illustration.

Should You Get A Pellet Grill?

To grasp how pellet grills vary from regular charcoal grills, you must first understand how they work. As opposed to traditional charcoal grills, which utilize a chimney to burn the charcoal, pellet grills employ a hopper system to deliver the pellets to the grill's base.

While falling through the grate, the pellets begin to burn and emit smoke, signaling the start of the combustion process.

If you've ever cooked with charcoal, you'll be aware that there is no real "flame" produced throughout the process. Due to the fact that when hot air collides with the surface of the charcoal, flames are produced, this is the case.

The heat produced by pellet grills is less than that produced by charcoal grills, but the heat is contained better, perhaps resulting in their being more fuel-efficient to run.

Remember that these grills are powered by electricity, which brings us to the second point to consider about them. It is not necessary to use external energy sources such as propane tanks or natural gas cylinders for this project.

Only a power outlet is necessary for the gadget to function properly. Certain models come with an inbuilt power source, but others need the use of an extension cord.

Cooking outdoors using wood pellet grills and smokers is a kind of outdoor cooking in which hardwood pellets are used as a fuel source. Pellets are made by crushing fine hardwood chippings and fibers into pellets, which are then compressed.

The woody smoke produced by these pellets when used as fuel enhances the flavor of the meal when it is cooked with them.

Pellets made from a range of wood species, including oak, hickory, maple, and fruit tree wood, are available for purchase. Because of these processes, smokes are produced that have a range of scents and flavors that are both pleasant and strong.

In contrast to gas grills, the temperature of a charcoal grill cannot be continually altered by pushing a button on the handle. In this way, they are comparable to charcoal grills, since the temperature at which food is cooked is determined by the quantity of fuel utilized.

However, the majority of pellet grills have the option of employing air regulation to maintain a pre-set temperature throughout the grilling process, reducing the amount of time required tending to the grill by the grill master and increasing efficiency (or mistress).

Considering that wood is a renewable resource, wood pellet grills are sometimes seen as being more ecologically friendly than other types of barbecues.

However, the major reason wood pellet grill fans like them are because of the distinctive smoky flavor they provide to meat dishes when cooked on them.

Should I Use A Pellet Grill Or A Charcoal Grill?

One of the most significant differences between these two grill types is the kind of fuel that is employed. The process of making pellets involves compressing sawdust and wood chips, while the process of making charcoal involves burning coal. So, what separates them from one another?

For starters, pellets are often less costly than charcoal and need no additional equipment to run, which is true of the vast majority of self-igniting wood pellet grills on the market.

The use of a chimney or lighter fluid, matches, and occasionally even firelighters are required to ignite charcoal, as opposed to other types of fuel. Because the majority of wood pellet grills self-ignite, you won't have to worry about purchasing any additional equipment.

Another distinguishing feature is the grill's overall size. A charcoal barbecue is frequently bigger than a pellet grill, owing to the higher capacity of a charcoal barbecue. Even while the vast majority of charcoal grills have a maximum height of around 18 inches, certain models may reach up to a whopping 24 inches.

The majority of pellet grills, on the other hand, are between ten and twelve inches in height. Because of its small footprint, you can easily put your pellet barbecue wherever in your home without worrying about it taking up too much space.

There are, however, larger capacity pellet grills available, so don't be discouraged by this limitation. However, some are quite portable and are great for camping trips or days spent exploring the countryside in the country.

The primary benefit of a pellet smoker over a conventional charcoal barbecue is its ease of use. No lighter fluid or charcoal briquettes are required for cooking.

Indeed, all that is required is the placing of pellets and the ignition switch being flipped. This means that if you're not interested in building or maintaining a fire, a pellet grill is an excellent substitute.

Additionally, pellet grills use less energy than charcoal grills. They use less fuel to cook the same quantity of food as conventional ovens. For example, it takes at least 20 pounds of charcoal briquettes per hour to maintain an oven warm enough to bake bread on a standard charcoal grill.

