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Top 5 Best Grill Cleaning Brushes (Review)

by Lianne Jones April 05, 2022

Top 5 Best Grill Cleaning Brushes (Review)

Grill cleaning brushes are essential tools for anyone who loves grilling food outdoors. They allow you to clean your grill without having to touch it directly. This way, you won’t risk damaging your grill or spreading germs around.

If you have a grill, you know of the simple pleasures that come from setting some meat on the grill and letting it cook to crispy perfection. Nothing quite compares, and the act of grilling itself can be very rewarding and enjoyable in and of itself.

However, for as pleasurable as the act of grilling can be, there is still very much the risk of mess being accumulated. You've likely experienced it yourself. The grime and dirt from grease build up on the grill and persistently cling on, making it all incredibly difficult to clean up.

You're going to need the right tools for the cleaning job, but the difficulty comes from finding just the right stuff.

Luckily for you, we've put together the following handy guide to five of the absolute best grill brushes on the market that you can pick up right now! Read on below to get all of the awesome details!

Grillaholics Grill Brush, Bristle Free, Stainless Steel Coils And Scraper

No matter the shape of your grill, this brush is more than up to the challenge of cleaning it! It doesn't matter what you throw at it, the powerful stainless steel coils can easily scrape away built-up dirt, while the scraper gives you an extra layer of control.

Unlike most grill brushes, which make use of steel or nylon bristles, this brush makes use of stainless steel coils, which operate just as effectively, if not even more! The best thing about the stainless steel coils is that they will not come loose from the larger brush.

One of the biggest problems with standard bristle-based grill brushes is that the bristles very commonly get knocked loose, and become trapped in your grill, or, even worse, end up showing up in your freshly grilled meats!

Making use of the stainless steel coils is also incredibly easy, as they are perfectly flexible, but have rigidity where it counts. This means that you can easily bend them around into different positions for easier cleaning, especially in those tough corners and crevices.

Controlling the brush itself from moment to moment also quickly becomes second nature. It is constructed perfectly throughout, which allows you to apply some force to really scrape away at the persistent stains, and the handle is sturdy and lengthy, so you can apply pressure without worrying about breaking it.

You can also grip the handle with two hands for an extra sense of control, so you can completely master the grill cleaning process.

The longer brush handle also helps to keep you safe, as it prevents your hands from ending up anywhere near the hot grill, and also keeps your hands from becoming strained after gripping for so long!

Grillaholics recommends that you preheat your grill to around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, dip the head of the brush lightly into the cool water, and then scrub away at the surface of the hot grates.

The intense heat from the dirty grill will cause the water to turn to steam, which begins to loosen up the grip of tough stains and caked-on grime, and will cause them to drop off.

If you come across some particularly difficult patches of dirt on your grill, you can also make use of the attached steel scraper. Using the scraper is perfect when you need a little bit of applied force and strength.

Simply twist the brush around until the scraper is facing down, and you can begin chipping away at burnt-on foods, and get them to relinquish their intense grip!

Finally, the stainless steel construction also means that this brush is extremely simple to clean up after use, and in many cases can simply be rinsed under hot water.

No longer do you have to mess around with cleaning the smallest of crevices on your grill brushes, simply use it, rinse it, and then allow it to dry. Simple!


  • The amazingly sturdy and long handle makes it easy to gain leverage and keeps you safe.
  • Stainless steel coils help you to avoid the risk of loose brush bristles ending up in your food.
  • Has a simple hanging hook towards the base of the handle, to allow for easy storage between uses.


  • Difficulty in getting the steel coils to clean directly below each grill grate.
  • The scraping noise made by the coils is very harsh.

GRILLART Grill Brush And Scraper, 18 Inch BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush Kit, Wire Scrubber

The angled head of this grill brush is easily its greatest asset. No longer do you have to crane yourself into an awkward position to allow your brush to get to work on removing dirt from your grill.

Simply put this angled brush to work and you can do away with all of the dirt and grime that is cluttering up your grill.

And when you are using this brush, there's never any worry about you losing your grip, as it features a non-slip handle with built-in grooves that keep you from accidentally letting go.

The handle is also around 18 inches in length, which allows you to keep a healthy distance away from the grill so that you do not risk any accidental burns or unfortunate incidents.

This brush also stands apart because of its use of strong and dense bristles. These aren't your average brush bristles.

