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Best Gas Grill: 4 Best Picks Tested and Reviewed [2022]

by Outdoor Cooking Pros August 07, 2021

Best Gas Grill

Allow us to tell you about our experience when we bought a cheap gas grill.

After buying the cheapest we could find, we decided to take our new grill to host a barbecue party with friends and boy did everything turn downhill from there.

Our steaks took too long to cook, the cooking temperature couldn't match the optimal cooking time, and it had a smoky smell that made us feel it wasn't safe to use at all.

We had to drag ourselves back to the store and purchase a new grill. This time, we made sure it was a quality grill with a warranty included.

To save you the hassle and burns of buying a cheap gas grill, these 4 gas grills won't burn a hole in your wallet or time!

4 Best Gas Grills of 2021 that Money Can Buy

Without further ado, here are the best 4 propane grills money can buy. Testing has been done on all these grills, so quality is the least of your worries here!

1. Weber Summit S-470 - Best Overall

Weber Summit S-470

Weber is one of the oldest companies in this market.

They have many types of gas grills to fit all budgets. Their models have been put through tests by both the company and its users, making this a true tried and tested brand!

This model is pretty huge, though, to say the least. It gives you a massive 580 square inches of cooking space. What more can you ask for if you're hosting a barbecue party!

The four burners are stainless steel and provide 48,800 BTU for optimal cook temperature so you don't get that same experience we did when we absolutely failed to grill our steaks.

Other great cooking features on this grill include:

  • Infrared rotisserie on the rear
  • Smoked burner
  • Side burner
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Sear station

Now you can try all those 300+ recipes from your favorite cookbook to your heart's content using this grill!

The flush-mounted side burner gas grill also makes it easy to cook in a saucepan or skillet using the same grill. Simply bring the lid over and use it as a workstation when not in use. There are side shelves with hooks to hang utensils and tools as well.

And finally, the grease tray and catching pan add much-needed convenience when cleaning this grill!

This is pretty hard to move around though, as it weighs 239 lbs.


  • Very large cooking space
  • Very high heat output
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Many features
  • Quick ignition
  • Lighted knobs
  • Drip tray and catching pan for easy cleaning


  • Very heavy
  • Expensive


  • Main burners: BTU-per-hour input: 48,800
  • Sear Station burner: BTU-per-hour input: 10,600
  • Stainless steel smoker box and smoker burner: BTU-per-hour input: 6,800
  • Side burner: BTU-per-hour: 12,000
  • Rear-mounted, infrared rotisserie burner: BTU-per-hour input: 10,600
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) Lid Open (inches): 57.1 x 66 x 30
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) Lid Closed (inches): 50.5 x 66 x 26.5
  • Primary cooking area (square inches):  468
  • Warming rack area (square inches): 112
  • Total cooking area (square inches): 580
  • Fuel type: Liquid Propane
  • Side tables:  2
  • Lighted control knobs: 4
  • Handle lights: 1
  • Swivel casters: 2
  • Swivel locking casters: 2
  • Tool hooks: 6
  • Battery type: AAA, D
  • Batteries: 6

2. Weber Spirit II E-310 - Best Value

Weber Spirit II E-310

Testing this grill came out to be the most exciting among all other grills and immediately made us a fan of Weber!

Allow us to explain...

Enter the GS4 grilling system. This grilling system in the Weber Spirit model stands out for the following reasons:

  • You can fine-tune, adjust, and control your overall temperature with a single control knob!
  • Comes with high-performance burners that can withstand the most rigorous grilling experiences and last you for years of use!
  • The upgraded flavorizer bars minimize flare-ups and give your food its delicious smoky flavor you can't get with the previous Weber models!
  • The great grease management system uses special channels to funnel grease directly and save you the hassle of laborious cleaning!

Still not convinced? Then you need to hear this:

It comes with a foldable table so you have extra space to take your grilling technique to the next level!  And the table opens with the push of a button! There are even convenient hooks on the tray to hang all your tools and cutlery.

There are two sides on the grill, a thinner one for delicate meats like seafood, and a thicker one for steaks. Want to do more than just barbecue? These "sides" are the answer.

There's also a warming grill - perfect for toasting buns!

To top it all off, you get a 10-year warranty with this, which is the longest in the market! The only downside? Assembling it will take some time.


  • Powerful grill system
  • Easier to clean
  • Lots of storage
  • Portable
  • 10-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Assembly takes time


  • Main burners (KW/H): 8.79
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) Lid Open (inches): 57 x 52 x 26
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) Lid Closed (inches): 44.5 x 52 x 27
  • Primary cooking area: 23.6 x 18.1 inches
  • Stainless steel burners: 3
  • Fuel type: liquid petroleum
  • Wheels: 2
  • Tool hooks: 6
  • Battery type: AA
  • Batteries: 1

3. Char-Broil Performance 475 - Best Budget Pick

Char-Broil Performance 475

Char-Broil is another big name in the market for gas grills. They have maintained consistency in quality through decades, making this a crowd favorite.

This model comes with a Performance 75 4-burner Propane Gas Grill and can give you about 75 BTUs per square inch.

