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Best Gas Grill with Rotisserie

by Ian Bond June 30, 2020

Best Gas Grill with Rotisserie

Rotisserie cooking produces some of the juiciest meats you can ever cook. That’s because the constant turning of food doesn’t allow the juices to escape easily, leaving you with delicious results. 

Fortunately, a rotisserie burner comes with many grills today. We’ve tested out the best gas grills with rotisserie below. 

5 Best Gas Grills with Rotisserie Reviews

1. Summerset Alturi ALT36T 36" Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill - Best Overall

Summerset Alturi ALT36T 36" Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill

Luxury and functionality are two words that best describe the Summerset Alturi line. If fancy grilling is your thing, this is an excellent grill to have in your backyard.

This grill has highly-durable red brass main burners and thick 9mm cooking grates. That alone is a great sign that this will last you years. Each of the three burners generates 26,000 BTU, while the infrared backburner has a superb 18,000 BTU rating.

The rotisserie kit is heavy-duty as well and has a 100lb. max capacity motor rating. There’s even a storage bracket for the rotisserie spit. These features make this model one of the best grills with rotisserie functions. 

To complete the experience, the Summerset Alturi 36” is also outfitted with LED front panel lighting, internal halogen lighting, a spring-assisted hood, and heat zone separators.

We’ve been using this gas griller for quite some time now and we must say it’s one of the top BBQs we’ve had. 


  • Solid 304 stainless steel construction
  • Super tough cast red brass burners
  • Generous 945 square inches of cooking space
  • 78,000 BTU for the main burners plus 18,000 BTU for the rotisserie burner
  • Heavy-duty rotisserie kit
  • Includes a rotisserie spit storage bracket
  • Interior and exterior illumination system
  • Reliable flame thrower ignition


  • May be too large for limited spaces

2. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790I 36" Stainless Steel Built-In Gas Grill w/ Magic View Window - Best Premium Option

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790I 36" Stainless Steel Built-In Gas Grill w/ Magic View Window

Fire Magic produces some of the best and most premium grills on the market, and the Echelon Diamon E790I is one of the best grills with rotisserie burners we’ve tested.

Right off the bat, you would notice the Magic View Window on the hood. This allows you to see your food as it grills, so you don’t have to lift the hood and let the heat escape just to check the meat. This is a great technique for heat retention.

This provides quite a large cooking area as well, 1080 square inches to be exact. That’s 792 square inches of primary cooking space, so if you need to host large parties on your backyard, this grill has got you covered. 

Along with the three cast stainless steel burners, this grill also provides a quantum rotisserie burner that produces twice the heat per BTU of standard infrared burners

As such, it provides excellent performance for cooking whole chickens, turkeys, and other recipes you can do with rotisserie grills.


  • Great design
  • 90,000 BTU stainless steel burners 
  • High-performance quantum rotisserie burner
  • Features a Magic View Window for monitoring food
  • Roomy primary cooking area
  • Exclusive Diamond Sear Grids for optimal heat transfer


  • Features may be too much for those looking for a basic grill

3. Solaire SOL-AGBQ-42IR 42" Stainless Steel Built-In Infrared Gas Grill - Best Large Option

Solaire SOL-AGBQ-42IR 42" Stainless Steel Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

If you need a much larger grill for your summer cookouts and BBQ nights, this built-in grill from Solaire can give you the cooking space you need.

It provides 667 square inches of the primary cooking area plus 360 square inches of secondary cooking area. This gives you a cooking surface that totals to 1027 square inches. That’s enough to cook 30 burgers all at once!

The three main burners produce 27,500 BTU of heat, and of course, there’s a rotisserie burner that burns at 18,000 BTU per hour. There’s also a rotisserie kit included, so you can go straight ahead to cooking those rotisserie recipes for your friend and family.

A unique function of this gas grill is the V-shaped cooking grates that are unique to Solaire. These stainless steel grates further enhance the flavors of your dishes and cook them faster, too.

A great grill with rotisserie functions, this 3 burner gas grill has all the essentials you need for serving a large crowd.


