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Best Grill Brush to Clean Your Grill This 2021

by Outdoor Cooking Pros August 08, 2021

Best Grill Brush to Clean Your Grill This 2021

Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon other than having the best grill in town, good food, and good people to enjoy it with.

Until it's cleaning time. Charred and scrape marks cover your beautiful grill, making it less effective in creating the perfect barbecue.

Not to worry! We have your back. We listed some of the best grill brushes this year around to have an amazing barbecue experience with your family.

The Best Grills Brushes You Need To Buy

1. Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush - Best Overall

 Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush

A grill brush should be able to clean your grill grate and do an efficient job at it. The Kona 360 Grill Brush will do just that for you.

Before you rage about how a bristle brush design, wait until you hear this.

  • 3-IN-1 GRILL BRUSH! This grill brush acts as 3 grill brushes in 1, covering a large surface area, cleaning your grill much faster and efficiently, giving more time to a well-cooked roast or brisket.
  • Usable in all grill types. Whether your grill is made up of cast iron, porcelain, ceramic, Infrared, Weber, Char-Broil, etc., this grill brush is safe to use in scrubbing your grill clean.
  • Long-lasting & Durable. This grill brush is built to be sturdy and rigid, giving it a long product life expectancy for multiple uses. Overall, it acts more like a tool than a brush. 
  • Hazard-Free Design. No need to worry about food hazards as its bristle brush design is made to prevent bristles from coming free during cleaning, giving more time to achieving the perfect temperature, and less on hazard control.

Now, you know why this landed in our Best Overall.

The efficiency, speed, and durability of this grill brush make it a perfect buy for aspiring cooks and grillers so they can achieve the best roast and barbecue in their backyard.

MUST-READ: Take caution when using bristle brushes. Generally, wire grill brushes are hazardous to your health. Cleaning with a wire grill brush whether using hot steam/steam cleaning should come with precautions. After cleaning, ALWAYS check if there are any metal bristles left.

If this worries you, our next options are free of bristles you can use to clean hot/cold surfaces!


  • 3-in-1 wire brush for a cost-efficient and great value
  • High durability
  • Safe to use in different grill materials
  • Design is built to prevent wires from attaching to food and grills.


  • It may not be 100% effective in keeping hazard-free situations.
  • The material used in holding wires may be cheap.

2. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning Brush - Best Bang For a Buck

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning Brush

Look no further! The Cuisinart Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning Brush is a mean-dream-cleaning grill machine for those looking for a 2-in-1 purchase and long-lasting product.

  • STAINLESS STEEL BRUSH! This bristle-free brush is made of stainless steel, keeping it away from rust & deterioration; and thus, cleaning your cast iron grates will be more fun and ever-lasting.
  • Built-in scraper. Both a grill brush and scraper, you have a 2-in-1 tool at your hands. Clean grill grates and scrape any excess food, barbecue sauce, and residue from your grills, saving you the budget of looking for a scraper.
  • Rinse & Repeat. It's durable and easy to clean. Simply rinse it underwater and it's ready to use again. Rinse & repeat for intense grill cleaning for a long time with its durability.

It's called "bang for a buck" for a reason.

This brush proves you have an efficient and durable cleaning brush for your hot grates, plus the affordability below your budget, making it the best choice if you're saving up for the long run.


  • Stainless steel metal prevents rusting and deteriorating, giving it more uses compared to a bristle-free grill brush
  • Comfortable grip
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy cleaning experience
  • Stainless steel scraper to remove any residue or food stuck in the grill surface
  • 16.5 inches in length to keep you away from a hot grate.
  • Replacement brush heads are available


  • The screws of the head are a little bit loose
  • Bristles are held by plastic that may melt in high heat

3. GRILLART Bristle-Free Brush & Scraper - Best Bristle-Free Option

GRILLART Bristle-Free Brush & Scraper

Bristle-free wire brushes are starting to become popular and the GRILLART Bristle-Free Brush & Scraper tells us why.

It's designed with metal coils, a safer alternative to metal bristles, that gives peace of mind to cooks when grilling the perfect roast.

  • BRISTLE-FREE! With metal coils replacing wire bristles, this brush allows you to grill with confidence and spend less time on cleaning and hazard-checking.
  • Wide-Brush Head. It's angled to tackle every little and stubborn spot in your grill. You won't be exerting much effort in cleaning with its width. Additionally, it has 2 shorter sides you can use to clean the edge of the grates.
  • Stainless Steel. What more can we say with stainless steel material? It's rust-proof and durable, making its life expectancy longer than other grill brushes.

If you're looking to spend less, effort, and time on hazard checking, then a bristle-free brush is the smart and SAFER choice for your grilling needs.


  • Stainless steel material keeps it durable and long-lasting with use.
  • The bristle-free design makes it safer than wire bristles
  • It has a wide-angled scraper, making it easier to have a grill clean.
  • 17' inch long tool will keep you safe from a hot grill.


