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What is the Best Grill Light? (2022) — For Late Night BBQ Parties

by Outdoor Cooking Pros August 08, 2021

What is the Best Grill Light?

Grilling at night requires proper illumination. If you can’t see your cooking surface, you won’t be able to cook properly and the BBQ party will be over. Or worse, you and your guests might get hurt because of a hot grill in the dark. 

So, we’ve rounded up the best grill lights in the market to keep the party going with safety in mind.

Reviews of Top Grill Lights

1. LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light - Best Overall

LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light

Combining design and function, the LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light ticks all the right boxes in terms of overall performance. Versatility is the essence of this light. You can either mount it magnetically or use the built-in screw clamp for non-metallic surfaces.

The flexible 22-inch gooseneck is also very handy for illuminating the cooking surface in any direction. Unlike handle mount grill lights, this can provide you with task lighting exactly where you need it.

LED Concepts didn’t skimp on construction as well. Made with aluminum, this model is weather-resistant, heat resistant, and corrosion resistant. Overall, it’s one of the best LED grill lights available in the market.


  • Super bright LED light
  • Well-made
  • Gooseneck flexes 360 degrees
  • Features both magnetic or clamp attachment
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Weather resistant


  • Not a very wide beam
  • No battery included

2. Cuisinart Grilluminate - Best Expanding

Cuisinart Grilluminate

If you don’t like the gooseneck design that many grill lights come with, the Cuisinart Grilluminate is a great alternative. It’s fitted with nine powerful LED bulbs in three light segments, providing enough light for your entire grill.

This model may look small, but it still covers a lot of space. Simply adjust the extending sides for the light to hit a broader surface. 

Installation is easy-peasy, as it clamps onto most grill handles. When it comes to battery life,this model offers 10,000 hours – still a lot, but it’s less than what most LED grill lights can offer.


  • Powered with 9 bright LED bulbs
  • Features extending sides
  • Can clamp to most grill handles
  • Focused or broad lighting
  • Good battery life


  • No gooseneck
  • Less battery life than others

3. FIREOR Barbecue Grill Light - Best Budget 

FIREOR Barbecue Grill Light

During our tests, the FIREOR BBQ grill lightexceeded the results we were expecting at this price. Illumination-wise, the nine LEDs do a great job of throwing light on the cooking area.

The flexible gooseneck is a helpful feature, too. It allows you to rotate the light 360 degrees and point it wherever you need. And with 100,000 hours of life expectancy, you can expect to use this ultra bright barbecue light for years. 

This light is attached to the grill with a magnetic base. This also contributes to the versatility because you can use this for other tasks, not just grilling. 


  • 9 LEDs provide a bright light
  • 360-degree 4.3-inch gooseneck
  • Remarkable longevity
  • Cheap price
  • Weather-resistant
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No clamp
  • Smaller size than others

4. Yukon Glory LED Grill Light 

Yukon Glory LED Grill Light

Though not the cheapest on our list, the Yukon Glory LED Grill Light is another model that impressed our pro grillers. This light comes with 12 LEDs, providing a soft yet powerful illumination on your cooking area. It’s waterproof too, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet.

The Yukon barbecue grill light features an adjustable gooseneck design, allowing you to point the light to another part of the grill or get it closer to the grates if you want a better view of the meat. 

Its magnet base attaches quite firmly, but you can also attach the clamp on the grill handle.


  • 12 bright LED lights
  • Durable build
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Attach to your grill with the magnet base or clamp
  • Waterproof light
  • 3 AAA batteries included
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Can wobble sometimes
  • Can get greasy

5. Weber Handle Grill ‘N Go Light 

Weber Handle Grill ‘N Go Light

We know Weber for their top-of-the-line charcoal grills, so it’s no surprise that they’ve also made a BBQ grill light to go with their flagship models. You can attach this LED grill light to Weber’s Spirit, Genesis, or Summit models. 

However, you can attach it to other brands and use it for other purposes, too.

The Weber Handle Grill ‘n Go Light has a pretty straightforward feature set. It’s fitted with bright LED lights, weatherproof, and is powered by three AAA batteries. Its competitive advantage, however, is its motion sensor that turns on the light when you open the hood. That means it only runs when you need it, preserving its own power.


  • Fits Weber grill models
  • Bright barbecue grill light
  • Features a motion sensor
  • Stays in place once attached to the handle
  • Weatherproof


  • Battery only runs for 20 hours
  • Could be more adjustable

6. RVZHI Barbecue Grill Light 

RVZHI Barbecue Grill Light

If you need a heavy-duty option, the RVZHI is one of the best grill lights for long grilling sessions. It’s fitted with 10 LEDs that are rated to last 50,000 hours. For perspective, that’s almost six years of continuous grilling. 

One of the notable things about this grill light is its construction. While most of the lights on our list are made of aluminum, the RVZHI Barbecue Grill Light uses nylon glass fiber. In our experience, that’s slightly more durable than the former. In fact, our tests revealed that this light works pretty well even when exposed to extreme heat and light rain. 