  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction
  • Large primary cooking area
  • Warming rack included
  • 18,000 BTU rotisserie burner
  • 82,500 BTU main burners
  • Rotisserie kit included
  • Features V-shaped cooking grids


  • Too large if you’re serving only small parties

4. Blaze Professional 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Gas Grill With Infrared Burner BLZ-2PRO - Best Small Option

Blaze Professional 24" Stainless Steel Built-In Gas Grill With Infrared Burner BLZ-2PRO

Speaking of small parties, the options above may be too much if you’re only cooking for your family or a bunch of friends. If that’s the case, this Blaze Professional 24” is one of the best grills with a rotisserie that comes in a smaller package.

With two 304 cast stainless steel burners, this gas grill delivers a total of 36,000 BTU cooking power. As for the rotisserie burner at the rear, it generates an additional 10,000 BTU of heat.

We love that the rotisserie kit is included as well, and the motor is waterproof. This grill with rotisserie functions is a great way to cook different dishes such as turkeys and shish kebabs.

Despite the smaller size, this gas grill provides 816 square inches of total cooking space. There’s also a warming rack for light cooking or maybe even toasting some buns. 

Other notable features also include illuminated control knobs, flamethrower ignition system, double-lined grill hood, and thick 12mm stainless steel cooking grids.


  • Compact size
  • Roomy cooking area
  • Thick cooking grids
  • 10,000 BTU rotisserie burner
  • Included rotisserie kit
  • Interior and exterior lighting features
  • Reliable flamethrower ignition system
  • Heat zone separators 
  • Double-lined hood promotes heat retention


  • May not be enough for large parties

5. Mont Alpi MABI400 32" Stainless Steel Built In Gas Grill w/ LED Lights - Best Mid-Sized Grill

Mont Alpi MABI400 32" Stainless Steel Built In Gas Grill w/ LED Lights

Ending our list of gas grills with rotisserie burners is the Mont Alpi MABI400. This grill surely packs a punch at an accessible price.

It features four stainless steel tube burners plus a ceramic infrared rotisserie at the back. The rotisserie kit is included as well, and it has a heavy-duty electric motor for all your rotisserie cooking needs.

This gas grill also features all-stainless steel cooking components, including the cooking grids. It has a ton of nifty inclusions like a warming rack, two halogen lights for the cooking surface, blue LED lights on the control knobs, a temperature gauge, propane hose, and a regulator.

We found it great for outdoor use, particularly because of the strong construction and design. It looks like a very tough grill that can withstand the outdoor weather and elements, so look forward to many years of cooking with this grill.


  • 304 stainless steel construction and cooking components
  • Spacious cooking area
  • Rotisserie kit included
  • Interior and exterior lighting features for night cooking
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Warming rack
  • Good for heavy-duty use


  • Some may not like the commercial design

Gas Grill with Rotisserie Buying Guide

Gas grills with rotisserie burners are very common in the market, so you wouldn't’ really have a hard time finding one. The challenge is, how do you pick the right model?

In this buying guide, we discuss all the things you need to consider when buying gas grills with rotisserie and we answer some frequently asked questions as well.

Alternatively, you can also read about our review of popular pellet grills from Memphis.

Fuel Type

There are two types of fuel you can use on a gas grill - natural gas and propane. While it may seem like a trivial thing to consider, each fuel type has its advantages and drawbacks

A natural gas grill would require a natural gas line installation in your home, which does have its upfront costs if you don’t have one yet. However, once the installation is done, you would have the convenience of having readily available fuel each time.

That means you don’t have to worry about the fuel running out, compared to a propane grill where you have to refill the tank when it runs low.

However, a drawback is that you can’t really move your gas grill around because it would be attached to the line.

As for propane grills like the Weber Summit E-470, portability is one of the major reasons why many people choose it. The propane tank travels with the grill, so you’re free to move it around in your backyard. 

Also, propane burns hotter than natural gas, which can be an important factor for many outdoor grillers. A catch with this is that propane can also be more dangerous if grease fires or sparks occur.

Lastly, you do have to monitor your propane tank to see if it’s running low so you can fill it up. This can be an inconvenience especially if you run out of fuel in the middle of a cookout. 

Fuel Type

Number of Burners

This matters because more burners give you more flexibility when cooking food. Each burner on the grill can be controlled independently. So if you have two burners, for example, you can set one burner to a higher temperature and the other burner to a lower temperature.

This can be particularly useful if you’re cooking more than one dish for your cookout. Let’s say you’re serving up different meats such as chicken and some ribs. These would cook better in their own ideal heat, so having two burners will allow you to cook them at the same time.

