July 30, 2020

Whether you’ve just started dabbling on smoking or you’re already a pro, the Cookshack Smokette Elite is a great electric smoker. We know that Cookshack can be more expensive than other models, but if you pass this one up, you’re really missing out on a lot of things.

front of the Cookshack Smokette Elite


  • Well-built with 304 stainless steel construction
  • Spin-Glas insulation
  • Powerful heating element
  • Digital controller for precise temperatures
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Large-capacity cooking area


  • Some accessories need to be purchased separately
  • Temperatures adjust at 5-degree increments

Cookshack Smokette Elite Features


When we tested this smoker, it already looks and feels very solid, which isn’t surprising because it’s made with 304 stainless steel. The interior and exterior of this smoker are very sturdy, so you can expect this to last you years.

For insulation, the Smokette Elite has 850-degree Spin-Glas insulation that keeps all the heat inside to it doesn’t bleed through the outside. As such, the exterior still feels cold to the touch even if you’re cooking in high temperatures. 

The door itself has a heavy-duty latch that fits snugly for a nice seal. Inside, you’ll find two racks, the smoker box sitting below, and the heating element right underneath. We’ll talk more about these parts further along in this article.

If you want to move your smoker around, it’s mounted on wheels for a smooth transition from one spot to another. The Smokette weighs 87 pounds, so the casters make it easy to handle.

On top of the model, there’s a digital controller that controls the temperature and cook time. And while the cooker comes with all the essentials, you can also purchase extras such as additional racks, a seafood rack, cover, or a baffle for cold smoking.

Cookshack Smokette Elite while opened

Digital Control Panel

Like other Cookshack smokers including the PG1000, the Smokette Elite is equipped with a digital controller that sits atop the unit. This allows you to set the time and temperature you want depending on what you’re smoking.

One of the great things about this model is its 750-watt 7-amp heating element. It’s pretty powerful compared to other units, allowing a temperature range of 140°F to 300°F. A heat sensor is also attached to this so the heat remains consistent when you’re cooking. 

Aside from that, there’s also a meat probe that further helps in smoking meats to perfection. You just need to insert the probe into the meat when you put it in the smoker, and then set the internal temperature you want to reach. 

Once the smoker gets into the desired temperature, the timing control system will hold that temp until the meat is cooked. This gives you more freedom because once you set it, you don’t have to worry about it. No more watching your smoker for hours just to make sure nothing burns up.

Using the controller is very easy. When you press the on/off button to turn the smoker on, the LED display will read at 200 - which is the default starting temperature. You can then simply push the up or down buttons to adjust the temperature according to your preference.

However, unlike the Cookshack Amerique, temperature adjustments come at 5-degree increments. But while this can be an annoyance to others, we find that it’s perfectly fine and it actually makes setting up quicker. 

Cooking Area

The Cookshack Smokette Elite is equipped with two 14 x 18 inches of nickel-plated cooking racks. It’s easily adjustable so you can customize the height if you’re smoking large pieces of meat. Just simply slide them out, move to your desired height, and slide them back in. 

This easy mechanism makes cleaning easier too since you can just pull them out and wash them directly - but more on cleaning up later.

In our cooking test with this model, we found that Cookshack actually lives up to its promise of a 20-25 pound capacity. We were able to fit 6 St. Louis cut ribs or 9 baby back ribs in the smoker, which is enough if you’re cooking for mid-sized parties.

In total, you get 504 square inches of cooking area. If you think this is too little, you can buy more racks for an increased cooking space. However, we recommend that you actually try out the smoker first before buying new shelves. It may look small but it can fit a lot of food. 

Cookshack Smokette Elite pictured while sideways


When we first got the Cookshack Elite, it only took us a few minutes to set up because it already comes fully assembled. We just had to install the four casters and screw on the controller on top. It really wasn’t that hard and any newbie can do it. 

When it came to the actual test, we were very impressed by how the results turned out. It’s really just a set-it-and-forget-it situation and it’s no hassle at all. We just prepped our meat [1], put it inside the smoker, topped up the smoker box, closed the door, and set the temperature.

After that, we just walked away to see what happens after the time is done. And when we came back, the food was perfectly cooked just the way it should be. It’s more freedom, less bother, and more eating than cooking. 

It even makes more of an impression after comparing it to SmokinTex grills.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning is one of the most dreaded tasks when smoking or grilling. Nevertheless, it’s a needed one if you want to keep your cooker in good working condition. 

In our experience with the Cookshack Smokette Elite, cleaning up is pretty easy. We just remove all the racks and put them in the dishwasher. We then sweep out the leftover wood and ash, then wipe off the grease inside the smoker with paper towels.

There’s a drip pan that goes underneath the smoker, so we just empty that and clean it as well. Once in a while, we do additional check-ups like checking the wire, plug, screws, hinge pins, and wheels. 


Overall, the Cookshack Smokette Elite is an excellent piece of equipment for all your smoking needs, whether you’re a newbie or a vet. It offers superb performance, commercial-quality construction, and other great features for consistent results. Even if it’s higher in price, you really get what you pay for with this smoker. 

For more premium Cookshack models, you can also see our review of the Amerique smoker here.

front of the Cookshack Smokette Elite

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