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3 Best Fire Pit Mat Reviews: Protect Your Deck, Lawn Or Patio

by Lianne Jones June 09, 2022

3 Best Fire Pit Mat Review

Fire pit mats are excellent utensils for adding some portability and safety to your fire pit.

Rather than having a dedicated spot, a fire mat will enable you to move your fire around wherever you would like the heat to be.

These mats are also very heat resistant so that no matter how large a fire, it will never start burning through the bottom of the mat.

This is great news if you have a wooden deck, lawn or patio that you don’t want to get damaged or risk burning entirely. 

Over the years, fire pits have become much more advanced and modern with a variation of stylish designs, a range of materials and an endless option of sizes. 

Therefore, whether you have a wooden deck, a lawn or a patio that you want to ensure will not heat up and start burning from a fire pit.

We have listed below the three best options on the market today that will keep you safe and ensure you won’t have to worry about temperatures getting out of hand while cooking. 

Why Use A Fire Pit Mat?

Fire pits will reach extremely high temperatures in just a few minutes of being lit.

A fire will continue raging not just upwards, but also through the bottom of the pit which will become extremely hot.

While it is pleasant to imagine a wooden fire pit sitting on some wooden decking, this is not recommended as the high temperatures can cause the wood to become weaker and start to become unstable.

Even worse is if the wood is already fairly weak or in some cases if the temperature of the fire is extremely high, it will even start burning through the wood leaving a wide mark on an expensive decking or patio. 

This can be especially dangerous on windy days where embers can fly out and spark a flame or the primary flame itself starts blowing out of control and near the wooden flooring.

This works the same with a patio and lawn where the grass can quickly heat up and start burning if the fire is placed too close or not protected.

Fire pit mats simply make this issue easier and safer. They all work to protect a surface from heat damage, meaning you only need to focus on the top of the flame rather than worrying about the surface too. 

Because they are lightweight, they also make a fire pit portable if you want to move it around the garden or out of the way of harsh weather. 

They are extremely crucial additions for anyone planning to use a fire pit at least occasionally to ensure you and your visitors can stay safe and be warmed up with no lingering worries of something around you burning. 

So you can choose the right fire pit mat for you, keep reading as we have listed 3 of the very best mat products on the market today.

1. YardSam Round Fire Pit Mat

YardSam Round Fire Pit Mat

There is so much to like about the YardSam Fire Pit. It is extremely resistant to heat, being made up of 3 high temperature resistant materials that reflects up to 95% of the heat ensuring nothing will burn through. 

The top layer is made of 10% aluminum fiberglass fabric which is incredibly effective at resisting heat even if there is only a little bit of the material. 

This mat is designed to protect all manner of areas including wood, cement or grass and because it’s incredibly lightweight.

It can also be moved around the garden with ease so you can try it out in different areas without the worry of burning.

This portability is also valuable if you decide you want to bring this mat with you camping or maybe for a picnic in a field.

The product comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 32 to 36 inches, adding a lot of variation for essentially any sized fire pits or grills.  

If all this wasn’t enough, the mat is also incredibly easy to set up, requiring no assembly or instructions needed.

Simply slide the mat under your fire pit and it will protect the surface it is lying on from getting heated and potentially getting damaged and burned.

At an extremely cheap price point and smooth design to finish it off, the YardSam is a lightweight but effective option if you are looking for something affordable that still retains materials that will resist the flame heating up any wood or grass while you use a fire. 


  • Very cheap for effectiveness 
  • Three layered heat resistant material 
  • No assembly required 
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Range of sizes


  • Only one standard color and design 

2. Fireproof Pros Fire Pit Mat

Fireproof Pros Fire Pit Mat

For a product dedicated to being as heat resistant as possible and a perfect choice if you’re worried that some weaker wood or long grass may still be heated up through a fire pit, the Fireproof Pros is the best choice currently on the market.

The material of the mat is made of aluminum fabric which reflects heat along with an extra two layers made of fiberglass cotton and heat resistant fiber to ensure no heat escapes through the bottom.

The most striking feature of this Mat is how it is 6x thicker than regular fire pits.

This creates such a protective barrier that it becomes virtually impossible for heat to escape from the bottom of a fire pit and will ease your mind from worrying about a surface even being partially burnt. 

The triple fabric technology within the mat also makes it non-slip to make sure it won’t tip the pit over on a rather windy day.

It is also scratch proof and peel resistant which is especially important for keeping a mat durable for the long term because sparks and hot coal will often peel a mat away bit by bit if it is not protected.

Sizes also range from 24 up to 40 inches, meaning whether you have a smaller more compact fire pit or a slightly older and larger one with wider frames, then you have the options you need at the ready.

To finish the product off, it even comes included with a handy carrier bag which is perfect for fitting the mat but also any other utensils in.

