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10 BEST Copper Fire Pit Reviews: DISCOUNTS & Top Deals

by Lianne Jones June 09, 2022

10 BEST Copper Fire Pit Reviews

Are you looking for a new fire pit to enjoy long, lazy summer evenings in the garden? If this sounds like you, then you should definitely consider buying a copper fire pit.

Copper has been known to provide heat for a long time, has a radiant natural beauty, and, as an added bonus, is pretty low maintenance!

Wondering how to pick the best copper fire pit for your home? Then read on for our top picks, as well as everything you need to know to purchase your perfect copper fire pit.

Global Outdoors Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit 

Global Outdoors Hand Hammered Copper Fire Pit

Taking the first place on our list is this stunning hand-hammered fire pit from Global Outdoors - a brand with a solid reputation in the world of outdoor living and garden goods.

This stunning fire pit is constructed from 100% copper that has been hammered by hand, and the end result is a high-quality, stunning construction that will look amazing in your garden for years to come.

The 30” diameter ensures that you will have more than enough space for larger fires, without having to worry about being limited on space - this makes the unit ideal for larger parties and gatherings.

The larger size also helps to ensure that you enjoy excellent value for money!

Not only is there plenty of space, but the overall design, aesthetic, and finish of this product are simply stunning, created from 100% solid copper for a sleek design that is also resistant to rust, even when kept outdoors for an extended period of time - you will also be able to avoid worrying about excess maintenance as this is a material that takes care of itself.


  • Made from 100% copper
  • Stunning aesthetic
  • Easy to assemble
  • Resists rust
  • Generous diameter


  • Legs are a little flimsy

Fire Sense Palermo Copper Fire Pit 

Fire Sense Palermo Copper Fire Pit

For a super solid fire pit that combines durability with a sleek copper finish, this fire pit from Fire Sense is a must-have.

The unit is constructed from solid metal in the center and is then coated in a high-quality copper finish, allowing you to enjoy the look and feel of a copper fire pit, combined with the lower price tag and sturdy nature of a metal core.

This is a fire pit that is also ideally designed for outside life, coming with a steel grate and mesh screen, as well as a screen lift tool for easy access, and a vinyl weather cover, ensuring that you can leave your fire pit outside and exposed to the elements without fear that it will become damaged, rusted or discolored - this boosts the value for money, as you will have everything that you need in one place as soon as you order, and also increases the longevity of your fire pit, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

The design is also lightweight and easy to move and is ideal for smaller spaces.


  • Super sturdy and durable
  • More affordable than other models
  • Very easy to build
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Stylish finish


  • Not solid copper

Sunnydaze Copper Finished Fire Pit Bowl 

Sunnydaze Copper Finished Fire Pit Bowl

If you are looking for plenty of space, combined with a unique finish and stylish aesthetic that is sure to look great in any entertainment space, then this Sunnydaze model is a perfect choice.

With a 30-inch diameter, this is an ideal size for group entertaining, and the inclusion of easy carry handles makes this super easy to use and transport, no matter how full it may be.

The center of the fire pit is made from 0.7mm thick metal, and this is coated with quality copper for a sophisticated and stylish finish that is sure to be an amazing focal point for your garden.

In addition, this model comes with drainage holes located at the bottom of the bowl; these do mean that you cannot add liquids to the pit, but it also means that there will be nowhere for the water to sit if your fire pit is left in the rain, reducing the risk of discoloration or rust.

You will need to take care that hot ash does not fall from the bottom of the fire pit, as this can be a fire risk.


  • Generous 30-inch diameter
  • 0.07mm thick metal for a durable, sturdy finish
  • Covered in stylish copper
  • Easy carry handles for added convenience
  • Drainage holes mean that water cannot gather


  • Drainage holes can cause a fire risk



For something that is super sturdy and designed to stand the test of time, this fire pit from Titan is a perfect pick - at 40 inches in diameter, you will have more than enough space to take care of all your cooking needs, as well as plenty of heat in the winter months - perfect for entertaining large groups.

In addition, the total weight of the unit is 66 pounds, and this ensures that the pit is super sturdy and safe - even if the wind starts to pick up - offering extra peace of mind to users.

Extra vent holes are another bonus, eliminating the need for a cover for your fire pit - there is no need to worry about dirt or debris entering the top of the pit.

The unit is tall enough to ensure that heat is distributed evenly across the surface, and the overall effect is elegant and stylish, acting as a perfect addition to your garden.


  • Higher base for better heat distribution
  • Very large diameter
  • Great for use in all weathers
  • Very durable and hardwearing
  • Stylish aesthetic


  • Very heavy and hard to move

Fire Sense Copper Fire Bowl 

Fire Sense Copper Fire Bowl

If you are on the hunt for something small enough to be moved, and affordable enough to invest in, then this offering from Fire Sense may be just what you are searching for.