While there are many small grills with one burner, you should opt for at least two if you plan on having an outdoor cookout. For large crowds, it will be easier for you to whip up a four-course feast if you have a 3 burner or a 4 burner grill.


British Thermal Unit or BTU is a unit of measurement that determines the heat output that your grill generates. While this is an important factor to consider when buying a grill, it’s important to note that a higher BTU doesn’t mean a hotter grill.

The BTU rating is more of an indication of how efficient your grill is. So the higher the BTU rating, the more fuel your grill consumes as well.

Grill Size

Gas grills come in many different sizes, from small to huge commercial ones. One of the things you should consider here is the space you have at home.

Does your patio or backyard have enough space for a large outdoor grill? Would you have a place to have a cutout ready? Or do you live in an apartment and you barely have space?

Reading our comparison of 2 and 3 burners might give you a better idea.

Cooking Area

In relation to the grill size, the size of the cooking area matters as well. You can make a decision on this based on the average number of people you’ll be cooking for on a regular basis.

If you only plan on hosting small parties or intimate gatherings with your friends and family, a grill with 200 to 400 square inches of space may be enough. But if you’re going to use your grill to cook for a large crowd, you might want something above 500 square inches like the Weber Summit E-470. 

We do have large options above where you can cook more than 30 burgers at once. This is great if you’re looking forward to those big backyard parties.

Cooking area

Cooking Grates

The material used for the cooking grids is also something you should look at when buying a grill. Cast iron, stainless steel, and porcelain-coated cooking grids are the most common ones you can find. Let’s take a look at the difference.

  • Cast iron. Cast iron cooking grids tend to be more expensive, but they’re chosen by many for their incredible heat retention.
  • Porcelain-coated. It’s lower in price compared to cast iron, but can be prone to chipping so make sure you pick one that’s high in quality.
  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel cooking grates are durable, but they can also roughen and lose their non-stick qualities over time. They’re the cheapest material though, which is one of the reasons why many people choose it too. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of having a grill with rotisserie?

    A rotisserie is a highly convenient way for you to evenly cook meat without burning them. It actually allows you to relax and just allow the roast to grill on its own, only checking it to baste or to test the doneness of the meat.

    What’s great about gas grills with rotisserie burners is that the food that’s cooked retains its juices, so you’re not serving dried-out meat at all. Once you have your roast set up, you just have to let the rotisserie work its magic and you’ll enjoy consistently delicious results. 

    What can you cook on a rotisserie?

    There are different types of food you can cook on a rotisserie, such as whole chickens, roast beef, prime rib, roast of lamb, turkey, shish kebabs, and pork loins. You can roast specific recipes too such us Greek marinated leg of lamb and five-spice rotisserie chicken.

    How much weight can a rotisserie hold?

    A rotisserie can hold about 10 - 15 lbs. of weight. Some gas grills, like the Weber Summit E-470, is capable of holding 20 lbs. maximum.

    How much weight can a rotisserie hold?

    Should I close the lid when using the rotisserie?

    Yes, you should. One of the keys for the perfect roast is to keep the lid shut to let the convectional currents thoroughly cook the food.

    Do I need a side burner?

    A side burner is not an absolute necessity, but it’s pretty handy to have one if you want some extra cooking space. A side burner is great for cooking sauces, vegetables, and other delicate types of food that would otherwise burn on the main burner area.

    Furthermore, a side burner can also offer you backup just in case your main burner malfunctions or fails. 

    So while you can do without a side burner, it’s a useful extra to your grill. Many grills like the Weber Summit E-470 have a side burner, although you can also buy a separate one.

    Our Top Pick - Summerset Alturi ALT36T 36" Built-In Gas Grill

    Summerset Alturi ALT36T 36" Built-In Gas Grill

    Undoubtedly, the Summerset Alturi ALT36T is the best gas grill with a rotisserie that we’ve tested. This model ticks all the boxes, whether you’re a beginner or a pro griller.

    Its three burners generate 27,500 BTU each, and the rotisserie burner really performs at 18,000 BTU per hour. The rotisserie kit is also included in the package, so you can start cooking right away. 

    Other noteworthy features include the large cooking space, cast red brass burners, a warming rack, interior, and exterior lighting, and V-shaped cooking grids that enhance the flavor.

    Well-designed and well-made, this grill is meant for luxury outdoor grilling if that’s something you’re looking forward to. 

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