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Butcherbox vs Omaha Steaks — Which is the Better Meat Delivery Service? (2022)

by Outdoor Cooking Pros March 30, 2021

Butcherbox vs Omaha Steaks

Welcome to the ButcherBox Vs. Omaha Steaks review!

After hours of breaking down what both services offer, their pricing plans, meat selection, and somemeatypointers fromGood Mythical Morning...

The WINNER in this ButcherBox Vs. Omaha Steaks review is — hands down —  ButcherBox!


Did you say, GRASS-FED BEEF?! Count me in!

Mike Salguero,founder of ButcherBox, started with the idea that 100% grass-fed beef should be available to everyone.


Can this company keep up with Omaha's century-old legacy?



What they sell:  Pasture-raised, grass-fed, free-range, and no-hormone or antibiotic-added chicken, beef, and pork

Pricing plan:  Pre-curated boxes (selection chosen by the company) priced at $129/month while custom boxes with a $149/month price point.

How does it work:  ButcherBox offers 5 package plans (we'll talk more about this later).Pre-curated boxes have 8 to 11 lbs. of meat while custom boxes have 9 to 14 lbs. of meat.

Shipping:  Free standard shipping


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Who Would Enjoy ButcherBox?

    1. For the carnivore dieter - ButcherBox's meat selection of grass-fed beef and free-range organic chicken without hormones or antibiotics takes top tier, rich meaty flavors, and clean eating to a new level for carnivore dieters. [1]
    2. You love to cook and experiment - ButcherBox offers a HUGE recipe library of ideas to stir your passion for cooking and stray from the traditional salt-marinated beef recipe.
    3. FREE standard delivery - How many times did you cancel an order because the delivery charge knocked your budget off the park? Well...ButcherBox offers free standard shipping delivery for maximum value.

Omaha Steaks

When you have a century of experience and the title"America's Original Butcher," can young companies or your local neighborhood butcher shop compete with all this flair?

What they sell:  Think every meat you could think of from veal to shellfish, including sides, dessert, meals, and even WINE!

Pricing plan:  Due to the wide variety of meat choices, you'll have to get a quote from the site when you order.

Omaha steaks

How does it work:  Ordering meats and meal options on Omaha's site is like a one-stop-shop or supermarket you can order in the form of combo kits or ala carte items.

Shipping:  This can vary, but on average, standard prices range between $17.99 to $21.99.

Who Would Enjoy Omaha Steaks?

  1. Variety. Variety. Variety. Nobody says MORE better than Omaha Steaks. You'll find just about all cuts of beef, pork, and chicken on their site.
  2. Anyone fancy apersonalized cart of meats? - Omaha doesn't stop at giving its customers variety. They provide frequent sale deals up to 50% off and even clever bundle packages so you get the whole package of meat, sides, dessert, and wine.
  3. Your next best gift for friends & families who love meat  - With more meat cuts than any of us can even count (seriously, you'll need a calculator for it), it's like your next-door butcher mart with add-ons, great packaging, and gift-worthy items to give friends & families.

Now that I've warmed you up in this Omaha Steaks Vs. ButcherBox review, it's time to sear your brains and get them to WELL-DONE in the next sections below.

Features of ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks

ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks Quality

Both Omaha Steaks and Butcher Box provide high-quality meat.

This is Grade A we're talking about here. High-quality beef is enough to get me excited!

But let's make one thing clear:there's a difference in quality.

Between both meat delivery services, only Butcher Box offers quality aligned with clean eating.

Cutting steak

Now, what the HECK is clean eating?

If there's anything cleaner than organic, this is it.

It's not just grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, or heritage-breed pork. It's chemical, antibiotic, and hormone-free.

Like it was stripped clean and gone further than LEAN.

If you want top-tier and rich meaty flavor, Butcher Box screams this message. For this Omaha Steaks Vs. ButcherBox category, Butcher Box WINS.

Menu Choices: ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks takes the win here.

If you're talking about a vast menu option, Omaha Steaks has an overwhelming number of meats: 11 cuts of steak, filet mignon, sirloin steaks, heritage breed pork, sole cod, mahi-mahi, snapper, bison, and so much more!

In comparison, Butcher Box offers more narrow and limited cuts of meat including Wild Alaskan salmon (here's how best to grill salmon).

But you feel less overwhelmed going through ButcherBox's selection of steaks, beef, chicken, and pork.  All that high-quality meat makes it easier to choose and straightforward.

(Craving for bratwursts? Check how to grill brats here!)

Meat Sourcing

Omaha Steaks handpick, age, and trim every meat. Not to mention, all their beef is grass-fed too and aged for at least 21 days.

Impressive....But not as impressive in comparison to Butcher Box.

Butcher Box sources some of its meat from Australia while some from the U.S. However, Butcher Box STRICTLY considers the conditions of their hogs, beef, and cattle.

Steak quality

Their beef is ONLY grass-fed and their Berkshire, Duroc, and Chester white hogs are bedding in open bars.

You just can't argue with that clean meat. For this category of sourcing practices,ButcherBox WINS.

ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks Packaging

Both Butcher Box and Omaha Steaks use the flash-and-freeze technique to preserve all that wonderful, meaty flavor without issue.

Although, a clear difference between the two lies more in the type of packaging used.

Omaha's approach isstyrofoam while Butcher Box uses a more eco-friendly packaging - biodegradable & recyclable!

Personally, I prefer eco-friendly packaging so Butcher Box takes the lead here. 

Pricing and Subscription

Omaha's is more of an all-you-can-eat meat buffet except online. Butcher Box has 5 package plans:

  • Custom box
  • Mixed box
  • Chicken & Beef Box
  • Beef and Pork Box
  • All Beef Box

 All of these boxes cost $129/month with the Custom box priced solely at $149/month.

Butcher Box does come out pricier with an average of $150/month for 9 to 11 lbs. of steak but when you factor in the delivery charges of Omaha Steaks, Butcher Box comes out on top with greater value.

Butcherbox essential bundle  

Cost of Shipping and Delivery Area

Shipping policies and delivery services are important for any service.

Butcher Box offers free standard delivery around the U.S., sure. But Omaha's service expands even to Canada and Puerto Rico.

Shipping rates might rack up quite a bit though - between $18 to $50.


Omaha Steaks offers a 100% refund policy while Butcher Box does not.

ButcherBox and Omaha Steaks: Customer Service

All across the board,  Butcher Box showed an average of 3 to 4 star reviews on all review platforms.

Omaha didn't do so well - 1.5 stars average on Yelp, 1.1 stars on Reseller Ratings, and 4.5 stars on Influenster.

Athough there were some complaints about processing and customer service in ButcherBox's case, it's still clear who wins this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Butcher box better than Omaha Steaks?

Throughout the Omaha Steaks Vs. Butcher Box match up, Butcher Box came out as the better choice.

For one, you can't argue with ButcherBox's meat quality. It's sustainable, top-tier, and clearly shows high standards in both sourcing and nutritional information.

As far as prices go, Omaha Steaks does seem like the cheaper option, and if QUANTITY is enough to drive you home, that's one way of describing Omaha's great points.

Overall Winner: ButcherBox

Quality. Quality. Quality.

Every carnivore ormeat-lover/fanwill agree with one very crucial aspect when choosing meats: quality.

Whether that's a strip steak, sausage, or plain bacon, many are willing to pay higher prices if the quality can be trusted and if one can get that marble, juicy, rich meaty flavor.

Despite ButcherBox's seemingly higher prices, their sustainable practices, higher standards, and commitment to their products provide greater value overall in comparison to Omaha Steaks. Next: Learn how to grill the perfect steak!


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