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What is the Best Griddle for a Gas Grill? (2021)

by Outdoor Cooking Pros October 29, 2021

What is the Best Griddle for a Gas Grill? (2021)

Griddles are versatile cooking tools that are often ignored. Many people play down their importance in grilling, but they are fantastic additions that cook and warm your fries directly on the gas grill. Due to their various types and shapes, purchasing the best griddle is often a herculean task. 

Our cooking experts discuss the best types available you can get for your gas grill. 

Reviews of the Top Griddles for Gas Grill

1. RCS Grill RSSG4 Le Griddle Style 19" Stainless Steel Dual Plate Griddle - Best Overall

Cooking dishes has never been easier with the RCS Grill RSSG4 Le Griddle product. Whether you want to grill muffins or griddle sausages, this product can help you out. It comes with nice features that will open you to a world of versatility. 

The flat rectangular pan is 19", large enough for your cooking. Plus, it's stainless steel with a blend of cast-iron material that guarantees the best durability. With two handles, carrying the pan from one place to another is stress-free, and the risk of your food falling is zero. 


  • Durable 
  • Comes with two handles 
  • Large enough 
  • Disperses heat quickly and evenly


  • Takes time to heat up at the beginning
  • Might not fit smaller gas grills

2. RCS Grill RSSG3 Le Griddle Style 17" Stainless Dual Plate Griddle - Premium Option

 RCS Grill RSSG3 Le Griddle Style

This is another griddle from the RCS company in this review. It speaks of how durable and crafted the equipment is. 

Unlike the former, this product is 17", but that doesn't make it any less inferior. RCS Grill RSSG3 Le Griddle comes with everything you need in a griddle with two handles for easy carrying and a removable drip tray for extra storage. 

It's stainless with a blend of cast-iron plates to enhance its robustness. As our experts mentioned, it's 17", which makes it somewhat smaller than the RSSG4. Despite that, you can use this to make wholesome meals for a smaller crowd or for daily use at home. 


  • Robust 
  • Has two side handles 
  • Disperses heat evenly 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Small size 
  • Takes some time to heat up initially

3. TEC Stainless Steel Commercial Style Flat Top Griddle - Budget Option

TEC Stainless Steel Commercial Style Flat Top Griddle

This TEC Stainless Griddle is recommendable if you want one to make those delicious eggs and burgers quickly without spending heavily. The flat-top griddle will fit into your grill's grate without issues. 

Whether you want to warm your meals or do some toasting, this griddle is up to the task. This product is durable and distributes heat evenly, thanks to its cooking surface. The temperature is stable and consistent all throughout, so your meals are cooked properly. 

Despite being steel, the pan is light, and you can comfortably move it about, even with your hot meal on it. 


  • Affordable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Fits into the grates conveniently 
  • Heats up evenly 


  • Small space area
  • Only fits into small-sized grates 

Griddles for Gas Grill Buyer’s Guide

Space Area

The space area is usually the first factor to consider when getting the best griddles for a gas grill. Griddles differ in space areas, and the quantity of food you want to cook will depend on the space.  

Size and Fit

Manufacturers like Blaze and RCS make various sizes of griddles. You should purchase the one with the right size for your grill's surface. Our experts advise that you use the small-sized round griddles if the grates are small. 

Material Durability

Griddles are constructed from various materials, such as steel, cast iron, and aluminum[1]. Steel pans are the most durable but are the most expensive.


Can you use a cast iron griddle on a gas grill?

Yes, you can use a cast iron griddle on a gas grill. Placing it on a gas grill will distribute heat effectively and provide a flatter, more solid surface for your toasting. Additionally, it prevents food from falling off the grate. 

Our Top Pick For a Griddle for Gas Grill:

RCS Grill RSSG4 Le Griddle Style 19"

Our cooking professionals choose the RCS Grill RSSG4 Le Griddle Style 19" as the best griddle for a gas grill for its craftsmanship and versatility. The product allows you to cook more than one meal simultaneously.

Additionally, it’s built with premium quality materials that will last you long. Equipped with two handles, it's much more convenient to carry, making the overall cooking experience smooth and hassle-free. 

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