At a lower price tag, this is perfect if you are looking to buy your first fire pit, or are simply looking for something a little more affordable, while the 15-pound weight is easy to move and store when not in use - ideal if your garden is a little smaller.

With a 26-inch diameter, this is the perfect size for creating a good-sized amount of heat - it is worth noting that this is a bowl designed only to burn wood.

The unit also comes with a mesh screen and sits in a metal base for durability and security.

Overall, this is an ideal option if you need something small and portable, and are working at a lower price point.


  • More affordable price
  • Very easy to move
  • Can be stored when not in use
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Sleek finish


  • Only holds quite a small fire

Outsunny Copper Fire Pit 

Outsunny Copper Fire Pit

Another ideal option for those looking for a stylish, sophisticated copper fire pit is this stunning design from Outsunny, a brand known for producing quality garden goods.

The main body of the fire pit is made from quality metal with a painted copper color for a really rustic feel.

The black frames add to the vintage aesthetic, and add a classy vibe to the overall appearance of the pit.

In addition to looking great, the design of this fire pit is also super durable; the inclusion of powder-coated steel means that this is a structure that will stand the test of time, making this an ideal investment for a fire pit that can be enjoyed year after year.

The unit is also designed with safety in mind thanks to a mesh extender, which reduces the risk of sparks and embers, allowing you to kick back and relax without risk of fire or injury.


  • Very stylish design
  • Solid construction
  • Built to last
  • Can be used all year round
  • Good size


  • Only wood logs can be burned in the pit

    Pure Garden Copper Colored Fire Pit 

    Pure Garden Copper Colored Fire Pit

    With a deeper bowl, practical log grate, and durable design, it comes as no surprise that this copper fire pit from Pure Garden is a firm favorite amongst fans.

    This is a fire pit that is designed to burn for longer periods, and which maintains a consistent heat across the duration of the bowl.

    The bowl is a good size, making this great for the whole family, as well as for entertaining groups, while the deeper bowl means that the fire will burn for longer.

    The design is also super practical, and the whole bowl is easy to assemble - all you need to do is unpack and set up, and you will be enjoying a summer evening in no time.

    The base of the bowl is made from a solid steel, while the outside boasts shiny, stylish copper for a sleek, sophisticated look.


    • Practical design
    • Suitable for longer burning fires
    • Stylish copper finish
    • Very easy to assemble
    • Does not require maintenance


    • Can be a little flimsy

    Fire Sense Lumina Copper Finish Fire Bowl 

    Fire Sense Lumina Copper Finish Fire Bowl

    With a 24-inch bowl, a sturdy design, and everything that you need to get started, this is another quality offering from Fire Sense.

    At 24 inches, the bowl is wide enough for a group gathering, and the inclusion of steel legs means that you can rest assured that your fire pit will be stable and sturdy enough to keep you all safe while enjoying your fire pit.

    As well as being super practical, this is an attractive model that will add a talking point to any garden space.

    The mesh screen, combined with stylish steel legs and a copper finish, combine to create a sleek and stylish overall look that is equally suited to a modern aesthetic, or a more vintage, rustic look.


    • Attractive, versatile design
    • Very sturdy and durable
    • Lightweight for easy portability
    • 24-inch diameter
    • Spark screen is included


    • A little tricky for one person to assemble

    Fire Sense Steel Copper Rail Fire Pit


    Fire Sense Steel Copper Rail Fire Pit


    For a fire pit with a unique twist, this Fire Sense pit ticks all the boxes.

    The main body of the unit is made from solid steel to ensure longevity for your pit, and this is painted a vibrant copper for an eye-catching overall design.

    In addition, the model has a copper ring around the top - this creates a unique, more unusual look that transforms the unit from a mere fire pit into a more attractive centerpiece for your garden.

    In addition to looking great, the fire pit also boasts a 28-inch diameter, making it a good size for a decent-sized fire, and the unit works by burning plenty of wood.

    The copper ring does more than look super appealing; it also conducts the heat, making it perfect for visitors to prop their feet up onto and stay cozy and warm.

    As an added bonus, the fire pit is lightweight and portable and comes in at a reasonable price point.


    • Unique, stylish design
    • Made from quality steel
    • Portable and lightweight
    • Good diameter


    • May rust, as this is only painted

    Safavieh Outdoor Copper and Black Fire Pit 

    Safavieh Outdoor Copper and Black Fire Pit

    Enjoy the best of both worlds, and blend durability and style with this stunning unit from Safaviah.

    The core is cast iron for durability and longevity, while the copper finish is stylish and eye-catching, adding a great focal point to any space.

    This is also a fire pit that is super versatile - the unit already comes with a handy fire poker and a grate and can be set up with a fire pit grill attachment with minimal fuss and effort, making this one of the most flexible models on our list.