Now, that's not as impressive compared to the previous models, but for its price, it's a fair deal and way better than that cheap knockoff grill we originally bought.

Don't feel discouraged, because we're about to tell you where Char-Broil truly shines:

  • What we love most are the porcelain-coated cooking grates, giving you durability and a long-lasting grill. Char-Broil hit the sweet spot between stainless steel and cast iron when they chose porcelain.
  • You have sufficient cooking space - for a family of four or for cooking 20 burger patties, the Char-Broil 475 should handle this nicely.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the removable grease bottom tray
  • Char-Broil's Tru infrared technology is the MVP feature to behold. This allowed us to sear a well-done steak without hitches. Getting to a temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit took about 10 minutes!

The drawbacks we found were the rack and storage limitations. Unfortunately, the rack can't be removed so it can be a hassle if you plan to cook Turkey, for example.


  • High heat output
  • Large area for cooking
  • Porcelain-coated swing rack
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grill grates
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick ignition burners
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Thermometer on the lid


  • Hard to store
  • No hooks
  • Knobs are not marked


  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in inches:45 x  50.4 x 24.5
  • Weight: 90.3 lbs
  • Fuel: liquid propane
  • Main cooking area (square inches): 475
  • Warming rack (square inches): 175
  • Total cooking area (square inches): 650
  • Number of burners: 5 (4 main, 1 side)
  • BTU of main burners: 36,000
  • BTU of side burners: 10,000 (lidded)
  • Total BTU: 46,000
  • Ignition system: battery operated continuous spark
  • Side shelves
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Removable grease pan
  • Wheels: 2 plastic wheels

4. Blackstone Propane 36″ - Most Portable

Blackstone Propane 36″

Blackstone is another great grill manufacturing company, and for good reason!

This model is a large four-burner grill that heats up to 60,000 BTU! With 720 square inches of cooking surface, that's roughly 84 BTUs per square inch! This hits the standard for an excellent BTU rating.

Even better, the ignition system is instant, electronic, and easily used with the push of a button!

If you take a closer look, what sets Blackstone grill apart from the other gas grills here is its versatile cooking ability.

Its griddle-like feature allows you to do more than just cook meat, burgers, or steak! Take your breakfast game to the next level by cooking hash browns, eggs, bacon, and pancakes on your Blackstone grill!

Or...you could even do some Teppanyaki style! This pairs well with its excellent temperature control!

Our only problem? Its large, heavy frame means you'll need a suitable storage area to keep this in place. Furthermore, you have to oil it regularly to prevent it from rusting.


  • Large area for cooking
  • Lots of storage space
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store


  • Requires ample space to store


  • Heat output: 60,000 BTU
  • Cooking Surface (square inches): 720
  • Rear Grease Management System
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame with Commercial Caster Wheels
  • Propane Tank Fasteners
  • Storage: Side Shelf and Tray for Serving Meals and Storing Goods
  • Box Dimensions: 54.43" L x 14.37" H x 25.6" W, 134.5 LBS
  • Assembled Dimensions: 62.50" L x 36" H x 22" W, 120 LBS

How to Spot a GOOD Gas Grill

Here's what you need to look out for when shopping for a burner gas grill!


Generally, you get what you pay for. Decide what type of propane gas grill you want, compare the prices to similar models, and don't just pick a propane grill just because it's cheap.

Don't compromise on quality for price.


A smaller grill gives you the advantage of portability and can even be fuel-saving at times since it won't consume a lot of fuel.

However, if you want a grill mainly for a family of four or for hosting regular outdoor parties, a larger grill of 500 square inches and up are better options.


Enameled cast-iron grates are decent choices, however, porcelain-coated or stainless steel are better options.

Take note, though: a stainless steel grill grate is much more expensive.

Gas Type: Propane Gas Grill or Natural Gas Grill?

You may want to get a char griller that has either natural gas or propane gas. Propane is more energy-efficient but heavier while a natural gas grill is lighter but less energy-efficient.

BTU and Heat Flux

British Thermal Units (BTU), shows how much fuel the propane grill burns.

What you need to look out for ore is heat flux, which measures the BTU per square inch.  The higher the heat flux, the more efficient the grill.

This will also affect the temperature range you can get from the char griller.

Additional Features

You may want to look at other features as well, such as temperature probes. There are many features that tend to come with gas grills, so testing out a new grill can be pretty fun at first!

Some grills may have built-in thermometers, but it's always good practice to do temperature tests with your own thermometer before trusting the temperature given by the built-in one.

Before You Go...

Getting a good gas grill is a great investment. If you love grilled food but don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a charcoal grill, then this is essential!

You'll need to make sure you have propane or natural gas at home in order to run these grills. Finally, if you want a traditional smoky flavor that comes from wood chips, charcoal grills might be for you.

Chicken on the grill

Then again, a gas grill produces a bacon-like taste and comes with more steam to add moisture to your meat.

With 4 of our best gas grill options here, you won't regret any that you choose!

Read more about your grilling options with our roundups below:

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