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How To Level A Hot Tub On Uneven Concrete

by Lianne Jones June 09, 2022

How To Level A Hot Tub On Uneven Concrete?

Have you recently purchased a hot tub? If so, you want to avoid placing it on an uneven surface, which is easier said than done. If you do, there’s a way out of this pickle.

We often get this question from our audience. And so today will explore some of the best ways 2 to level a hot tub on uneven concrete.

Let's face it, nobody wants to enter a hot tub that is going to have one-half empty and the other overfilled with water.

Leveling a hot tub on uneven concrete is a simple task that is often overblown with complicated steps, but it's easy.

If you are facing a situation where your concrete is on uneven terrain, using simple shims is going to be your best bet for a slope that is less than 1 inch.

However, for steep slopes, leveling is going to require some more in-depth strategy and you may end up needing to build some custom bill options made from wood, sand, or gravel.

If Your Hot Tub Is Located On An Existing Concrete Surface

If your hot tub is already located on an existing concrete surface, then what you might find is an already unlevel surface that is to account for existing drainage or from a previously poor construction job.

Here are our favorite options for overcoming this obstacle.

Plastic Shims

If you've already measured your hot tub and have discovered a bit is out of level by at least an inch, we suggest looking into plastic shims.

This will help raise the low end and create a more balanced hot tub experience.

Plastic shims are designed to be an economical option for load-bearing and will fix many problems at a cheap cost without having to go too in-depth into a big project.

Which we know excited a lot of you as the last thing you want is to be messing around with a hot tub, instead of being in it!

Before starting this solution, just be sure to check over the hot tub guidelines. A full detailed set of advice in the manual will include information on how to use shims safely and effectively.

The last thing you want to do is stop the motion of installing plastic shims when the model you are using isn't compatible with them.

We've seen many examples of hot tubs in the past where the fracture has explicitly stated that they do not recommend using shims at all karma and if you do use shims this may avoid any warranty that the product comes with.

If you have checked over and there are no warning signs about using shims, You can begin to install the shims.

Make sure to start with an empty tub as this will ensure you have less weight to deal with and will reduce any potentially hazardous situation from now.

Begin to tap in the shins on the lowered side comma and then place them at regular intervals across the width of the hot tub. This will ensure and even support weight across the surface area of the hot tub.

Wooden Shims

Another option that you have is to use wooden shims.  This option is ideal for a slope that is around an inch in height. If you're into DIY, then you can create your shims made from pressure-treated lumber.

For this, we recommend using 2x4 boards,  along with a sheet of exterior grade plywood.

Make sure to insert them at every ft across the lower end of the tub, and then cut and attach the plight to the wood shims with screws. This should return the tub to a level surface.

E-Z Pad

If you want to take your stability one step further, you might want to consider adding a spa pass to your hot tub.

An E-Z pad is specifically designed with hot tubs in mind, and what is awesome about these are they are inexpensive and typically come with a lifetime guarantee.

These pads are made from sturdy plastic, and another handy feature of these is that pads can be relocated at any time should you want to move them.

As long as your hot tub is flat, they are a great addition and worth considering.

Spa Leveler

Spa Leveler

When we look at spa Levelers, they can be used on any hot tub where there is a substantial slip, particularly on slopes that are over 1 inch in depth.

Adjustable feet allow you to handle any slope, whether it's a mild slope or a substantial incline.

To install a spa leveler, move your hot tub to the side so that you can place the spa leveler in the correct position.

To do this you need to work out how much you are out of level with your concrete pad so that you can adjust it accordingly before taking the steps to install the hot tub on the new level.

One thing to bear in mind with a spa leveler is that it is a much pricey option, you are likely going to be spending upwards of $500 which doesn't include shipping.

However, with this Price Tag comes a very strong structure, and will likely last the lifetime of the hot tub.

The design of a spa leveler will allow water to drain away from underneath it, which will avoid any potential lasting damage to the bottom of your hot tub.

If you want to avoid a buildup of mildew or avoid the wood rotting from underneath, this is a solid option.

Because of these facts, and the way that it can be moved around, we know that many members of the audience will enjoy this feature.

Building A Box

If all else fails, you can always look to build a box. Using 2x4 lumber,  you will want to build a box frame that is going to be approximately 1 inch wider than the base of your hot tub.

Along with this, the wood should be tapered on the bottom so that when you have finally completed your box.

Once it's placed on the uneven surface the boards at the top will be level all the way around.

To ensure you do this correctly, here are a couple of tips:

  • Use a pressure-treated Lumber as one option. This will ensure that your pad will not be knocked over by extreme weather conditions and avoid issues with water leakage around the hot tub, moisture is a common problem.  This is a high-quality option and we wouldn't skimp on a cheaper solution,  as we want to consider the lifetime value of your hot tub.
  • make sure to drill several holes on the lower side and along the lowest board. This is a sensible drainage system that will remove water and allow it to go down to the gravel or sand.

Speaking of this latter tip:

Fill The Box With Gravel Or Sand

Once you have built your box and inserted it into the slope,  make sure to fill it with either sand or gravel, ensuring it comes to the top of the box within around an inch.  there is nothing more sturdy than this option.

However, one alternative you can use is cement. just make sure that if you use cement, you don't change your mind as it's a more permanent choice.

You can purchase bags of cement from most Home Stores, and you can either make your home concrete, however, we would recommend going with store-bought cement to avoid unnecessary costs or mistakes.

However, this is an expensive option as well. although it is like you're going to be worth it in the long run. 

How To Complete Your Newly Leveled Hot Tub

If you have completed all of the steps above, you may want to consider giving your hot tub a more finished look.

You can add paint with a whole host of different colors to match your preference. or you can even stain it so that it matches your top color scheme.

This will be dependent on whether you want to take these extra steps, or whether you simply want a hot tub base level. whilst it doesn't need to give the final appearance of the hot tub a more professional feel to it.

Something to consider is that painting or staining the wood will provide more protection from the elements. and anything that can protect the hot tub is likely going to be a good idea.

Does My Hot Tub Need To Be Perfectly Level?

A question that you might have been considering through this article is whether you need to have a perfectly level hot tub.

The simple answer is yes, your hot tub needs to be as level as possible. This is because you want the water to sit evenly in the tub so that it stays in the hot tub and that you don't lose lots of water over the side.

 But more importantly, you are going to increase the lifespan of your hot tub. This is because the stress of the water in the tub, as well as lots of people, can begin to ruin the foundations of the hot tub if there is an imbalance in the level.

Adding extra weights to a hot tub that is not level can cause permanent damage to the hot tub's frame. This can lead to cracking and stress fractures, and the result will be no one will be in the tub.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like it or not, making sure your hot tub is on a flat surface and level, is our best recommendation to make sure you don't have any unwanted costs down the line.

Looking at the tips above, there are plenty of ways to ensure this is the case comma across many different types and expenses.

Pick the option that is most relevant to you, and if you follow the advice correctly you'll be enjoying some fun times in your hot tub!

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