A great product if you want the maximum amount of heat protection possible, the Fireproof Pros Fire Mat is an excellent product you can ensure will serve you for multiple years down the line.


  • Very thick and heat resistant material 
  • Scratch and peel proof 
  • Range of sizes 
  • Three layered material 
  • Carry bag included


  • A bit more expensive 
  • Not the easiest to carry around 

3. The Original Ember Mat

The Original Ember Mat

If it is a sleek style and design you are looking for but still something that will keep your surroundings protected from getting burned or heated.

This Original Ember Mat is one of the most popular products today specifically for its look.

The mat has a smooth beige color spread across with very light blue stripes along the side, giving it an extremely earthy and natural color.

Placing this down on a patio or in a garden can quickly be mistaken for a yoga mat, however this is not to say the mat looks out of place but instead is seen as very modern and relaxed.

The mat is not just known for it’s looks however, the silicone material is very heat resistant as long as a fire pit is a decent distance above the mat itself, if it is perched directly on top of it heat could still seep through.

The outside blue edge of the mat is also reflective, so it will catch the light from the fire even at night.

Any embers or dripping greases will also be resisted so you can ensure they won’t burn through onto the surface along with having some very wide sizing so you can match it up exactly with your fire pits measurements.

The mat comes with stainless steel eyelets which can be used to peg it into the ground so it remains stable.

This will make sure it can’t blow away or slip and will remain effective even when the wind is blowing a little harder.

It is also encouraging to know that the Ember Mat meets all the USFS and BLM fire blanket regulations, making it completely reliable and safe, and even comes with a 1 year warranty to ensure you are satisfied with the product. 

For a mat that will add a bit of style to your back garden while protecting your lawn, patio or deck from getting any burns from the fire pit when it’s in use, this Original Ember Mat is the perfect option.


  • Very smooth colors and texture
  • Reflective edging catches light from fire
  • Silicone material resistant to heat 
  • Stainless steel eyelets for easy set up 


  • Not thickest material 
  • Lack of extra sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Works Best For Fire Pit Mats?

A few options can work for this as long as they are at least partially heat resistant, however what is often seen as the most efficient and popular is aluminum fabric. 

While wood and concrete will absorb a high amount of heat and become hot very quickly, aluminum does not act in this way and instead reflects heat.

This is why it is often the go to material in fire pit mats since it can essentially guarantee no heat will pass through it, especially when it has multiple layers built in.

The second most popular but still an excellent option is silicone. Because of its low thermal conductivity, silicone transfers heat at a much lower rate than other materials which makes it excellent at resisting heat.

This also grants it ‘thermal stability’ meaning it will maintain its original structure and properties even after coming into contact with heat for a prolonged use.

How High Above The Mat Should The Fire Pit Be?

This is an extremely common question but it is very important to know.

If you were to perch a fire pit directly on top of a fire mat so it is resting on it, no matter how thick or durable the material, the fire will inevitably burn through it at some point.

For stronger aluminum mats the fire pit can be much closer, however if the instructions do not state the intended distance specifically.

Then the rule of thumb is to allow no less than 10 inches between the mat and bottom of the fire pit. 

If you find that you do have a flat fire pit, you can either look to purchase a portable one or even just buy some portable sturdy legs or a bridge to support it.

Just as long as it is a fair distance above the mat and not sitting on top of it it will be protected.

How Long Can I Use A Fire Pit Mat At A Time?

The timing is really up to you and how long you plan to use the fire pit.

You can rest assured however that the mat will remain fully effective for at least a few hours, so if you have planned a family bbq you will be able to keep the mat out under the fire pit for the entire evening.

The only real worries with leaving a fire pit mat under a fire for a prolonged amount of time are the mess and harsh weather.

While it will resist it burning through, a fire pit mat will still catch quite a few embers and pieces of ash along with any burnt wood or food that’s popped out of the pit.

If this goes on for a few hours this can make for quite a troublesome clean up job.

There is also the worry that if the fire pit is kept on, and especially if it is left unattended, harsh weather could suddenly start brewing and whisk the mat away which can cause really unfortunate damage to any surrounding objects. 

Therefore a fire pit mat will work great for the several hours you need it for, just always keep it supervised and if you see dark clouds starting to form and a strong breeze starting to pick up, try moving it to a more covered area or pack it up for the day. 


Fire pit’s are a must buy especially as days are getting sunnier and the sun is shining brighter than ever.

They are perfect for organizing a gathering with friends in family where you can quickly cook and serve some food without having to run to the kitchen.

The greatness of fire pits can sometimes cause us to forget about the importance of a fire pit mat, and while at first these can seem like an afterthought.

They are crucial for protecting your backyard grass, deckings and patios from being burnt and stained.

Therefore, so you can gain that extra bit of safety, both for you and your backyard.

Consider one of these fire pit mat options so you can cook your favorite food without having to worry about how high the temperature is getting.

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