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How To Clean Ooni Pizza

by Lianne Jones June 09, 2022

How To Clean Ooni Pizza

Owning a pizza stone is a great way of making delicious pizza from the comfort of your home.

However, if you’ve never cleaned an Ooni pizza stone, and aren’t sure where to get started, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to clean an Ooni pizza stone.

Let’s get started.

How To Clean Ooni Pizza Stone

Equipment You Will Need 

  • Stone brush
  • Dough scraper
  • Protective gloves


Step One - Allow Your Pizza Stone To Cool Completely 

Before you get started on the cleaning, you will need to allow the pizza stone to cool down completely.

This can take a fairly long time, as the heat often gets trapped deep inside the stone, so have patience and make sure you’re careful when you do pick it up. 

Step Two -  Step Three - Use A Stone Brush 

Using the stone brush, scrub away any leftover bits of food in a circular motion. You will want to make sure that you’re buffing thoroughly, until you have removed all bits of food. 

Step Three - Place Your Pizza Stone Into The Oven

At this point, you’ll likely still have a fair amount of debris stuck to your pizza stone. 

To get rid of this, you might be tempted to add water to your pizza stone.

However, a much more effective way to get rid of this debris is to burn it off inside a very hot pizza oven. This prevents moisture getting into the pizza stone and allows you to preserve it for longer.

Place your pizza stone into the oven and wait around 15 minutes or longer depending on the severity of the debris stuck to your pizza stone.

Step Four - Allow The Pizza Stone To Cool & Rotate

Next, you will need to remove your pizza stone carefully from the oven and allow your pizza stone to cool enough so you can handle it easily with a glove.

Once cool, if there is any leftover debris on the pizza stone, you will want to add it back into your pizza oven and rotate it to ensure each side of the debris is being burnt off.

Step Five - Remove The Pizza Stone From The Oven

Repeat the process, removing the pizza stone from the oven and allowing it to cool.

If there’s still debris at this point, repeat the process until the pizza stone is clean.

Step Six - Store Your Pizza Stone

Once your pizza stone is completely clean, you will want to allow it to cool completely before you store it away.

Now it is ready to use the next time you wish to make delicious homemade pizza!

Should You Use Water To Clean A Pizza Stone?

Using a small amount of water to clean a pizza stone is generally okay, but any more than this isn’t recommended. 

This comes down to the fact that a pizza stone has a porous surface, and if you’re not careful, the stone will absorb the water.

As a result of this excess water, the water can cause the pizza stone to crack. Bearing this in mind, you should never soak or submerge a pizza stone in water.

When a pizza stone has been made wet, the stone will deteriorate and over time, you won’t be able to achieve the crispy crusts that you used to on your pizza.

To keep your pizza stone the best quality possible, and to keep creating delicious pizzas at home, you’ll want to keep a large volume of water away from your pizza stone.

If you deem it necessary to use water on your pizza stone, try using a damp towel to sweep any crumbs away. However, you will need to make sure that you allow the pizza stone to dry completely before you put it away.

This is absolutely essential, as exposure to a significant amount of water for a long period of time will result in your pizza stone rapidly deteriorating in quality.

If you don’t want to risk it, using the oven to clean your pizza stone is fool-proof.

Should You Use Dish Soap To Clean Your Pizza Stone?

The short answer to this question is no. In the same way that you shouldn’t soak or submerge your pizza stone in water, you shouldn’t use dish soap to clean your pizza stone.

While you might think dish soap will thoroughly clean your pizza stone, it will actually have the opposite effect.

This comes down to the fact that your pizza stone will absorb the soap, and instead of cleaning it, you will end up with pizza that has a somewhat soapy flavor depending on the amount of soap that was used. 

After all, you’ve likely seen how time consuming it is to get rid of an excess of soap suds sometimes on your dishes, imagine what it’s like trying to get rid of them on a porous surface such as a pizza stone!

For super stubborn stains and debris, a hot oven is all you need to burn off any excess debris along with a pizza stone brush to brush it away. 

In Summary

So, that’s all I’ve got time for today!

Hopefully after reading this article you have a good understanding of how to clean and maintain your Ooni pizza stone.

Remember to keep your use of water to a minimum to ensure your Ooni pizza stone remains in the best condition possible for years to come.

Good luck cleaning your Ooni pizza stone.

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