  • Not suitable for mesh grill cooking surface.
  • It may not be 100% efficient in cleaning grates.

4. Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper - Best Grill Scraper 

Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper

There is another alternative for bristle-free and wired brushes, the grill scrapers.

Scrapers may not be effective as the other two but it has one main advantage, and that is: there are no risks in having wires fall from your tool. The Universal barbeque grill scraper does just that. 

  • NO HARMFUL BRISTLES! Easily cook with confidence as there are no risks of bristles falling from this scraper.
  • Efficient Brass head. It makes cleaning easier, especially with leftover grease. Additionally, it's a universal brass head, working on every type and brand of grill available out there.
  • Sturdy wooden handle. Combine it with the aluminum-grade shaft, the scraper boasts 16'inches long so it's easier to clean farther spots of grease. Plus, it lets you have a firm grip when cleaning.

Scrapers are just as effective as wired and bristle-free brushes. With its universal head metal scraper, it's a one-for-all cleaner on every type and design of grill, making it a cost-efficient purchase for cleaning grills.

If you don't mind longer cleaning times and extra effort, then this scraper is ideal for you.


  • A sturdy aluminum shaft and wooden handle make it resistant to pressure and intense cleaning when cleaning the grill surface.
  • The universal brass head fits every type of grate and grill for an all-around cleaning tool.


  • Cleaning may take extra effort and time.
  • Can scratch grills if used with too much force.

5. Grillbot Automatic Cleaning Robot - Best Automated Brush

Grillbot Automatic Cleaning Robot

This is the future of grill brushes. No elbow grease is needed, just a push of a button, your grill will be cleaned.

This heat-resistant grill-cleaning robot will make your grilling & cleaning experience more relaxing and stress-free.

  • Strong Nylon Brush Head. The grill bot uses 3 sets of strong nylon bristles to clean each and every greasy spot of your grill giving you hazard-free food and a stronger flavor at that one.
  • Easier cleaning experience. With a push of multiple buttons and setting a timer,  you get to spend more time with your family and friends while the bot does the cleaning for you.
  • A PERFECT GIFT. The grill bot is easy-to-use, made from high-quality materials, and fun to watch, making it a perfect gift for grilling enthusiasts.

Technology sure is something. Simplify cooking and enjoying time with your friends and family as the Grillbot cleans your grill for you.

It's just that efficient, convenient, and easy to use, to add to your cleaning tools.


  • No elbows needed, just a push of a button, and the bot will clean the grill for you.
  • Strong nylon brushes that are bristle-free and can remove even the stickiest of greases.
  • High quality and durable, making it last for a long time in your grill accessories.
  • Can be placed on a hot grill or cool grill


  • Pressure may not be as strong as hand-held brushes
  • Needs to be recharged from time to time
  • Pricey

What You Need to Look For in a Grill Brush

When it comes to a good-working brush, you need to consider several factors before getting one.

Getting the Right Brush for Your Grill Grates

Not all grill grates have the same design. Mostly, your grills will be made from either stainless steel or cast iron, which you can use any wire or metal brush you like.

But in some cases, your grills can also be made from scratchable and fragile coatings such as porcelain or enamel. In this case, the best choice is to get a brass brush to not scrape off the coating.

dirty and clean grill

If your coating does chip, then it's going to stick into your food, which automatically puts a sign up saying "NOT SAFE" and "NOT EDIBLE.”

Moreover, it can also lose your grill's non-stick property, making grilling so much harder.

A Long Handle to Save You From Heat

This may seem obvious, but a good grill brush should have a long handle. A lot of brushes are made to be only less than 6'inches long in total.

Grills are obviously hot! Don't just think you'll be cleaning cold grates. Having a long handle will help you clean with ease and minimize burning accidents on your hand and arm.

Sturdy Bristles

When you have sturdy bristles installed, it minimizes health hazards such as wired bristles falling to your food when cleaning your dirty grill.

Regardless of what type of brush you purchase, always make sure your grill doesn't have stray bristles on it to avoid any unnecessary trips to the hospital.

What Type of Grill Brush Is Safe to Use?

It depends on the type of brush you need and want.

  • Metal bristles are the most hazardous of all since their wires may fall off your food.
  • Bristle-free lessens the hazard by having metal coils instead of bristles to clean your grill.
  • Cleaning robots may become hazardous if there are internal damages while cleaning your grill.
  • Grill scrapers offer the most safety as it uses conventional heads to clean off grease and spots.


Grill brushes are important to keep your cooking experience to maximum enjoyment. The best grill brushes will help you keep the pristine condition of your grill and maintain the flavor of your barbecue.

There are tons of grill brushes to use to clean your grill. Metal wires, stainless steel bristles, brush and scraper, grill bots, and a whole lot more. You just need to find one that fits your grilling grate.

We hoped we helped you look for the best grill brush out there for your grills.

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