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Camp Chef SG 24 WIFI Pellet Grill Review

by Lianne Jones February 22, 2022

Camp Chef SG 24 WIFI Pellet Grill Review

The Camp Chef SG24 WIFI pellet grill advertises itself as an excellent smoker that doubles as a grill when you want to change up your cooking style.

Usually, pellet grills are often very great at smoking, but their grilling capabilities are frequently limited at best. With that in mind, you are probably wondering how the SG24 holds up in both of these aspects and much more.

In this review, we will cover every important feature of this pellet grill, including its innovative WIFI capabilities and its biggest pros and cons. Read on to find out if this is the perfect pellet grill for all of your barbecuing needs. 


The SG24 is in the center of Camp Chef's pellet grill portfolio, which is the company's most popular pellet grill lineup in the United States. 

When it comes to features and technology, the SmokePro SG grill series offers the most cutting-edge versions available.

Camp Chef is also known for selling barbecues under the Woodwind brand, which are often slightly more costly but contain extra features and superior craftsmanship.

With a variety of creative and complex features, you may cook your meal directly over open flames by switching to "grill mode," which allows for direct heat temperatures of up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Additionally, there are a number of added features, including the possibility to utilize the grill with a sear box, an ash cleaning system, and a clear digital display that is visible even in bright sunlight. 


  • Cooking area - 811 square inches 
  • Warranty  - 3 years
  • Number of grill grates  - 2 
  • Is there a PID temperature controller?  - Yes
  • Total weight - 150 pounds
  • Can you adjust the smoke level?  - Yes, between 1-10
  • Hopper capacity - 22 pounds of pellets 
  • Are meat probes included? - Yes, 2 of them
  • Can you clean out the hopper? - Yes
  • Is there Bluetooth connectivity? Yes
  • Is there ash cleanout - Yes
  • Is there WIFI connectivity? - Yes with the Camp Chef connect app available for download as well
  • Slide and Grill for searing?  - Yes, with temperatures apparetaly reaching 650 degrees fahrenheit 


When grilling your steaks, the bulk of pellet grills, including the SG24, produce very rudimentary results.

Despite the fact that this grill is touted as capable of direct heat cooking, it is impossible to get the grill to achieve temperatures beyond 500F, which is the bare minimum that you need when grilling.

Searing is out, and you'll have to settle for grilling small meat like burgers if you want results worth boasting about.

If you really want to grill steaks on the SG25 you only have one option, which is to buy the sear box accessory. This can be placed on the grill's side and generates a stunning bright flame when used with LPG fuel.

As a result, there are several grilling and searing options that will now be available to you. 


The SG24 is a great choice for people who like low and slow smoking since it operates at temperatures as low as 160 degrees Fahrenheit and is equipped with a massive 22-pound pellet hopper.

At such low temperatures, food may be kept warm for an extended amount of time.

One of the best parts of the SG24's smoking performance is the amount of control afforded by the grill throughout the smoking.

Using the smoke control, you may choose a smoke level between one and ten, and the SG24 will do the rest, giving you the ideal level of smoke for your requirements. 

As a result, you can smoke more tender meats such as fish at lower temperatures without over infusing them with smoke flavor.

You can also smoke larger cuts of meat such as ribs or brisket at higher temperatures for a well-balanced smoky flavor. 

Due to the large rack space accessible in the grill, you may smoke plenty of various meats at the same time.

Another key addition is the WIFI controller. This enables you to change or set the smoke number from your smartphone at any time. 

Additionally, it continually collects data from the pellet grill and enables you to keep track smoke levels, meat probe temps grill interior temperatures, and other aspects via the Camp Chef Connect app.

Cooking Area

A total of 811 square inches of grilling area is provided on the SG24  model. Through careful adjustment of the uppermost two shelves, the height space between them may be increased or lowered by roughly one inch on either side. 

You may appreciate this because it allows you to lay one meat on the back upper grate and one on the lower grate to keep the meats apart from one another. 