    In addition to looking great and offering excellent durability, the model is also light enough to move as needed and can be stored away when not in use - this makes it an ideal pick for smaller gardens or decks, or spaces where it may not be safe to leave the fire pit out all the time.


    • Long-lasting and high quality cast iron core
    • Lightweight and easy to move
    • Can be stored when not in use
    • Affordable price
    • Stylish copper finish


    • Quite a small diameter for smaller fires

    Buyer's Guide

    Now that we have taken a closer look at the best models on the market, you may be wondering just how to go about choosing the perfect pit for your needs.

    When choosing a copper fire pit, there are a number of considerations that you will need to bear in mind - and we have put together everything you need to know!


    The first thing to consider when buying a copper fire pit is its size - do you want something that is going to fit comfortably inside your home?

    Or would you prefer something that is large enough to accommodate a larger group of people?

    If you are only planning to hold events and celebrations for a small group of people, or for immediate family, then you will probably be interested in a smaller diameter pit.

    If, however, you are planning large gatherings and outdoor parties, then you might want to opt for a slightly bigger model.


    When picking a copper fire pit, you should also think about what kind of environment it will be exposed to.

    These pits are used outdoors, so you will need to consider the type of climate that you are living in, and what the pit will be exposed to with each use.

    If you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions, then you will want a more robust model, while those in rainy areas will likely benefit from some kind of cover - especially if you opt for a cheaper copper fire pit that is only painted.

    Alternatively, if the budget allows, opt for a solid copper fire pit; these are a lot more expensive, but will not rust, so are perfect for damper climes.


    If you are after a copper fire pit that looks good, then you will need to take into consideration the style of the design.

    There are many different styles available, including traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic, and even quirky designs, but, regardless of the style you choose, opting for copper will ensure that you have a product that is eye-catching and sophisticated.

    Fire Grate

    The main purpose of many fire pets is to provide a place for burning logs and other materials.

    However, if you are using it as part of your garden, you will need to make sure that you get a grate that is suitable for the area.

    Most models come with a flat base, which means they can sit flush against the ground, but if you plan on placing them on top of concrete or stones, then you will need a grate that has holes in it.

    You will find that most grates are made out of stainless steel, although you can also buy a copper version.

    Copper Vs Steel

    As we have seen, there are two main types of copper fire pits: those that are made from solid copper, and those that are made from steel and then covered in copper.

    When making your decision, another important factor to consider is whether you want a copper or steel fire pit.

    As mentioned above, this really depends on where you plan on putting the pit, and the amount of time you intend on keeping it outside.

    If you are looking for something that will last for years, then you will definitely want to opt for a copper fire pit.

    This is because copper does not rust, and therefore, it will remain unblemished and usable for much longer than steel, even if the steel is painted in copper.

    On the flip side, if you are looking at a cheap option, then steel may be the better choice, as this tends to be a little more affordable.

    It should be noted however that although it will look great when new, over time, it will start to show signs of wear and tear, and eventually develop scratches and dents.

    Where To Place Your Pit

    When selecting a location for your fire pit, you should always remember that you do not want to put it too close to any trees or plants, as this could cause damage to the foliage.

    The ideal spot would be around 50cm away from any plant roots, and ideally, you should avoid having anything growing directly below the pit.

    If you are planning on installing one in an outdoor setting, you should also keep in mind that the soil needs to be well-drained, otherwise, water will collect underneath, causing the soil to become saturated.

    How To Use A Copper Fire Pit

    If you are thinking about buying a copper fire pit, then you should know how to use it properly. As discussed earlier, you will need to burn wood, charcoal, or other material inside the pit.

    In order to do this, you will first need to light the fire using the initial fuel that you choose - in most cases, your fire pit will accept wood.

    Once the flames have died down, you can add fuel by throwing in larger pieces of wood, such as branches, twigs, and small logs.

    Make sure that you do not throw these items in all at once, as this could result in the fire becoming unstable and spreading quickly.

    Instead, try to spread them evenly across the pit so that they burn steadily.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Copper Fire Pits Any Good?

    Copper fire pits are elegant, stylish, and durable, and have the added bonus of requiring minimal maintenance as they do not rust - these are a great option if you are looking to invest in a quality fire pit.

    Do Copper Fire Pits Rust?

    Fire pits made from pure copper will not rust, and this is one of their main advantages.

    It is worth noting, however, that fire pits made from steel with a copper coating will still be susceptible to rust, so bear this in mind when making your choice.

    What fuel can I use in a copper fire pit?

    The type of fuel you can use in your fire pit will depend on the nuances of your product, and this should be clearly labeled when you make your purchase.

    In the majority of cases, many fire pits will burn wood.

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