By contrast, a pellet grill consumes around 5–6 pounds of pellets each hour to get the same results. As a consequence, fuel costs are reduced and tire replacements are reduced.

Although pellet grills are far more efficient than charcoal grills, they do have certain disadvantages. Pellets have the drawback of being more difficult to get than charcoal. Numerous pellet grill owners have difficulty locating them at local merchants.

Charcoal grills are the most basic kind of outdoor cooking equipment accessible today. They were popular even before gas barbecues became widespread, and they remain so. Charcoal grills' prolonged appeal is attributable to a variety of causes, not all of which are nostalgic.

To begin, they are simple to install and run. Once ignited, charcoal grills are quite simple to maintain. All that is required is a chimney starter and a few pieces of charcoal.

If this is your first time cooking on a charcoal grill, you may be amazed at how straightforward the process is. Additionally, pre-packaged charcoal briquettes are available in a range of sizes. These are helpful since they rid you of the obligation of briquette measurement.

When selecting a charcoal barbeque, the most critical factor to consider is the grill's compatibility with your lifestyle. If you often have parties, you should consider acquiring a bigger model that can accommodate a significant quantity of food for a large number of guests.

Traeger Grills

In Oregon, it was created and produced in the United States until the Traeger family sold the company in 2006. Traeger is largely regarded as the industry's founding brand and most well-known brand in general.

This allowed additional pellet grill manufacturers and brands to enter the market once Traeger's patent on the design of pellet grills/smokers, which had been awarded in 1986, expired in 2006.

It was judged that Traeger needed to relocate manufacturing to maintain the company's profitability while also continuing to create a product in a price range that was acceptable to customers, and they were accurate in their assessment. As a consequence, Traeger pellet grills are now being produced in the People's Republic of China.

Grilla Grills is another example, but one that is on a smaller scale than Traeger's operations. According to their website, they are a privately held American firm with a more than 40-year history that operates a metal-processing facility in Michigan.

From this point on, the firm decided that producing their pellet grills was the natural next step in their development.

Furthermore, during the first few years after the company's introduction to the market, Grilla Grills were exclusively made in the United States of America, at their Michigan-based manufacturing plant, before being imported.

The company's high manufacturing costs prohibited them from growing, even though their pellet grills were and continue to be highly valued by customers.

As a consequence, they have decided to outsource the bulk of the grill manufacturing to a third-party vendor. However, they continue to manufacture several accessories in the United States of America despite these difficulties.

Weber Pellet Grills And Smokers

As the most well-known barbecue brand, Weber introduced their SmokeFire pellet grill line, which debuted much later than many people had expected.

Weber is the first company to introduce a pellet grill series in the United States. There are certain components of the Weber SmokeFire series that are quite popular, but there are others that are not as well-liked by the public.

However, we are referring to the Weber SmokeFire pellet grill manufacturing facilities, not the pellet grills themselves, in this instance. The products are manufactured in Chicago, more precisely in Huntley, Illinois, which is situated just outside the city's boundaries, according to Weber.

It takes a combination of 'domestic and international components' to put together Weber's SmokeFire pellet grills, which are manufactured in Chicago. As a result, it is unclear if the Chicago operation is just an assembly line or whether, like the other firms on the list, true pellet grill manufacturing is carried out in the country.

Given that the Weber SmokeFire line is priced between $1,000 and $1,200, and that other manufacturers making grills at that price point are unable to sell in the United States, it is a surprise how Weber can achieve this level of success.

One might argue that Weber, as the world's leading barbecue maker, has 'cracked the code' on making a pellet barbecue at that price range in the United States, which is technically viable.

Smokin’ Brothers Pellet Grills And Smokers

Smokin' Brothers is a family-owned business situated in Columbia, Missouri, a small hamlet in Southeast Missouri. The firm, which was established in 2008, is owned by a family.

Beyond organizing family parties and competing in BBQ competitions, they have a great ambition to start a company that will manufacture their own wood pellet barbecue grills.

