August 30, 2019

Our 2019 Blaze Grills Review - Do The Experts Have It Right? 

The last thing anyone wants out of their 4th of July celebrations is a trip to the nearest hospital. While fireworks and sparklers might be the first and easiest thing to blame, they’re not always the culprit of sudden ER visits on holidays. Unfortunately, grill accidents are a real threat. In fact, 16,900 patients in 2012 were hospitalized due to injuries caused by gas grills.

In one case, an unsuspecting woman was enjoying her 4th of July celebration with friends and family when her gas grill exploded. The young woman was rushed to the hospital, where she suffered second and third-degree burns on over 30% of her body.

The grill had arrived from the distributor just a few days before, and she hadn’t used it much before the holiday. She didn’t do her research on the product she was buying, and she trusted the manufacturer to supply her with a safe product. Sadly they did not, and she was the one who suffered.

Grills are a product that must be manufactured with close care. They should be laboratory tested and approved for safe consumer use. It’s always a gamble purchasing grills online because you might not know what you’re getting into, so it’s crucial to research every brand you’re considering. While many product issues can be minor, there’s a much higher risk when it comes to gas grills.

Here, we’re providing you with an in-depth review guide to Blaze Grills. We’re providing real, honest feedback from customers and a holistic view of the brand because it’s important to know that the grill you get online is trustworthy and safe. Your holidays should be spent with loved ones over a shared meal, not in the emergency room.

Blaze Grill Logo

About the Brand

Blaze Grills was founded in 2012 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Mike Hackley. After spending time in the military, Hackley made a living back in the states by installing gas grills part-time. By the time 1998 rolled around, Hackley had become so invested in the grilling industry that he decided to open up his own store called “The Grill Store and More.”

As time went on and the economy started to take a downward turn, Hackley had to get creative. He wanted to stay in the business of grills, but he wasn’t sure how he could be successful in the current environment. He took his knowledge to the internet. He hired a programmer and worked at night to build the code a website called Shoppers Choice, where he could sell grills and outdoor equipment digitally.

In 2012, he handed over Shoppers Choice to Corey Tisdale as he started the company he had been working towards all along, Blaze Outdoor Products. He was finally able to take all of the knowledge gained from over 20 years in the industry and use it to create the best grills he had ever seen. Having installed and worked with so many kinds of grills over the years, Hackley knew what made one a “good” one. He specialized his products until they reached his high standards, and then he started selling them.

Blaze Grills is a company that understands the importance of high quality. When it comes to grills, there’s no room for mediocre. They understand that a properly performing grill can be the difference between an enjoyable summer cookout and a possible disaster. They leave no room for performance error when their grills are used properly.

With Hackley’s vision and persistence, Blaze Grills has become a trusted household name for family cookouts, good times, and delicious meals. That’s because the company was founded as more than a business. According to Hackley, it started as a labor of love, with over 45 years of combined experience in the industry. There is no easy way out for Blaze Grills. They put their products through rigorous testing and development to ensure quality products before a grill was ever sold.

Blaze Grill Warranty

The Blaze Warranty

Something that’s important when shopping for outdoor cooking products is a warranty. Grills are complicated pieces of equipment, and it’s crucial that every bit of them work properly. If there are any defects, the outcome can range from disappointing to tragic.

Luckily, Blaze Grills offers one of the best warranties available. Each and every Blaze Grill product comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty protects the products (and your money spent) against any manufacturing or workmanship defects on the following:

  • burners
  • body
  • cooking grids
  • flame tamers
  • warming rack
  • heat zone separators
  • control valves

In addition, there’s a one year warranty that covers parts such as the ignition, lighting systems, and electronics.

One important note is that you must register the grill within thirty days of purchase in order for the warranty to apply. The warranty can begin on the day of purchase.

About the 34-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill

Now that you know the foundation of the Blaze Grills company and the confidence they carry in their products, let’s get into one of their top products. One of their best-selling products is the Blaze Professional 34-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill.


The features of this grill are quite impressive from the first glance. If we had to pick our three favorite features, they’d be:

  • easy-start ignition
  • distinct temperature zones
  • cooking rods perfect for searing


Now, let’s get into the rest of it. For starters, the cooking grid is 30 ¾” wide x 20”deep. That means it has the capacity to handle 25 4-inch wide hamburgers all at the same time. That’s a cookout waiting to happen. Additionally, the grill’s thick stainless steel rods make the perfect grill marks on your food and help them to retain heat while cooking.

Cooking Grids and Temperatures

The cooking grids found on this grill are made from durable, heavy-duty materials that weigh 11.5 pounds each. On the grids, you’ll find certain areas designed for searing and others made to finish things off low and slow. There’s also an infrared burner in the rear of the grill to create that perfectly crisp outer crust.

Night Cooking Capabilities

Even if you’re cooking by the cover of night, you’ll still be able to check the sear on your meat thanks to the easy push-button that activates night lights on the internal side of the grill. You’re also able to adjust the LED-lit control knobs to hit the perfect temperature. All of this ensures a good grill no matter when it takes place (and it looks pretty cool, too).

Clean Up

One drawback to grilling out all the time is the clean-up. Many grills might feature a partial drip pan or catch bucket. However, this Blaze model has a drip pan that spans the entire length of the grill to catch every last drop. It’s easy to get out from underneath when the job’s done and it’s even easier to empty it and place it back in its spot.