  • Features a heavy-duty nylon glass fiber design
  • Great life expectancy
  • Ultra-bright LED bulbs
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries
  • Very resistant to heat
  • Weatherproof


  • A bit tricky to change batteries
  • Not as adjustable as its gooseneck counterparts

7. Char-Broil LED Grill Handle Light 

Char-Broil LED Grill Handle Light

Another known brand for their grill models is Char-Broil, and their BBQ grill light makes the perfect accessory. This attaches to the grill handle itself, and is equipped with 10 LED lights to cover your cooking area. 

Equipped with a floodlight lighting style, this light delivers full illumination while you’re grilling. It also feels solid and well-made. Additionally, the strap itself is made of silicone rubber. This provides additional stability, making sure the handle light stays secured.

When it comes to installation and use, everything is easy with the Char-Broil Grill Handle Light. You don’t need any tools to clamp it to the handle. Plus, the touch sensitive power button is a nice addition, too. 


  • Floodlight style
  • Two-direction swivel
  • Well-made construction
  • Easy installation
  • Silicone rubber strap


  • Not water-resistant
  • Batteries not included

Grill Lights Buyer’s Guide

When buying a grill light, you might think that every model is the same. But it’s not only the brightness that matters, but the power source, lifespan, and weather resistance as well.

Here’s everything you need to keep in mind when buying a grill light.

Brightness and Color

The brightness of a grill light is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Another way to gauge brightness is the number of LEDs used in the grill light, but more on that later.

Some lights offer a spectrum of colors, usually including warm yellow and cool white. Some are even colorful, but those are more for mood setting.

Our experts say that cool or white-hued light is best when grilling, as these provide a clean and clear view of the food on the grates. It shows you the correct color of the food, which is important to avoid over or undercooking.

Wattage and Power Source

Wattage refers to how much electricity the light uses per hour. It’s not a very crucial factor, as a higher wattage doesn’t really mean a brighter output.

Wattage and Power Source

In terms of power source, some lights are plugged while some are battery-powered. We recommend choosing a grill light that’s powered with AA or AAA batteries since they are more portable. 

Choosing a light that should be plugged in poses its limitations, since you have to find a spot near an outlet. However, if it’s for commercial purposes, such as a restaurant, then a light that uses electricity is more practical.


The best grill lights should have a good number of LED bulbs for optimum brightness. You should definitely check how many LED bulbs the model has before buying it, because basically, more bulbs mean brighter lights.

It’s also worth mentioning that smaller models typically have fewer LED lights, so if you want super bright lights, you may be looking at bulkier choices.

Heat and Weather Resistance

Remember that you’ll be using the grill light outdoors, and it will definitely be close to your grill. You want something that’s resistant to heat. Lights that are housed in aluminum are good options.

Heat and Weather Resistance

You also want weather resistance because it might rain outside. One of the features you should look for is water resistance or weatherproofing. With this, your light won’t break down easily.

Attachment Type

There are three attachment types: magnet base, clamps, and handle mounted.

Lights with a magnetic base are convenient. You can practically attach them anywhere that has a metal base. Note, however, that magnets don’t stick to some stainless steel hoods. [1]

For our team of pro grillers, it’s still good to choose a clamp-on light because it’s more stable. Just ensure it’s compatible for the type of grill you have. 

Lastly, handle mounted lights are designed with a small clamp attached to the grill handle. While they provide good lighting above the grill, the light itself is usually not very adjustable.

Why Use a Grill Light?

A grill light is designed to specifically illuminate the cooking area, letting you gauge the doneness of the meat when you’re cooking at night. Outdoor lighting in your backyard won’t be enough for night grilling because they don’t provide a focused light.

Why Use a Grill Light?

As such, using a barbecue grill light is important to avoid overcooking, undercooking, or any accidents.


Which is better for grill lights, AA or AAA batteries?

AA batteries are better than AAA batteries for grill lights because they hold more current. AA batteries have approximately three times the capacity of AAA, which means more power and brighter light. However, they’re about the same in terms of cost.

Do aluminum grill lights get hot faster?

No, aluminum grill lights don’t get hot faster than other materials. In fact, they will only get hot if they’re placed too close to the grill. As such, allow some space between the grill light and the grill itself, even if your light is heat-resistant.

Do Weber grills have lights?

Yes, some Weber grills have lights on their knobs, but those don’t light the cooking surface. However, the brand has an extensive line of grill lights that help illuminate the cooking area.

Which is the better type of attachment?

The clamp is the better type of attachment because it can be used even on non-magnetic surfaces. A magnetic base is good, too, but only if your grill is magnetic.

Our Top Pick For a Grill Light: LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light

LED Concepts BBQ Grill Light

After testing tens of grill lights, our team has picked the LED Concepts model as the best grill light on the market today. It features durable aluminum construction, weather and heat resistance, a flexible gooseneck, magnetic and clamp attachments, and a very bright light that covers the entire grill surface. Overall, it’s a versatile and high-performing product.

We covered more accessories for your grilling needs. Check them out below:

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