When the Smokin' Brothers started designing their brand of wood pellet grills in 2011, they were well on their way to being successful entrepreneurs. Ryan goes into great detail on the beginnings of the Smokin' Brothers in the video below, which you may watch.

I'll go into more detail about their pellet grill designs in another article, but for now, enjoy the video above. As you can see in the video above, the Smokin' Brothers offer a range of interesting pellet grill designs.

In contrast, as seen in the video above, they can swiftly construct pellet grills in both classic and premium designs, as well as premium and premium plus models that have a front-mounted hopper that also serves as a shelf.

To better serve its customers, Smokin' Brothers has expanded its product range to include a line of commercial pellet grills that are sold under the Smokin' Brothers brand name.

Blaz’n Grill Works

It was formed by the entrepreneur and developer of the firm, who started his career in metal manufacturing in the 1970s. Blaz'n Grill Works is a manufacturer of barbecue grills and related products. Beatrice, Nebraska-based Blaz'n Grill Works was established in 2011 to manufacture wood pellet grills for the general public.

Many small pellet grill manufacturers located in the United States started their careers by competing in BBQ contests before opting to construct their pellet grill from the ground up from their designs.

That their pellet grills are completely manufactured in the United States is something that the company takes great pride in.

You may pick from a huge array of pellet grill accessories and modifications available from this company. As seen in the video above, they have just added a direct sear option for their pellet grills. It is a new kind of grease tray that has a removable portion above the pellet firepot, to put it another way.

The direct heat sear kit offered by Blaz'n Grill Works includes a set of GrillGrates as part of the overall product.

GrillGrates are a patented product that dramatically improves the performance of a wide range of pellet barbecues. Pellet grills under $500 are a lot of fun to operate and have a lot of features.

Mak Grills

Mahk Grills is a pellet grill company headquartered out of the city of Dallas, Oregon, that is owned and operated by the Mak family of entrepreneurs. In their previous careers, the company's founders worked in the steel manufacturing business.

Having been impacted by the financial crisis in 2008, the family decided to capitalize on their passion for outdoor barbecue by developing their brand of premium/high-quality wood pellet grills.

For more than a year, they gathered feedback from pellet grill consumers on features and capabilities that they believed should be improved on current pellet grills or added entirely.

This information was used to develop their line of made-in-the-USA pellet grills. While developing their range of goods, Mak Grills, a maker of wood pellet grills and smokers, took this critique into account.

Mak Grills took the choice to set itself apart from the competition by using only the best quality materials in its products and services. Their pellet grills and smokers are made entirely of stainless steel, specifically grade 304 stainless steel, which is the highest-quality stainless steel available for pellet grills and smokers.

Aside from that, they wanted their pellet grills to be able to reach temperatures greater than the standard 450-500 degree maximum temperature limit seen on a large number of low-cost pellet grills available for purchase.

All of their pellet grills, even the One-Star General, which is their entry-level pellet grill, have a maximum temperature of 600 degrees on them. The firm is also known for being the first to include WiFi and longer-lasting ceramic fire igniter technology into its pellet grills.

Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers, based in Yoder, Kansas, and founded in 2008, manufactures some of the most durable pellet grills available on the market today. These pellet grills are built of 14 and 10 gauge steel, with the latter being the most frequent.

As a result, Yoder pellet grills are among the heaviest pellet grills available on the market today, according to the manufacturer. To give you an idea, their smallest and lightest pellet grill weighs 255 pounds.

Therefore, even though these grills are built to last a lifetime and are guaranteed to do so, you should take into consideration their weight if you plan on moving your pellet barbecue regularly.

When it comes to their pellet grills/smokers, Yoder Smokers lays a strong emphasis on adaptability. They want to emphasize that their pellet-fueled devices are more than just handy smokers with convection oven capabilities; they can also grill and sear in addition to smoking and grilling.