These ones will make short work of any challenge you throw at it, and also will not come loose from the wire mesh frame that holds them in place.

This means you can forcefully brush away with the confidence that you won't be finding individual bristles in your hamburgers the next time you light your grill up!

As well as being incredibly sturdy and strong, the bristles of this brush are also fully stainless, and thus they are easy to clean between uses, without creating any nasty residue for you to have to clean up later.

All of the metal used to make up the brush is also fully rustproof, which allows you to clean with the confidence that the brush will last you many uses yet to come.

The bristles are laid out in a triple-head form which also allows the brush to clean far quicker than any competing grill brush can.

We were seriously impressed at how well this brush held up in our efficiency tests, it allowed us to clean far more of our grills in far less time, which meant more time was free to spend enjoying the time grilling in the outdoor air.

The three-head shape of the brush also ensures that the bristles are able to effectively wrap completely around the grill grates, to even allow you to clean up underneath the grill, where grime tends to hide away!

And don't forget to make use of the built-in scraper head. This little piece of metal just above the three-headed brush allows you to get to work on scraping away any persistent bits of dirt that just won't let go

And if you find that even that scraper can't get the job done, you can even attach the extra scraper which features round, v-shaped, and square-shaped grooves to allow you to scrape away dirt from grill grates of absolutely any size or shape.


  • The extra attachable scraper head allows you to easily scrape away at grates of any size or shape. This extra piece is not found in any other brushes on this list, which easily makes this brush recommendable.
  • The three-headed brush allows you to easily get to brushing away grime across a massive surface across your grill.
  • The bristles are able to adapt to multiple surfaces, but still retain a great sturdiness, and won't easily come loose.


  • Attaching the extra scraper head can be quite cumbersome, and requires that the head be screwed into position.
  • Some users have noted that the grill brush does not allow for quite as much force to be applied as other competing brushes.

Niolio Grill Brush Set, BBQ Brush And Scraper, 12 Inch, 3-Sided Barbecue Grill Brush Set

Sometimes, one tool just isn't enough to get the job done. Occasionally you're going to need a little bit of extra assistance, especially when it comes to cleaning your grill. Grills are often covered with caked-on grease that proves incredibly annoying and intensely difficult to remove.

This is where this affordable grill set from Niolio comes into play. With two distinct tools that can perform highly specialized functions, there will never be any trouble of not having the right tool for the job.

Let's start by talking about the grill brush itself, which features a triangular-shaped head, which allows it to easily reach around into difficult spots so that you can clean off the dirt that has managed to hide in awkward points!

As well as this, the triangular shape of the brush head also means that it is able to clean an incredibly wide surface of the grill itself with a single swipe, so you can clean your grill in no time at all, and get right back to enjoying time with your family.

Each individual bristle on the brush head is carefully placed to ensure the greatest reach and is held in place by a stainless steel wire mesh that holds up even under the strongest of forces.

And when you are applying force to the grill, you don't have to worry that you may lose your grip, thanks to the lengthy and grooved handle that will ensure prolonged comfort during longer cleaning sessions.

And when you are done with the brush, stowing it away for a later time is easy, thanks to the included loop that sits at the base end of the handle. This allows you to hang it up somewhere nearby to your grill, for easy access when needed.

But, don't forget, the amazing triangle-headed brush isn't the only amazing tool included within this pack. Also packaged is the awesome scraping device, which comes with far thicker bristles to allow for easy brushing action that can really get the work done.

Towards the tip of the scraping brush is an attached scraping head that can be used to chip away at stone-like dirt that insists on sticking around.

The grooves across the handle of the scraper also ensure that you are able to apply the requisite force to get the job done, without your hands slipping around in sweat.

In terms of affordability, this is easily our best recommendation. Not only do you get two incredibly useful tools, but you also get access to them for an incredibly affordable price. Having the two tools separated also means that each one can perform its function perfectly.


  • An affordable option that still gives you access to perfect tools.
  • The triangle-shaped brush head allows you to brush much wider surfaces in record time, saving you lots of effort on cleaning.
  • The scraping tool is sturdy and will stand up to scrutiny and plenty of force being applied to it.


  • If you wanted an all-in-one grill brushing tool, then this is definitely not the best product for you.
  • The handles on both tools are comparably short when compared to some of the others on this list.

