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January 31, 2021

So you’re thinking of buying a pellet grill to spice up your outdoor cooking experience. And now, you’re drowning in a pool of selections that you have to choose from. 

In this post, our team decided to pit Rec Tec vs. Yoder pellet grills in a series of feature evaluations and help you decide which of the two top-tier brands suits your needs in terms of quality and performance. 

Rec Tec

Being one of the pioneer providers in the pellet grill smoker industry, Rec Tec has always been every homeowner’s go-to brand for outdoor cooking equipment. Established in 2009 by Evans High School graduate Ray Carnes and his buddy Ron Cundy, the duo saw the need to create the grill of their dreams. 

From one flagship model, the Rec tec pellet grill brand now has nine models, two of which are not pellet grills. Ever since then, Rec tec rapidly becomes a household name for neophyte grillers and pitmasters[1].

In this Yoder vs. Rec tec review, our team listed this brand’s top three lifestyle series models with their impressive features that will highlight their set point advantages compared to Yoder grills. 

Suppose you’re looking for an efficient cooking chamber. In that case, it’s a good idea to purchase their line of pellet grills equipped with PID Algorithms that will determine the amount of fuel needed to produce consistently flavorful meals.  

Integrated with a smart grill technology, users of any Rec Tec grills can enjoy superior temperature control and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to control the cooking surface. As a more affordable option, we’re surprised by how technologically integrated these grills are. 

grilled food under fire

All their grill models can be controlled via smartphone using Rec tec mobile applications, so you can take care of other things while keeping tabs with the entire food preparations. Rec tec also offers different cook modes that allow you to serve various food styles like baking, roasting, and searing.

Even though Rec Tec grills are made with a small cooking space and not suitable for large food preps, it offers more mobility and portability due to its lighter weight compared to its rival brand. Therefore, it remains superior in this Rec tec vs. Yoder comparison test. 

Grilling through long hours is also not a problem for Rec tec grills as all their famous models have extensive hopper capacity. 

Take RT-700, for example; this grilling machine has a 40-pound pellet capacity that allows it to have an uninterrupted operation. A significant advantage compared to its rival model YS640, which only has capacity for 20 pounds of pellets. 

As grilling can quickly become messy, spills on the cooking surface can potentially damage its construction. Lucky for you, Rec tec’s exterior quality is also one of its enticing features because it’s designed to prevent rusting, unlike Yoder models with a powder-coated finish that could quickly decay.  

Rec tec grills also seem to have fewer add-ons than Yoder products, which technically means that the prior-mentioned cooking machine has more integrated and built-in features than the latter.  


Similar to Rec Tec, Yoder Smokers started building pellet grills for commercial use way back in 2009. Headed by a 59-year old man named Don Cary, who dedicated his life to crafting heavy-duty steel pellet grills, this brand is now relatively known in the industry. 

One of their most popular pellet grills is Yoder YS640, which our team will evaluate further throughout this Rec tec vs. Yoder pellet grill review. Yoder Smokers’ line of stainless steel cooking chambers is also famous for its exceptionally durable and stylish build quality. 

Yoder also prides itself on being a product made in the USA as they believe customers are keen and most likely to buy from an all-American brand. In addition to this, its warranty period of ten years is an edge any grill enthusiast can’t ignore compared to its rival brand that offers different warranty duration depending on models. 

These pellet grills like the Pit Boss 700 are commonly used in cooking competitions and commercial use but have been popular with homeowners for their reliability and aesthetically pleasing designs. Yoder brands are the most suitable frequent BBQ competitions as each grill has an increment of five degrees. 

Their large cooking space feature is their most advantageous edge in our Rectec vs. Yoder product review. The prior-mentioned brand has a smaller cooking surface and is not suitable for extensive grilling.

Yoder smokers also feature three kinds of industry-standard grill grates, giving users additional options to set higher temperatures ranging from 150 to 600 degrees and create sear marks on the meat. 

chicken wings on grill

While Rec tec’s PID Algorithm and WIFI controller is already impressive, we have to give credit and recognition to Yoder grill’s in-house technical team as they constructed their controller software from scratch.

This custom controller software is known for its adjustable functions that could save your grill from unforeseen circumstances that could ruin your cooking temperature. Through this controller, you’ll be notified to frequently open your grill when cold meat is placed on the grill. 

One unique function that makes Yoder stand out from its many competitors is its variable displacement damper integration. This unique mechanism allows the smokebox equipped in their grillers to move from either left or right. 

With Yoder grills flexibility, users can easily dispense the heat in the direction they desire. As Yoder grills are prone to rust, this smart function prevents the accumulation of grease and rust from unintentional spills of condiments used in grilling. 

