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Cast Iron Fire Pit Reviews – Small to Extra Large Fire Bowls

by Lianne Jones April 05, 2022

Cast Iron Fire Pit Reviews

Are you looking for the best Cast Iron Fit Pit Reviews? If yes, then you've come to the right place.

Today we're going to show you our top ten favorite cast iron fit pit reviews. We'll cover materials, functionality and how well they'll fit in with your home.

A cast-iron fit pit is a great way to cook food and keep warm in your backyard. They are very versatile and can be used for almost anything.

From roasting vegetables to grilling meat. You can also gather around it with you and your friends, drinking and chatting into the night.

The best part of these fire pits is that they are made from cast iron. This means they will last practically forever.

It will also conduct heat very well, which is ideal if you are wanting to warm a larger area in your garden. So what are you waiting for? Let's get reading!

Top 10 Best Cast Iron Fire Pits

Amagabeli Garden & Home Fire Pit

Amagabeli Garden & Home Fire Pit


First up, we have the Amagabeli Garden & Home Fire Pit, which comes with a great shallow bowl that allows the heat to transfer to the sides.

This is a decent-sized bowl that will fit in with the decor of most backyards. If you have wooden decking, then we would especially recommend this unit.

This also comes coated in rust-proof paint, so you can leave it outside during the wind and the rain. This is one of the better all-weather fire bowls.

This also comes with a wire mesh grate that you can use to keep any sparks from straying. This will help to protect your children and also your delicate furniture.

This is a great unit to have if you hosting a medium-sized gathering. If you have a large backyard, we would recommend having two of these fire pits close together.


  • Easy to use – all you have to do is fill this one up with wood, and you'll have a roaring fire in no time. This is also very easy to control.
  • Fits in with all gardens – whether you have granite, stone, brick or wood, this cast iron fire pit will be able to fit in with any decor.
  • Heats quickly – this fire pit will heat up very quickly, which is great during the cold weather seasons.


  • Heavy – because of the cast-iron construction, this one will be a lot harder to move around. This might be a problem if you have a larger backyard.

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl


Next up, we have a very generous 22-inch bowl that will certainly warm your garden up very quickly. This is coated in anti-rust paint, which makes it great for outdoor use.

It has a nice sturdy base, which should make it easier to move around. The only downside here is that it does not include a lid. This could pose some issues if you want to store it away when it isn't being used.

This is a good size for those who don't need much space but still want to enjoy their outdoors. It only weighs 9-pounds, so you should be able to move it around without any concerns.

This does not need any assembly whatsoever, so all you have to do is buy it and place it wherever you want in your garden.


  • Sturdy – this unit is rock solid, coming with very sturdy legs that will not blow over even during the strongest winds.
  • Coated in anti-rust paint – this will ensure that the metal won't rust. This will also help to preserve the lifespan of your cast iron fire pit.
  • Large capacity – this fire pit will hold enough logs to keep it going for quite a while.
  • Lighter – if you want to take this one with you to the beach or on vacation, you shouldn't have too many problems.


  • Doesn't come with a lid – this means that you'll have to find something else to cover it up with.

Hampton Bay Piedmont 30 inch Steel Fire Pit

Hampton Bay Piedmont 30 inch Steel Fire Pit


Next up, we have a very attractive fire point that is generous and comes at a very decent price point considering the number of features that you'll get with it.

This comes with a wire mesh lid that you can use to keep the sparks in. This is very important if you have a smaller garden with flammable furniture crammed together in a small space.

This is a great family unit, with enough of a bowl depth to keep your garden area warm for hours.

The only downside here is that there are no instructions i'

ded with the product. You'll have to figure out how to assemble it yourself, which may be difficult depending on where you live.

You can easily transport this one as well, making it ideal for camping trips and vacations.


  • Great value for money – this unit costs less than other models, yet provides a lot of value. This is great for anyone who has spent a lot of money on their backyard and wants to save themselves those extra few dollars.
  • Easy to assemble – this one doesn't require any tools to set up. When you buy it, it comes as it is.
  • Wire mesh – this will keep your fire contained and stop any embers from flying out. With a deep bowl, this will offer you a lot of protection.


  • The wire mesh can burn – if you are using your fire pit on a regular basis, then you might start to see some wear and tear on the thinner portions.

Amagabeli Outdoor Wood Burning Cast Iron Firepit 

Amagabeli Outdoor Wood Burning Cast Iron Firepit


Next up, we have a very tall fire pit that will certainly help you keep your fire contained. It is also one of the more stylish units, coming in a medieval-style mesh design.

This comes with a heat-resistant finish that allows you to burn your fire for a lot longer. It will also help to heat the fire pit quicker and help it spread further throughout your backyard.

You can also use this fire pit to grill food. So if you have some meats or veggies that you want to root with your family, then we would certainly recommend this unit, as it comes with a grill.

