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Solaire Grill Review

by Ian Bond June 22, 2020

Solaire Grill Review

Infrared grilling has its perks, including faster cook times and bringing out true meat flavors. One of the big players of infrared grilling, Solaire has coupled these advantages with muscle and power. Below, we tested out the best Solaire grills for every kind of backyard chef.

Top 3 Solaire Grills Reviews

1. Solaire 42” Built-In Infrared Gas Grill with Rotisserie - Best Overall

Solaire 42” Built-In Infrared Gas Grill with Rotisserie

Probably the most impressive grill on our list, the Solaire 42” combines durability, a spacious cooking surface, rapid preheat, and the enhanced flavor that infrared grills promise. 

The Solaire 42” has three ceramic infrared burners that produce 27,500 BTUs each, plus a powerful rotisserie burner with 18,000 BTUs. With a total cooking space of 1027 square inches, you can cook 30 burgers at once for big parties.

You don’t have to wait long to start cooking, as this grill has a rapid 3-minute preheat time. When we used the grill itself, it set the bar high on performance because everything felt effortless and the meat had retained its juices inside. 

That’s actually the beauty of infrared grills -- it doesn’t dry out the meat. You get a nice texture and the high-heat infrared technology achieves the appetizing sear marks that will surely impress your guests.

  • Excellent performance
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction
  • Powerful BTU rating
  • Generous cooking space at 1027 square inches
  • Retains moisture and juice in the meat for a rich flavor
  • High-heat sear gives even sear marks
  • Warming rack
  • Rotisserie kit 
  • Some may not like the commercial design

2. Solaire Anywhere 21” Portable Propane Infrared Grill - Best Portable

Solaire Anywhere 21” Portable Propane Infrared Grill

Not many brands have portable options, so we’ve included one on our list for those who want to take their grill outdoors.

The Solaire Anywhere is aptly named, as it’s lightweight and easy to carry anywhere for grilling on the go. But despite being in a small package, this infrared grill still packs a punch. 

Made of 304 commercial-grade stainless steel, this Solaire grill is definitely heavy-duty. It also has welded corners and seams plus mirror-polished accents that give a nice touch. 

The ceramic infrared burner produces 14,000 BTUs, which is a great rating for portable grills. Coupled with infrared technology [1], you can enjoy juicy and flavorful food anywhere.

The Solaire Anywhere 21” has a grilling area of 140 square inches that fits 6 burgers at once. As it’s equipped for mobile use, this grill also comes with a carrying bag with pockets that fit three propane bottles. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • 14,000 BTU rating
  • Infrared technology distributes heat evenly
  • Enhanced flavor
  • Easy push-button ignition
  • Warming rack gives extra room
  • Comes with carrying bag with pockets


  • Some may need a bigger cooking space

3. Solaire 36” Freestanding Infrared Gas Grill with Rotisserie - Best Freestanding Option

Solaire 36” Freestanding Infrared Gas Grill with Rotisserie

If you don’t have a cutout ready and you prefer a freestanding grill, this is a great option from Solaire.

It has two burners that generate 27,500 BTU each, plus a rotisserie burner at 19,000 BTU. Food will be cooked faster with this kind of power so guests won’t wait long to be served.

This Solaire grill is also ideal for serving a large crowd. It has 813 square inches of total cooking surface, with 560 square inches on the primary cooking area and 253 square inches on the warming rack.

Like other Solaire grills on this list, this one has stainless steel V-shaped cooking grates that enhance flavors and reduce flare-ups. This results in juicier meat with no charring, so you can truly enjoy the flavor without the bitter taste.

You can also choose between a premium or standard cart, but both are pre-equipped with a slide-out tank. 


  • Two burners at 27,500 BTU each
  • Includes a rotisserie burner
  • Warming rack included
  • V-shaped cooking grates for fewer flare-ups
  • Spacious cooking surface
  • A choice between a standard or premium cart
  • A conversion kit is available if you want to switch fuel type


  • Needs to be placed in a well-ventilated area for less smoke

Best Solaire Grill Buying Guide

Buying a grill can be a daunting task especially with the many options in the market. But the truth is, the process of choosing a grill is pretty easy once you know what things to look for.

You don’t have to buy the cheapest or the most expensive grill. You just have to know what works for your specific needs. Here are some aspects you should consider when choosing a Solaire grill:


The overall performance of a grill can depend on a few factors, including BTU rating, ignition type, heat distribution and retention, and the cooking surface. These factors would largely depend on the model, but Solaire grills take it up a notch with their V-shaped cooking grids.

While you cook, these V-shaped grids collect the grease and drippings, which are vaporized by the burners. This then adds moisture to the food, enhancing the flavor. 

V-shaped grids also reduce flare-ups by channeling the rest of the drippings away from the heat. 

Cooking Area

One of the most important things you should consider when buying a Solaire grill is the cooking area. Do you need a bigger surface or will a small one do? Ask yourself how many people you’re looking forward to serving on a regular basis.

If you’re hosting big parties, then choose a larger grill that would be able to cook more food at the same time. Of course, you don’t want to keep hungry guests waiting. But if you’re just inviting a couple of friends and family members, then you don’t really need a huge cooking surface. Either a 3- or 4-burner might suffice.

Cooking area


Solaire provides built-in, freestanding, and portable options to suit every type of griller. If you’re content with a permanent installation, a built-in grill would be the best choice.

Freestanding grills can provide more mobility, as most models have wheels so you can move the grill around. But if you want something you can bring with you to the beach or when camping, there are also lightweight options like the Solaire Anywhere. 

(We've also looked into the top portable pellet grills here.)


Grills don’t come cheap, so versatility is something you want so you can get your money’s worth. 

As for Solaire grills, they have various burner configurations you can choose from. There’s the ceramic burner, a stainless steel convection burner, or the hybrid “Infravection”.

We also reviewed grills from other brands. Reading our review of the Cookshack Amerique would be a good start.

Our Top Pick - Solaire 42” Built-In Infrared Gas Grill with Rotisserie

Solaire 42” Built-In Infrared Gas Grill with Rotisserie

Equipped with three ceramic infrared burners, the Solaire 42” provides top-notch performance for effortless grilling. It offers an 18,000-BTU rotisserie burner, a cooking space of 1027 square inches, rapid 3-minute pre-heat time, a warming rack, and high-heat infrared technology.

Because of these features, you’ll be able to cook meat that’s juicy, tender, and flavorful. The V-shaped cooking grids further contribute to this by vaporizing the drippings to add moisture to the food. 

Overall, this grill is the best Solaire infrared grill in our books. Learn how infrared grills work here.

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