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Infrared TEC Grills Review

by Ian Bond January 19, 2021 1 Comment

Infrared TEC Grills Review

If you’re a fan of juicy steaks (who isn’t?), it’s time to switch from conventional gas grills to infrared gas grills. Infrared grills won’t dry out the food you’re cooking and will also prevent charring due to fewer flare-ups. 

Thus, your food will have a better texture and better taste. Let’s look at some of the best infrared grills from Thermal Engineering Corporation (TEC).

Best Infrared TEC Grill Reviews

1. TEC Sterling Patio FR 44” Stainless Steel 2 Burner Built-In Infrared Grill - Best Overall


TEC Sterling Patio FR 44” Stainless Steel 2 Burner Built-In Infrared Grill - Best Overall


First in our grills review, this TEC Sterling Patio FR is a great mid-sized infrared grill on the market. Compared to other gas grills like ones from Blaze and Lion, this one uses less fuel. 

However, that doesn’t mean the two stainless steel burners don’t generate enough heat for your meat. In fact, this Patio grill has a high range of temperatures -- from 200 degrees to 900 degrees Fahrenheit!

It’s not one of the slowpokes either. With the hood down, it takes only 10 minutes for the grill to reach its highest temperature. Using the temperature control system while grilling is easy too.

You have a 592 square inch cooking surface on this infrared gas grill. Cooking 32 hamburgers at the same time has never been so easy -- perfect for big family gatherings and parties. There are more advantages to owning an infrared grill.

Another thing we love about this Patio grill is it features quality radiant glass panels sitting above the burner. And on top of these radiant panels, we have the cooking grids that allow for fast recovery time so the sear marks are consistent when you turn your food when searing.

You can also place wood chips on the grates so you don't have to use a smoker box.

The TEC Sterling Patio FR model is also self-cleaning, so don’t be afraid to pour sauces over your meats while grilling.

And if you need support, the company has an FAQ and contact numbers on their website.


  • Evenly distributed heat, no hot or cold spots
  • Tough radiant glass panels
  • No need for smoker box, just place wood chips on the grates
  • Self-cleaning
  • 304 stainless steel construction and handcrafted in the United States


  • Commercial design may not be stylish enough for some

2. TEC Patio FR 44” Stainless Steel Freestanding Infrared Gas Grill w/ Cabinet - Best Freestanding Gas Grill


TEC Patio FR 44” Stainless Steel Freestanding Infrared Gas Grill w/ Cabinet - Best Freestanding Gas Grill


Next on our TEC Grill review is the TEC Patio FR 44”. If you want a freestanding infrared grill from TEC, this is the best one you could get. 

When it comes to construction, the grill is made from the extremely durable 304 stainless steel like other gas grills of RCS. That includes the body, cabinetry, and hood. Everything’s handcrafted in the United States as well, so you’re sure this burner used quality materials that will last years.

Like the TEC Sterling FR grill, this gas grill features a temperature range of 200°F to 900°F. The temperature control system is easy and the two stainless steel burners are fuel-efficient as well.

In this freestanding infrared gas grill, you get 592 square inches of cooking space. It’s evenly heated so there are no hot or cold spots when you’re grilling. And since it’s infrared [1], the grill is less prone to flare-ups so there’s no charring.

You can even make use of the cooking surface as a conventional stove. No need for a side burner in the TEC Patio. Just place your pans on the glass panels or the cooking grids.

If you have to warm up food, using the optional warming rack on this one makes it easy.

Similar to other TEC products, the TEC Patio FR natural gas grill also cleans itself. Just put the burners on high after you’re done grilling, and the drippings will turn to ash on the grids and the radiant glass panels. Simply wipe them off and you’re good. 

And like all TEC products, it will also please you that their website contains info on features and contact details for support.


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Heat is evenly distributed throughout the grill
  • High temperatures
  • Easy to clean
  • Propane or natural gas option
  • Good customer service and support on their website


  • Install the new system in a well-ventilated area for less smoke when grilling

3. TEC G-Sport FR GSRNTFR 36” Stainless Steel Portable Infrared Gas Grill - Best Portable Gas Grill


TEC G-Sport FR GSRNTFR 36” Stainless Steel Portable Infrared Gas Grill - Best Portable Gas Grill


Last in our reviews is a G-Sport model. This grill is a little bit different from the other infrared burners we discussed in the review. Instead of being permanently set in your backyard, the TEC G-Sport FR GSRNTFR is perfect for people who like the exciting outdoors!

The generous tool and towel sidebars on the design of this gas grill serve as handles so you can easily carry it. Don’t worry, it only weighs a manageable 72 lbs.

Unlike heavy built-in gas grills, you're free to bring this stainless steel grill with you on vacation so you can enjoy succulent meats on the beach or when camping. Feel free to make use of this at home. Just place the gas grill on an outdoor countertop, no cutouts needed!

If you’re thinking using this burner will ruin your new countertop, not to worry. This infrared grill is the only grill on the market that can be used on combustible surfaces -- yes, even wood! Now, that’s awesome technology unheard of in a normal gas grill.

Despite being portable, you'll find that its infrared grilling firepower is not to be underestimated. The TEC G-Sport grill is a beast, producing 200°F to a whopping 1400°F of searing temperature. 

But since it’s smaller in size compared to the built-in gas grill, and like an electric grill, you won’t have a large cooking space. You get 309 square inches of evenly-heated surface. That’s still well enough if you need to grill 18 hamburgers simultaneously.

If you have questions about the technology, simply search for the TEC website and you'll get back all the info you need.


  • Portable design
  • No hot or cold spots
  • Great temperatures
  • Good for outdoor grilling
  • Propane or natural gas
  • This model can be placed on combustible surfaces


  • Smaller surface due to portability

Best TEC Grills Buyer’s Guide

You'll find that you won’t go wrong with any Thermal Engineering Corporation (TEC) grill on this review. Still, here are some things you should review when buying grills.

(You can also read how infrared grills work here.)


Durability is crucial when buying infrared grills. So make sure it's stainless steel and see that it's crafted with high quality materials.


In the case of infrared grills, firepower refers more to how much gas the product consumes more than the amount of heat it generates.


Grills are made in different sizes. See to it that you purchase a gas or infrared grill that fits your needs. Whether you’ll be regularly grilling for lots of people or just a few friends, you want to search for a product that's of the right size.

Our Top Pick

In this grills review, our best pick is undoubtedly the TEC Sterling Patio FR 44” Infrared Grill. 

TEC Sterling Patio FR 44” Infrared Grill.

It’s built from extremely durable stainless steel, features a big cooking surface, even heat, cooking grids, and self-cleaning capabilities. With this infrared grilling beast in your backyard, you’ll be prepared for any cookout feast.

If you need a smaller model, these impressive 2 burner gas grills might be preferable.

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