This is the perfect fire pit to have in the summer, because once the fire is out you'll be able to watch the embers smolder, which will keep your heat to a moderate level.


  • Heat-resistant – this is painted with heat-resistant paint, which makes it one of the most durable fire pits that we have on this list.
  • Lightweight – this one weighs only 15 pounds, so you shouldn't have too much of a difficult time moving it from one place to another.
  • Poker and wire mesh – if you are wanting maximum safety as well as the ability to control your fire perfectly, then we would certainly recommend that you get this unit.


  • This is not the most robust unit that you can get on the market and some reviewers have complained about scorch marks after a few months of use.

Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit


Next up, we have a fire pit that burns using wood with a built-in grill that will help you roast your vegetables and meats. This is great if you do not have a barbecue but want the ability to cook food.

This is a sturdy cast iron unit that will certainly conduct heat very well. This means that it will get hot quicker and stay warm for much longer.

This comes with a sturdy cast iron base that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a decent all-year-round burn.

If you are looking for something that will last a long time, then this is the best option for you.


  • Sturdy cast iron – this is made from cast iron, which makes it extremely strong and durable. The depth of the pit will also help you stay safe.
  • Built-in grill – this is a great feature if you don't have a barbecue. You can simply put your meat and veggies inside and let them cook while you enjoy watching the flames.
  • Wire mesh – if you want maximum safety, then you should definitely consider getting this unit. There are no sharp edges on this product, which helps to ensure that you remain safe when using it.


  • Not the most attractive unit – it does look like it was designed by someone who wanted to make the best fire pit possible. But there are many other options that will offer better aesthetics.

Sunnydaze Black Steel Wood-Burning Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Black Steel Wood-Burning Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit


Next up, we have something that is a bit different, coming in a round shape at the bottom with a conical rain cover at the top. This also contains a chimney that will help the smoke billow out and not pollute the party area.

With a wire mesh and afire poker, you can be sure that your furniture will not succumb to any sparks, so you won't have to worry about it setting anything on fire.

This is one of the easiest units that you can put together, and you won't have to worry if you've been having trouble putting fire pits together in the past.

This also acts as a great centerpiece that you can situate your patio furniture around. 


  • Easy to assemble – this is one of the simplest products that you can buy. It's easy to set up and take down. This will be most handy if you have mobility issues or injuries.
  • Convenient chimney – this has a chimney that allows the smoke to escape without leaving a bad smell behind.
  • Weatherproof design – this is an outdoor unit, so you can rest assured that it will withstand the elements.


  • This comes in an unusual shape – if you are looking for something that is a little more traditional, then you might want to pick up another unit.

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Round Fire Pit Bow

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Round Fire Pit Bow


Next up, we have a fire bowl that will easily transfer heat from the base right the way through your backyard. This comes with an extra rack that allows you to cook food and provide you with extra stability.

If you are a fan of the traditional wood burner, then we would certainly suggest that you get this.

This comes with solid cast iron that is coated in rust-proof paint, so you won't have to worry about it decaying after a few months of use.

This is also a very lightweight unit, making it easy to move. If you have a large backyard area, then you can buy a few of these and situate them around your garden.


  • Lightweight – this is one of those things that you can carry around and place anywhere. You can take it with you on vacation or to roast some corn dogs at the beach.
  • Rustproof coating – this is made from cast iron, which makes it durable and long-lasting. This makes it also great value for money.
  • Sturdy construction – this is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that will last you years to come.


  • It doesn't contain a heating element – if you are looking to create a real fire, then you will need to purchase a separate heater.

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl, X-Large

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl, X-Large


This next design of fire pit is probably the largest, as the bowl has a 30.9-inch diameter that you can place larger blocks of wood in that means it will burn for much longer.

This comes with long and solid steel legs that raise your fire pit up quite high off the ground. This is great for having standing parties.

This is made from solid cast iron which means that it will easily be able to withstand wind, rain and intense heat.

This comes with a tasteful black finish that you can guarantee will blend in with modern and more traditional decor.


  • Large capacity – this is a big fire pit that will hold plenty of logs and other fuel. This will mean that your fire will burn long into the night and require less fuel.
  • Solid cast iron – this is made from the same material as the stove top, meaning that it will be sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Stylish appearance – this is a stylish addition to any home. It blends well with wood, granite and brickwork backdrops.


  • The legs are not adjustable – this means that they cannot be moved closer together or further apart. They are also a little flimsy, which might lead to collapsing in high winds.

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit


Next up, we have a slightly wider bowl that will house a lot more wood and distribute your heat a lot more evenly across your backyard.

This comes with four legs that you can be sure will keep your fire bowl upright no matter how strong the wind is. This is a lot more sturdy than the three-legged models.

This one can be housed near a pool, giving you that wonderful medical setting which will be a good contrast to wood or cushioned furniture.


