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Bromic Heaters Review 2022 — Easily Mountable, Smart Outdoor Heaters You Can Buy

by Outdoor Cooking Pros November 29, 2020

Bromic Heaters Review 2022

If you’re looking for a high-functioning heating option suited for your outdoor kitchen or backyard, a bromic heater is an excellent choice for you. Enhance your outdoor experience with its exquisite aesthetics, durability, and performance. 

To help you track down some of bromic’s unrivaled selections, our experts curated the best bromic heater review to guide your hunt for smart heating solutions.

Reviews of Bromic Heaters

1. Bromic BH0210003-1 500 Series Tungsten Smart Heat Gas (NG/LPG)

Bromic BH0210003-1 500 Series Tungsten Smart Heat Gas (NG/LPG)

If you’re planning to enhance your well-ventilated outdoor decks with quick heating solutions, natural gas heaters are viable options to consider. 

With 43,000 BTUs of heating power and 215 feet heat coverage, this heating solution offers faster heat output than most outdoor heaters in the market. Our experts also find its mounting flexibility remarkable as it includes brackets that can pivot the heat to a custom direction.

It showcases a contemporary design, far from the usual industrial-themed heaters. With its wireless capabilities and versatile mounting options, this heater is perfectly suited for any modern-day restaurants and backyards. 


  • Mounting flexibility
  • Wind-resistant up to 8mph
  • Directional Pivot Arm Brackets
  • 215 ft Heat Coverage
  • Safety Shut-off Control
  • Versatile Mounting Options


  • Requires professional installation
  • Fixed to gas lines
  • Needs ventilation for safety

2. Bromic BH0320005 50" 3400W Platinum Smart Heat Electric Series

Bromic BH0320005 50" 3400W Platinum Smart Heat Electric Series

Enjoy premier heating functions that blend seamlessly into any environment with this 3400 watts infrared outdoor heater suited for commercial and residential outdoor spaces. 

Designed to deliver twenty-five percent more heat than its rival brands, Bromic BH0320005 50” impressed our experts with its minimal light emissions. It can heat a 108 square feet area efficiently and provides directional warmth. 

Its stainless steel construction also offers a long-lasting heating performance. With its mounting options and smart control compatibility, this practical heating solution excels for its ease of use and smooth integration. 


  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • 108 ft Heat Area
  • Single Switch Activation
  • Smart Control Compatibility
  • Directional Heating
  • Versatile Mounting Options


  • Must be hard-wired by a licensed electrician
  • Requires electricity to act as a power source

3. Bromic BH0420033 Black 56" 6000W Tungsten Smart Heat Electric Series

Bromic BH0420033 Black 56" 6000W Tungsten Smart Heat Electric Series

Tungsten Smart Heat features 6000 Watts of power that can heat up to a 160 square feet area. If you’re looking into creating a warm ambiance in any open or semi-enclosed spaces, this infrared electric outdoor warmer ensures an even heat distribution. 

Its thick quartz component with steel coil reduces harsh glares and emits a warm amber-like glow in our conducted tests. You can also easily adjust the flow of heat to a custom direction with its mount options wired into a smart control system. 

Like the heaters mentioned above, this also has a full stainless steel exterior, making it highly weather resistant. 


  • Up to 160 square feet heating area
  • Emits low-intensity glow
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • Sleek and modern exterior
  • Wall or ceiling mounting options
  • Smart control system


  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician
  • Requires electricity to act as a power source

Bromic Heaters Buyer’s Guide 

Installing an outdoor heater is a vital investment, especially amidst colder months and chilly evenings. The desire to extend the outdoor season has emerged with hundreds of models in today’s market. 

Our outdoor heating experts added a specific buying guide in this review to help you find the right heating option for your space.

History of Bromic 

The innovation of bromic heaters started way back in 1978. With forty-two years of offering a diverse range of different outdoor heaters, the brand has led the market to a notable technological advancement. 

They are an ISO9001 certified company and widely recognized throughout Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific.

Design of the Bromic Heaters 

Bromic outdoor heaters consist of premium materials [1]  and are popularly known to have a superb balance of beauty and performance. 

Designed to overcome weather challenges worldwide, the brand’s Platinum and Tungsten series boast sleek designs and provide quality radiant heat all at the same time. 

Size & Dimensions

When selecting a suitable heater for your space, considering the product’s size and dimension is essential. Bromic heaters are known for their elegant and flexible heating solutions without the compromise of its functionality. 

Its uniquely-styled packages and flexible mounting options also make it suitable for modern-day spaces.

Heat Output and Distribution 

A heater must serve its purpose. That’s why determining the heat output and distribution is the most crucial part of this bromic heater review. 

Each model we tested showed impressive directional heating functionalities. The only differences were their heat coverages and bracket adjustments. Nevertheless, whichever you choose, it would most definitely enhance your outdoor experience. 


In this review, we featured two types of heaters. One was a gas-powered heating solution, while the other two were electric-powered. 

While natural gas heaters depend on gas lines for power sources, electric patio heaters require electricity lines. Because of this, gas heaters have a better and faster heat output than electric ones. 


Bromic outdoor heaters require consistent maintenance to ensure efficient operations. Only authorized servicing personnel must carry out this procedure, and warranties are only applicable to original owners. 

Any applications have a one year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty includes the replacement of the heater itself or faulty components. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bromic heating? 

Bromic is a leading brand in the heating solutions industry that tailors a range of radiant heating options. With its electric, gas, and portable technology, the brand’s smart heat series made with high-end and premium materials won the trust of many business industries such as hotels and restaurants. 

Who owns Bromic heating? 

Bromic heating is owned by Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Mark Michalowsky. The man had been leading the bromic brand from the year 1983. 

Along with his business skills and innovative vision, the Bromic Group expands from a local distributor to a known brand that gives technological solutions to the world.

Where are Bromic heaters made? 

Bromic heaters are made and engineered in the land of Sydney, Australia. All of the brand’s divisions, from heating, refrigeration, plumbing, and gas solutions, operate in this main facility. Their 6500 square meters corporate office is home to their sales, engineering and testing teams focused on global innovation.

Our Top Pick - Bromic BH0210003-1 500 Series Tungsten Smart Heat Gas

Our outdoor heating experts picked Bromic BH0210003-1 500 Series Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas in this bromic heater review after a series of careful tests. 

Although the other two models showcased similar ease of use and high-end functionality, this outdoor heating solution earned the lead with 215 feet heat coverage and pivot arm brackets for precise directional heat. 

Bromic BH0210003-1 500 Series Tungsten Smart Heat Gas

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