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Broilmaster VS Weber — A Full Comparison or Two Excellent Grill Brands in 2020

by Outdoor Cooking Pros January 20, 2021

Broilmaster VS Weber

Choosing the best grill is always a challenging task, and the several products floating around in the market seem to complicate issues.

The comparison between Broilmaster and Weber has generated diverse views among grilling fanatics. Thankfully, our team of experts has tested both brands to see which grill brand comes on top. 

Read on to find out which brand is better in this Broilmaster vs Weber review.


Broilmaster was created in 1966, meaning they have been around for decades. Not only have they been in the grilling business for the past five decades, but they have also consistently delivered in producing durable grills with exceptional and unparalleled performances.

Broilmaster is a trusted company for outdoor grilling. The brand offers high-quality, premium grills in different, unique designs to provide an incredible cooking experience. Their products come in patented stainless steel and cast aluminum materials with a large cooking surface, cooking grids, burner controls, retract-a-rack, and high burner capacity.

Their cast-aluminum and stainless gas grills offer various functions such as vaporizer panels, electric ignition, etc. to make cooking convenient, precise, and efficient[1].


Weber, also known as Weber-Stephen company, is a famous manufacturer of outdoor electric grills, charcoal grills, smokers, and gas grills. It is known for producing top-performing outdoor kitchen appliance worldwide. Weber was initially founded in 1893 under the name Weber Bros. Metal Works in Illinois. It wasn't until the late 1950s that George A. Stephen bought out the company after successfully selling a charcoal kettle he revolutionized.

Since then, Weber has been consistent in manufacturing top-notch and innovative outdoor grills. Weber grills come with features like intelligent heat control, also known as the Weber iGrill app-connected thermometer, to make cooking more efficient without altering the taste. 

Weber's iGrill app monitors your cooking temperature and notifies you on your connected device once the food has attained the perfect temperature. This enhances convenience.

Undoubtedly, Weber produces a significant number of grills that customers love. However, having tested both products, our team of experts says that Broilmaster is a better choice between the two.

Chicken being grilled

Broilmaster outdoor grills have a significantly larger cooking surface compared to the Weber. This means you have more space to do your dishes and grill simultaneously. 

Additionally, Broilmaster grills are more comfortable to assemble. They come with user guides that make their grills easier to use. 

More importantly, Broilmaster offers more durability than Webers. Their products come in stainless steel and cast aluminum construction, which denotes sturdiness. 

For these reasons, the winner in this Weber vs Broilmaster comparison is Broilmaster. Here are some of the best Broilmaster grills our experts have tested.

Top 3 Broilmaster Grills

1. Broilmaster BSG424N 42” Stainless Steel Gas Grill (Head Only)

Broilmaster BSG424N 42” Stainless Steel Gas Grill

If you are looking for a versatile gas grill, Broilmaster BSG424N 42" stainless steel gas grill would be an ideal choice. This grill combines performance and features that offer convenience and efficiency. 

Broilmaster BSG424N 42" comes in a stainless steel construction that makes cleaning more comfortable, and the stainless steel construction makes the grill resistant to rust. Also, the presence of a vaporizer panel will ensure even heat distribution. 

The gas grill comes with four bow tie burners, offering 18,000 BTU burner capacity to provide various cooking options. With its wide cooking surface of 918 square inches, you have enough space to make your dishes and grill simultaneously.


  • Durable 340 stainless steel construction
  • Different cooking grids
  • Large cooking surface
  • Massive burner capacity
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Versatile


  • Quite expensive
  • Requires a large space to mount

2. Broilmaster BSG262N 26” 2 Burner Stainless Gas Grill (Head Only)

Broilmaster BSG262N 26” 2 Burner Stainless Gas Grill (Head Only)

Broilmaster BSG262N is another excellent option for grilling tasks. The rigid stainless finish grill comes in a compact size with lots of features to make outdoor grilling fun.

The grill comes with two bow tie burners (offering 18,000 BTUs each), cooking grids, and a 540-square inch cooking area for flexible cooking. Also, the interior cooking lights make this grill more comfortable to use in the absence of light. 

Our experts love that it comes with a flare control thrower ignition system and a flare control vaporizer. This ignition system ensures that lighting up the grill is super convenient, while the vaporizer ensures heat is evenly distributed, making cooking faster.


  • It’s compact
  • Easy to use in the absence of electricity
  • Easy to light up
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Delivers optimal efficiency
  • Easy to clean


  • Only has two burners
  • Cooking area is relatively small

3. Broilmaster H4X Deluxe Series H-Style Burner Gas Grill

Broilmaster H4X Deluxe Series H-Style Burner Gas Grill

Unlike the other products that come in full stainless steel bodies, Broilmaster H4X Deluxe gas grill's body is aluminum, with a single-level stainless cooking grid set. Still, this product offers one of the best durability of any gas grill.

Its 473-square inch cooking surface is large enough to do the dishes and your grilling simultaneously. The grill comes with separate left and right controls to make cooking quicker.

The 36,000 BTUs burner capacity and the control panel enhance even heat distribution. Our team of experts loves the stainless steel folding retract-a-rack and charmaster briquets included in the grill for increased efficiency.


  • Durable cast aluminum grill
  • Delivers even heat distribution
  • Cooks food fast
  • Offers versatile performance
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to light up


  • Small cooking area
  • Small size

Overall Winner: Broilmaster 

Based on this Broilmaster vs Weber comparison, our experts have concluded that Broilmaster is the better choice between the two.

This unique brand provides various cooking options due to a large surface area and multiple bow tie burners.

Plus, Broilmaster generates heat quickly and evenly distributes it, making food cooked adequately. 

The grills also come in lovely designs, and with vaporizer panels, retract-a-rack, multi-level cooking grids, amongst others, accounting for the excellent overall performance. 

Even during the cold months, you can enjoy grilling in your backyard when you have one of these impressive Bromic heaters installed! 

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