  • Wire mesh screen – this is another one that prioritized safety above all else. If you have children and want to keep them protected during your event, then we would certainly recommend this fire pit.
  • Durable – this is made from thick cats-iron, so you can be sure that it will last you for a lot longer.
  • Easy to clean – because of its smooth surface, this one will be a lot easier to tip out and clean than some other fire pits.


  • Too low – this might be difficult to maintain if you are standing up or sitting down, causing you to crane forward to empty it or add more logs.

Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Handles

Sunnydaze Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl with Handles


Last but certainly not least, we have this solid cast iron fire bowl made by Sunnydaze. this is an extra-large bowl, with plenty of width and depth to accommodate a lot of wood.

When starting a fire in this pit, you can be sure that it will last you a long time. You can leave the embers smoldering for a very long time.

This is great for its resilience, you can burn wood in it for a long time and not have to worry about the metal being scorched. It also has a rusted look that will suit a more wood-furnished back garden.


  • Extra large size – this is a really large fire pit that will take a lot of wood. This makes it perfect for those who like to entertain guests over many hours at their outdoor party.
  • Sturdy construction – this is made from solid cast-iron, making it extremely durable.
  • Smooth finish – this gives off a rustic feel that will complement any style of decor.


  • Not easy to move around – this is a heavy fire pit that will need to be lifted and carried around, which could prove to be tricky for anyone with mobility issues.

Buyer's Guide

When you are shopping for a fire pit, there will be a few features that you'll need to look out for.

It will need to be very durable, as well as rust-proof, as most of these fire pits will be outdoors and subjected to intense wind and rain. Here's a list of what you'll need:


Make sure that you get the right size for your space.

The ideal size for a fire pit should be able to fit between two chairs, meaning that it will be big enough for everyone to sit comfortably without feeling crowded.


You will need to choose something that is going to withstand the elements, and won't be damaged easily all the fire pits are made from cast iron, which is a great material that will retain a lot of heat.

Cast iron is also good for holding and burning wood. It will retain its aesthetic, even after you have been using it for months on end.


The height of the fire pit will depend on how much room you have available. Make sure that you don't go too high, as this will make it harder to access.

Also, if you are sitting, this might be an issue. You'll want a fire pit that comes at the right size and is not too hard to poke or roast food over.


The best fire pits are ones that prioritize safety. They should be designed with handles so that you can easily carry them around, and they should come with a lid to prevent sparks from flying into the air.


There are a wide variety of designs and styles when it comes to fire pits. Some people prefer modern designs, while others enjoy rustic styles. Whatever design you choose, make sure that it suits your home and your lifestyle.

Cooking Food

If you're planning on cooking food over the fire pit, then you will need a grill pan or griddle. These pans are used to cook food directly over the flames, and are essential if you plan on roasting marshmallows or other foods.

It's important to remember that the fire pit needs to be placed close enough to the grill pan so that it doesn't interfere with it.

Fire Pit Accessories

A fire pit isn't complete without some accessories. If you are having friends over, then you'll want to add some kind of seating arrangement. There are plenty of options when it comes to seating arrangements, but here are a few ideas:

  • Wooden benches – wooden benches are a classic way to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Metal stools – metal stools are perfect for outdoor dining.
  • Adirondack chairs – Adirondack chairs are a great option for relaxing in the garden.
  • Wood logs – wood logs are great for creating a warm ambiance.
  • Campfire table – campfire tables are great for serving food.
  • Fire pit table – fire pit tables are great for entertaining guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Wood Do I Use?

Use whatever type of wood you like. Pine, cedar, oak, etc., are all suitable choices.

How Long Does It Take To Install My Fire Pit?

Depending on what materials you have on hand, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Can I Put A Gas Stove Inside My Fire Pit?

Yes, you can! However, it may be difficult to light a fire under a gas stove.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Building A Fire Pit?

Yes, always wear proper clothing and footwear when working outside. You might also want to wear safety gloves, as some corners are sharp on some of these fire pits.

Do I Need Any Special Tools To Build My Fire Pit?

No, you shouldn't need any specialized tools to build your own fire pit.

Will My Fire Pit Burn Down My House?

No, your fire pit won't burn down your house. It's just a matter of being careful where you place it.

How Do I Clean Out A Fire Pit?

The easiest way to clean out a fire pit is by using a hose. Simply turn off the water supply to the fire pit, and let the water flow through it until it runs clear.

This method works well for removing dirt and debris from the bottom of the fire pit.

How Long Does It Take For My Fire Pit To Burn Down?

It depends on how much fuel you use, and whether you leave the fire burning constantly or only occasionally.

In general, most fire pits should last at least 6 months before they begin to show signs of deterioration.


Buying and placing your own fire pit is fun and easy. With a bit of creativity, you can create something unique and personal.

Don't forget to hunt for some accessories, such as seats and a table. We would also recommend that you get the right height, as this can make it a pain to clean out. 

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