Grill Daddy Bristles GB91062S Steam Brush, 15 Inch

Steam cleaning is definitely the way forward when it comes to cleaning grills to perfection. It may sound surprising to you, but steam proves to be very effective when it comes to loosening grime and dirt that builds up on a grill, thanks to intense heats, and microscopic moisture.

Normally, to make use of steam when cleaning a grill, you would need to dip your brush into water, before then using it directly on your hot grill to create a layer of steam.

Luckily, this device from Grill Daddy allows you to clean your grill easily without having to constantly dip the brush into an extra body of water.

All you need to do is fill up the attached cap with the amount of water that you require, and then adjust how quickly you want the water to flow.

This will begin to slowly let water flow out from the brush as you go which will then drop down onto the grill and instantly create steam which billows up and slowly loosens up the grip that the dirt has all across your grill grates.

This is a perfect way to remove dirt from even the very bottom of each grate, which makes it far easier to clean such difficult areas without dismantling the grill!

Unfortunately, this grill brush does need to be plugged into a mains power supply to be able to provide you with its amazing cleaning abilities, but it offers a totally unparalleled experience.

The size of the brush is fairly impressive, and even requires two hands to be able to maneuver it around on the grill. This allows you to really apply pressure when you need to and allows for even more precise control over every step of the cleaning process.

The brush itself is made up of incredibly durable bristles that are held perfectly in place and that you won't later find wedged into a beef patty. These bristles are able to chip away at the dirt on your grill and work perfectly with the steam system to create a smooth brushing experience.

Every metal piece on the brush is made up of stainless steel, so you also don't have to worry about rust, and having to replace any of the bristles.

And when you're done with the brush, and your grill is now shiny and new-looking, you can simply place the brush heads right into your dishwasher to clean them up for next time.

This all adds together to create one of the easiest grill brush experiences we've ever had, we cannot recommend this grill brush enough.


  • The steam function of this grill brush makes it very easy to recommend. It easily makes short work of dirt and grime that ends up on your grill.
  • The brush heads are firm and sturdy, but can also be removed to allow them to be washed in a dishwasher.
  • The handle is easy to grip and is designed for two hands, which allows you precise control.


  • The brush needs to be plugged into a mains supply for use, which could be very frustrating for some.
  • Unfortunately, we did experience some slight leaking towards the brush head, which caused the water to drain a little quicker. However, this does not occur on all models.
  • A little more expensive than some competing models.

Weetiee Grill Brush And Scraper Bristle Free BBQ Brush For Grill

Now for the mother of all bristle-free grill brushes! This amazing grill brush really made our jaws drop when we tried it out for ourselves.

Instead of a sharp layer of bristles that can annoyingly be knocked loose, this brush instead has a series of three brush heads that are each surrounded by a wire mesh that can pick apart countless bits of grease and grime.

This wire mesh system is very beneficial, as it allows you to clean all manner of grill surfaces with the utmost ease. The meshes are relatively soft to the touch and have a slight bounciness to them, but quickly become rigid and tough when used on rough surfaces.

This is perfect, as it allows the brush to be immensely versatile so that it can handle whatever you need it to. It means that the mesh won't break at the slightest hint of trouble, so you can use it for many years to come, and it will not leave dangerous and sharp bristles all over your grill, waiting to end up in your next hot dog!

And we'd be fairly foolish to not mention the incredible scraper at the top of this brush. This scraping attachment is easily the best of the best, and its size is the reason why. The scraper pokes out quite high over the brush head, which means that it is easy to access when you need it to scrape away at any tough stains.

Towards each side of the scraper, there are also slight caved edges, which allow you to hook the scraper around a single grill grate to apply some pressure where it is vitally needed.

And when it comes to having it where it counts, the scraper head is also very sturdy, it has managed to maintain its shape perfectly even during some of the toughest tests we put it through.

If you want a grill brush with the scraper already attached to it, then you cannot possibly do better than this one. Trust us, it's amazing.


  • The scraping attachment is very sturdy, very wide, and even allows you to clean single grates at one time, for more effective cleaning.
  • The brush makes use of a wire mesh as opposed to a bundle of bristles, which prevents loose bristles, and also provides a more effective and deep clean without the risk of breakage.
  • Stainless steel is used throughout the brush, which makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain between uses.


  • Compared to many other non-electric grill brushes, this brush has a fairly significant price stage which could be very off-putting to many.
  • The sensation of the mesh getting to work on the grill grates can be rather grating.