You will almost certainly never run out of cooking space when using this grill, with there being enough space to cook two large turkeys if you really want to. 

Key Features

Connected App

To fully utilize the unit's WIFI features, the Camp Chef Connect software must be installed onto your phone or other mobile devices. It is available on both Android and iOS products. 

The app interfaces wirelessly with the grill and allow for control and monitoring of a number of grill-related tasks.

You can regulate the amount of smoke produced, the temperature of the grill, the monitoring of the grill's temperature, and the use of temperature sensors.

The software comes in handy while cooking brisket for a lengthy amount of time. You can swiftly slip away and run a few errands while still keeping an eye on the brisket by using your smartphone.

Thanks to this handy app, you won’t be trapped around the grill when hosting a garden party wither, as you can keep on cooking while walking around and talking with friends and family. 

Temperature Probes

The temperature probes that come with the purchase of the SG24 grill are just as accurate as other more expensive probes that you may buy separately. 

When not in use, you will love that you can feed them through a hole in the side of the container, which keeps them out of the way of the lid, and ensures that you will not misplace or lose them. 

Not only will this assist you in maintaining the integrity of the seal on your lid, but it will also allow you to extend the life of your probes by preventing them from being pinched or pressed against a hot surface.

Slide And Grill

By utilizing this feature, the SG24 pellet smoker may be converted into a heated grill.

A simple adjustment of the settings moves the heat diffuser a bit away from the food and exposes it to direct flame, which is enabled by an angled drip plate with holes for the flame to travel through. 

Even though the heat output remains limited, the easy entrance to the firebox enables this machine to be suitable for simple grilling chores without requiring major alterations or revisions to the original design.

Smoke Settings

The ability to control the strength and amount of smoke produced by a pellet grill is critical, and the pellet grill makes it simple by enabling you to choose a smoke number from a menu.

You may choose a number between one and ten, and the grill will automatically adjust the quantity of smoke produced in response by raising or lowering the burn rate, and also the rate at which pellets are fed into the hopper. 

As a result, you may use a lower degree of smoke for tender pieces of meat as well as a higher degree of smoke for harder cuts such as brisket or short ribs.

This feature is not perfect though. While utilizing a high amount of smoke (6-10), you may notice that the temperature in the grill does not remain consistent.

This could drastically impact how well your meat is cooked, potentially leaving some parts of a steak overdone while other parts are underdone. 

When the smoke level is lowered from 1 to 5 though, the grill maintained astonishingly consistent temperatures throughout the cooking process. 

If you are worried about the temperature fluctuating in the grill, then you can easily keep an eye on it using the app, which collects data from the two temperature probes included in the purchase. 

User-Friendly Controller

Even while operating the machine in sunlight, the computerized controller is simple to see and use. The big digital display is simple to read and see from a distance. The control mechanism is also intuitive to operate. 

You have entire control over your cooking, with a large knob that sets the ignition, smoke levels, and heat, as well as a master power switch. Additionally, on the front panel, you'll discover connectors for the machine's two meat probes.

If you have never used these kinds of features to operate a grill before, then you may find using them a bit challenging at first. But after a very short time, you will get the hang of it, and see how easy it is to use. 

The control knob doubles as a "enter" button and a scrolling device for exploring the menu items.

Additionally, you can handle a number of these chores using the Camp Chef Connect App, which is even more user-friendly.

Everything on the SG24 grill has been designed to make life as easy as possible, and this really comes through in these features.

Ash Cleaning

Notably, this model features an Ash-Cleanout System, which makes cleaning out the leftover ash from the pellets super easy and straightforward to do. 

Extra Accessories

This is the area where Camp Chef brings their grills to an entirely new level of versatility by making them very adaptable to a wide range of cooking environments.

What's the point of having a pellet grill and a gas grill when you are able to have a single unit that can do eveything?  

Both the Sidekick and the Sear Box are incredible pieces of technological innovation in the grilling world. There is a significant amount of heat generated by this accessory, 28,000 BTUs in fact!.