Yoder was one of the first makers of direct flame pellet grills, and they are still in business today.

Additionally, they were one of the first manufacturers to include PID temperature control panels into their pellet grills, and they also provide WiFi connectivity as an option.

Yoder, like Mak Grills, has introduced ceramic igniters at the base of the pellet fire pot that is more robust and quicker to ignite the pellets.

Cookshack Or Fast Eddy Pellet Grills And Smokers

If you're searching for a pellet grill/smoker that is built in the United States, a Cookshack pellet grill/smoker is a great choice. Founded in the early 1960s, Cookshack has been manufacturing electric smokers.

However, it was their collaboration with Ed Maurin, well known in the BBQ community as 'Fast Eddy,' that resulted in the development of the company's wood pellet grills and smokers.

While Traeger was the first company to introduce pellet grills and smokers in the 1980s, Fast Eddy saw the enormous potential of wood pellets to simplify wood cooking and smoking. Cookshack, based in Ponca City, Oklahoma, started manufacturing electric smokers in the 1960s.

In partnership with BBQ specialist and PitMaster Fast Eddy, they then created their line of pellet grills/smokers for both domestic and commercial use.

They have a PG500, which is their smallest device, which you can see at the top of this post. They also have a home pellet grill called the PG1000 that is more traditional in style and is insulated.

A total of 304 stainless steel is used in the construction of the Cookshack pellet grill/smokers. They prepare their meals using a four-zone cooking method. The first zone is the hottest cooking zone; it is located immediately above the pellet fire, allowing for direct flame broiling to be accomplished.

As a result of this, heat and smoke are transferred to the top rack, which serves as a second cooking surface, before being carried down onto the second grate, which serves as a third cooking surface.

It is followed by the fourth cooking area, which is located in a drawer. This chamber is often used to keep cooked food warm, but it may also be used as a cold smoker if the weather is chilly.

Twin Eagles Pellet Grills And Smokers

Twin Eagles pellet grills are the last, but not the least, of our list of pellet grills manufactured in the United States of America. If you're looking for the greatest pellet grills/smokers available on the market today and have the financial means to purchase one (they're very expensive), a Twin Eagles pellet grill is a must-consider purchase.

304-grade stainless steel is used throughout the construction of these Twin Eagles pellet grills, as anticipated. Using a tablet computer, these pellet grills may be controlled effectively and display full-color photos of the numerous recipes and cooking settings for various meats and vegetables.

When linked through WiFi, the Twin Eagles app and control panel are almost similar in appearance. Additional information on these and other attributes may be found on my whole website dedicated to Twin Eagles pellet grills (linked above).

Furthermore, the Twin Eagles pellet grills have a pre-installed rotisserie kit. A ceramic briquette or charcoal insert may be used in lieu of the grease tray insert in the center of the oven. Twin Eagles pellet grills feature the greatest indirect heat of any pellet grill in its class, generating 725 degrees.

Although it is not feasible to cook with ceramic briquettes and a charcoal insert, it is possible to cook at a surface temperature of 1000 to 1500 degrees. As a result, the Twin Eagles pellet grills achieve the greatest grilling/searing temperatures of any pellet grill available on the market today, according to the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

The following list shows that there are still a significant number of wood pellet grill/smokers producers in the United States of America, as you can see at the top of the page.

Additionally, other firms, such as Traeger and Grilla Grills, began manufacturing pellet grills in the United States but eventually outsourced the manufacturing to other countries.

As you are certainly aware, the cost of installing a pellet grill in the United States of America is much higher, and in many instances significantly more than in other countries.

Additionally, when firms such as Traeger and Grilla Grills outsourced manufacturing, they were able to expand their operations and hire additional American people to design grills and work in their marketing and customer service departments, among other things.

You may support American manufacturing employment by purchasing a pellet grill from one of the many pellet grill manufacturers available, which can be found above. Though, when buying a pellet barbecue, you should anticipate paying more money than you would normally spend on a barbeque.

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