Buyer's Guide

So, now that we've explored some of the best grill brushes on the market, you're probably eager to pick up one of them for yourselves, right? That's great!
But, before you head off and spend money on a new grill brush, we should take a look at some of the things you should be sure to look out for when making your decision. Read on below to get started!


The first thing that you should make a point of considering before putting any money down for a grill brush is just how much it actually costs.

Grill brushes can vary fairly massively in terms of price, especially depending on what features they have, how they operate, and what they are built out of.

You don't want to find yourself spending too much on a grill brush, but you also don't want to get something too cheap that doesn't work properly and proves to be a waste of money.

If you want a grill brush with plenty of extra features, such as a water pump to create steam, or one with detachable scrapers, then you should expect to pay a little more than average.

If you do not need those features, it would be very pointless to purchase a grill brush that has them, as you may not use them, and thus your money will have been wasted.

If you just need a basic grill brush, one with all of the requisite features, then you should aim for a slightly cheaper model.


Following on from the cost, you should also make sure to consider what kinds of design features you need. Do you need to frequently give your grill an intense clean after days of heavy use? Then you may be better suited to a brush that has extra features.

For instance, if you are someone who loves grilling up food as much as possible, then you would get a lot out of a grill brush that can dispense its own water. Such a model has a higher price tag but is more than worth it for the quicker and more effective cleaning.

Do you need to deal with any baked on grime on your grill? In that case, you will definitely want to seek out a grill brush that has a scraper either built-in or as an optional attachment. Scrapers make it easy to deal with tougher dirt, and thus are essential.

Ease Of Use

You will also need to get yourself a grill brush that is easy to use from moment to moment. You want one that offers you an unparalleled sense of control so that you can easily target trouble spots and clean them up in record time.

A good grill brush should have a comfortable handle that allows you to maintain a solid grip, without risking your hands slipping towards the dangerously hot grill.

The grill handle should also be of a decent length so that you can gain adequate leverage to apply force to chip away at dirty spots. Longer handles also allow you to use both hands simultaneously, which leads to much more effective cleaning.

Grill brushes that have steam-creating features will also require a little bit of getting used to, thus you will want to target a brush that is easy to learn to use, and easy to use from that point onward.


Certain materials work slightly better than others when it comes to grill brushes. Grill brushes need to be able to maintain their structural integrity as they will likely end up facing a lot of strain when used to chip away at dirt. Thus, you should aim to pick one with strong and sturdy materials that will never let you down.

We recommend always looking for stainless steel construction from your grill brushes, not only is this material very strong and relatively flexible, but it is also incredibly easy to clean in between uses, which is perfect for frequent grillers.

As well as this, you should also make sure to look out for grill brushes that have handles made from appropriate materials. The handle is the part of the brush that you will be making all of the contact with as you use it, so you need it to be reliably comfortable.

Look for grill brushes with a rubber, foam, or plastic handle. The first two types of handle are far more preferable as they allow for prolonged comfort, and will conform to your grip, and are also far less slippery.

However, plastic handles will also suffice, as they have a good balance between firmness and softness. You especially want to look for a model with an ergonomic handle that is shaped to suit average hands.

To Wrap Up

Cleaning your grill can be a massive load of trouble, but it is absolutely essential, especially if you want to continue making incredible food well into the future. The difficulty comes from finding the right tools for the job.

You need a tool that is simultaneously very effective, but also one that is easy enough to understand and use, so that you can get right to cleaning.

As well as this, you also need a brush that can easily be cleaned between uses, so that you don't then have to spend hours cleaning up the brush itself!

We hope we've managed to make the decision that little bit easier, as we know very well how difficult finding the right grill brush can be!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Grill Stones Work?

Yes. Grill stones make for another perfect solution for cleaning up dirty grills, and thus are definitely recommended.

A grill stone has the right amount of abrasiveness to cut away at hardened grease grime, but isn't so strong that it may run the risk of peeling off any non-stick coating from the grill grates.

Why Are Metal Grill Brushes Bad?

Though metal grill brushes can be very effective at making short work of difficult and temperamental grime, it is very easy for the bristles to become dislodged without you noticing.

This can cause them to slip into your food, which could then lead to you ingesting them, which could cause injury.

What Type Of Grill Brush Is Safe?

If you were worried about the potential of metal brush bristles ending up in your grilled food, then we recommend using a nylon brush. The bristles from these brushes, though they can be dislodged, will not cause harm if ingested, as they are vastly more flexible.

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