The addition of this burner will allow you to do all of my deep-frying outside, away from the home, where you will not have to worry about polluting the house with smoke.

It also features a hook that attaches to the back of the grill, allowing you to hang your propane tank from it while not in use. 

That is not the only attachment option though. Have you ever thought about cooking pizza outside?

If this is a very specific dream of yours, then you have to try out the pizza oven attachment, which will give your pizza the look at taste of one that has been made in a stone pizza oven. 

We have mentioned this previously, but the sidekick sear station attachment is also available if you want to try searing some steaks. This is fueled by propane and can be attached to the side of the grill for quick and easy access.

While it cannot give you the exact same sear as frying a steak would, it is pretty close and guarantees that your meat will be filled with flavor. 


When it comes to the quality of the fit and finish, the Camp Chef SG24 does not fall short of the highest expectations. The item has a substantial, solid feel about it, and it emanates a feeling of quality and reliability. 

Because of the all-metal construction, which has been coated with anticorrosive substances on every surface, the overall look is deep black which is modern and stylish. 

In addition, the gadget is well-insulated, which helps to keep the heat in during the colder months.

It is not the best pellet grill in terms of fit and finish, but it is far superior to other entry-level pellet grills in this price range in terms of functionality.


Assembly is rather straightforward, and it will be easy for people who have never put together a BBQ before as well.

Every one of the more technical components has already been put in place, and you are simply filling in the blanks with more information. It will probably take you an hour or so to build it. 

The only potential cause of issues during assembly is the installation of the hopper lid and handle. Because it is possible for the screw to fall into the hopper, extra caution must be exercised in order to prevent this from happening.

You should drape a towel or something else across the hopper grate. This will aid in preventing any screws from falling into the hopper while the machine is running.

The Camp Chef engineers put a great deal of thought into the design of this device, save from the fact that screws may fall in when you are building it.

Although it is advised that two persons be present for certain sections of the construction, you will probably be able to do it by yourself if you have to. 

Pros And Cons


  • WIFI-enabled and connected app - the Camp Chef Connect app is probably the best feature of this grill. It makes the entire cooking process much easier for you, especially if you do not have many skills when it comes to grilling, smoking, or barbequing. In this app, you can monitor and change several controls, including the temperature and smoke levels
  • User-friendly - this is in part because of the app, but also because of the interface on the grill itself. The digital controller is easy to use and read in all lighting conditions, and as it is controlled via one knob, you only have to learn what this one button does. 
  • Very good value for money - put of all the grills that are priced similarly to the SG24, this one gives you the most features, the best usability, and the best results when it comes to grilling and smoking
  • Ash clean-up - the worst part of cooking and grilling is the clean-up that you need to do afterward. Luckily, this is super easily done on the SG25 thanks to the Ash Clean-Out system, which basically does all the hard work for you
  • Many accessories - Camp Chef makes an accessory for any need or occasion, so you can modify and customize your grill as much as you want


  • Grease bucket in an awkward place - when removing the cover of the grill, you may accidentally knock over the grease bucket due to its location, which can make a big and slippery mess
  • Chimney makes it difficult to take off cover - it can be difficult to get the cover up and over the chimney when taking it off and putting it back on
  • Only 2 temperature probes included - while this is standard, it may not be enough for your needs

Summary - Should You Buy It?

The Camp Chef SG24 WIFI pellet grill is a dependable pellet grill that delivers great performance at an affordable price.

It is also packed with a number of handy features that complement the grill's strong construction and reliable output.

Compared to the equally popular Traeger Pro Series grills, it has a number of added features that make it a strong competitor in its category. Cleaning the unit is a breeze thanks to the ash cleanout mechanism installed in the unit. 

In fact, you can use this barbecue as a substitute for your gas grill and as a smoker, thanks to the Sidekick accessories and attachments that set Camp Chef apart from the competition.

Overall, this is an excellent product, especially considering the low price.

The product is also available at: Amazon

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