Rec tec and Yoder grills both have a good temperature control system similar to other brands such as Camp Chef and Traeger, although Rec tec is more technologically advanced in this area. And because Yoder is made from heavy-duty materials and stainless steel construction, this option is quite expensive but guarantees long-lasting cooking operations. 

Top 3 Rec Tec Grills 

1. Rec tec RT-700 Grill

Rec tec RT-700 Grill

Rec tec RT-700 is the standard-bearer and trendsetter of all pellet grills listed in this Rec tec vs. Yoder post. Aside from its 100% stainless steel construction, Rec tec bull RT-700 has large shelves that boast 1054 square inches of cooking space. 

This Rec tec grill is integrated with a high-quality pellet hopper capacity that can hold up to 40 pounds of pellets at a time and can also continuously cook up to 40 hours. 

Rec tec RT-700 offers convenience on another level with its easy to clean exterior and WiPellet WiFi technology. And like other models in this Rec tec vs. Yoder review, Rec tec bull RT-700 also has two meat probes that control the temperature range through a mobile application.

2. Rec tec RT-340 Grill

Rec tec RT-340 Grill

If you’re an occasional outdoor cook who just enjoys serving flavorful meals at home, Rec tec RT-340 is the best pellet grill we can recommend out of all the options in this Yoder vs. Rec tec review. 

Like Rec tec RT-700, this grill has an easy to clean exterior and the same PID and Wi-Fi control system for convenient temperature range monitoring. It comes with heavy-duty steel handles that make it easier to transport from one place to another. 

This cooking chamber comes with a high hopper capacity ranging up to 15 pounds of pellet, lasting up to 15 hours of cooking time. 

3. Rec tec RT-590 Grill

Rec tec RT-590 Grill

RT-590 is a slightly smaller option compared to RT-700 but has most of its unique functions. With its compact cooking space of 772 square inches and high-quality stainless steel structure, this pellet grill is one of the most economical and affordable buy in this Rec tec vs. Yoder review. 

Users can fulfill the grilling needs of a small crowd as this Rec tec model features a pellet hopper capacity of 30 pounds, perfect for a typical outdoor cooking adventure. Equipped with a HotFlash ceramic ignition system, this cooking unit is sure to last along with its two-year warranty period. 

Top 3 Yoder Grills 

1. Yoder YS640 Grill

When talking about durability, Yoder YS640 grills are always on top of the list and can compare to reputable brands like Pit Boss and Camp Chef. This grill will surely deliver a performance like no other with its 14-gauge steel hopper and 10-gauge heavy-duty structure.

Yoder YS640 is designed with 1070 sq. inches large cooking space, which is noticeably similar to its tight competitor RT-700. Weighing 335 pounds, this option may not be the best choice if you intend to camp out. 

On the brighter note, Yoder an astounding 10-year warranty for this model and has top-tier customer service like Rec tec. With its 12-inch tall cooking chamber, this Yoder grill can handle any big sized meats. 

2. Yoder YS480s Grill

Users of this pellet grill can enjoy stable heat retention suitable for any weather condition thanks to its 14-gauge steel exterior. Like other Yoder grills, YS480s has an adaptive control system that lets you conveniently manage its 20-pound hopper capacity and 1070 sq. inches cooking area. 

Despite this grill’s 277-pound weight, its portability can be up against other Rec tec and Yoder models with custom large orange casters that allow it to be moved from one place to another without any hassle.

Although YS480s doesn’t include a Wi-Fi feature like most Rec tec grills in this post, our team is still impressed with its digital control system that maintains the consistency of the cooking area. 

3. Yoder YS1500S Grill

This Yoder grill model redefines versatility with its unique variable displacement damper feature. This useful mechanism allows the smokebox to be flexible on where you can dispense the heat. 

Users of this pellet grill can enjoy cooking in large portions with its 1500 sq. inches cooking capacity and 20 pounds of pellet storage. Like Yoder YS640s, this model can also control the temperature of the grilling surface through Bluetooth plus WiFi Connectivity. 

Pellet cooks can also expect exceptional even cooking results as this option has two integrated meat probes and a ceramic ignition system. 

Overall Winner: Rec Tec Pellet Grills

After deliberating the features of each top-tier pellet grill selections that we included in this Yoder vs. Rec tec review, our team’s vote for the best brand goes to Rec tec. Yoder has some great smoker functions, but not everyone can afford their grills.

Although choosing between Yoder or Rec tec is a challenging task considering their similar features, the latter won for its impressive portability and affordability. As outdoor kitchen arrangement can change from time to time, having an easy to move grill like Rec tec is a smart decision. 

Not to mention that Yoder can be prone to rust due to its powder-coated finish, which makes it less suitable for the ever-changing weather conditions in outdoor kitchens, unlike Rec Tec’s steel exterior. 

Other brands to watch out for are the Camp Chef and Blackstone. Both brands have great products ideal for your backyard kitchen. Read next!

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