Rotisserie Features

Every Blaze Professional 34-Inch 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill comes complete with a rotisserie kit with a waterproof motor for perfect results every time. No longer does your grill have to be strictly for grilling; get creative! There’s something about rotisserie chicken that tastes different than any other kind. If you’re a rotisserie lover, this bonus feature of the Blaze Professional is for you.

Materials Quality

The outer portion of the product is made of 304 stainless steel, which is known for its good forming and welding properties. It’s also quite resistant to corrosion and can prove to be quite strong over time.

BLZ-3PRO Built-In Gas Grill

“This is a mighty nice grill, especially with the optional rotisserie and sear burner. Versatile, solid and dependable: your wish is Blaze’s command." 5 star rating - amazingribs

Benefits of the Blaze Professional Grill

The features alone are impressive. But without application, it’s hard to understand how the features can help you in your grilling game. The Blaze Pro has numerous benefits to all grillers alike.

Warranty Protection

We’ve gone over the warranty, but it’s impressive. It benefits every grill owner. If for some reason there ever was a product defect, you can rest assured that your money was not wasted. The Blaze team takes full responsibility for manufacturing or craftsmen defects and will fix or replace any issue so you can get back to grilling in no time. While many grills might be a risky investment, this one is a piece of equipment you can count on.

Outstanding Value

While there are certainly other grills on the market that come at a lower price point, the Blaze Pro offers a value that can’t be beat. Blaze is not stingy on the value it offers whatsoever. The price, level, and size of the grill demand a high performance to make it a worthwhile buy. Blaze does not disappoint. The quality and experience of grilling is far beyond average.

Built to Last

With many grills, buyers go into the purchase knowing the product will only last them a few good years. At certain lower price points, this is perfectly fine. However, a real grill master wants something they can rely on for a long time. The outer portion of this Blaze grill is made from durable 304 stainless steel to ensure that nothing shortens its life span. From bad weather to corrosive elements, the steel on this grill won’t budge.

Heat Retention

There’s nothing worse at a BBQ get together than biting into a cold burger or a piece of chicken that’s still a bit raw. Thanks to the thick hexagonal grilling rods, your food will stay nice and warm the entire time it’s on the grill. The rods help the heat penetrate deep into the food for even cooking every time. You’ll feel good serving the food you grilled, knowing it’s cooked the right way.

Less Down Time

When you have to flip a coin to decide who has to clean up, you know its bad. Cleaning up after grilling can almost run the fun of grilling itself. With the Blaze Professional, the full drip pan makes cleaning up a breeze. That means there’s less downtime in between batches and more time to spend enjoying the food you just cooked up.

Grilling for the Masses

Have more people than expected showing up to your cookout? If you own the Blaze Pro grill, that’s not an issue. While other grill masters might have to forfeit cooking for a party for 25 due to space issues, the Blaze Pro grill master won’t. The large grilling space means it’s the perfect piece of equipment for backyard parties and family reunions alike.

Safe Searing

Grilling at night is fun. But when you’re out in the backyard it doesn’t leave much light to work with. That’s not an issue here. The internal lights and glowing temperature knobs make it easy to make a great meal even past sunset.

Heat Settings

This grill cooks much hotter than most regular grillers are used to. This is great for things like burgers, steaks, and vegetables. In addition, the separate cooking zones mean you can cook two completely different items at the same time and have everything come out exactly how you want it.

Temperature Reading

If you’re looking to get a precise reading on the temperature underneath the grill’s hood, you'll enjoy this model. The hood thermometer used to only show a range of low, medium, or high rather than specific temperatures. But Blaze has updated their grill to now include exact temperature readings.  

Blaze exact temperature readings


No grill is perfect. This one is no exception. Let's get into the downsides.

Difficulty Lighting

Some customers have reported difficulty lighting the burners. This comes from a small issue that sometimes occurs when trying to ignite too quickly. It can be avoided by slowly igniting the burners and having a bit of patience when getting started.

Open Backing

The open-back design of the grill looks great, but it can leave the burners and food susceptible to rain or bad weather depending on where it’s set up. To avoid this, find a good spot for the grill where the back portion can be protected from any rain. 

How to Use

The Blaze Professional 34-inch grill is run by gas, so it’s not difficult to learn how to use it. Just about anyone can become a grill master on this equipment.

To use, simply push the ignition button and use the LED-lit control knobs to ignite the flame. Then, adjust the knob to reach your desired temperature.

Need to cook a few different things at different temperatures? No problem. Separate your food by grilling burner and adjust each respective burner by turning its knob.

Just in case there’s an issue with the primary ignition button, the Pro also has a secondary ignition option. This one is an individual flash tube that’s easy to use. It allows you to use your own lighter to start the grill without having to get too close to the fire.

Blaze Grills User Manual

Installation Instructions

The most common place to install the Blaze Pro is in a BBQ island, of course. Before you get to installing, make sure you have a second set of hands to help. Then, make sure the opening on your island is not bigger than the outer frame of your appliance. You want it to rest on the lip of the frame. You’ll also want to pay attention to the direction of the gas line. You don’t want it routed towards any heat sources. The line should avoid bends and edges as much as possible.

Finally, ensure you don’t seal around the unit’s control panel. That will need to be accessed for servicing.

Step 1:

Slide the Blaze Pro grill into the cutout on the island. Attach the gas line to it.

Step 2:

Check where you’re at. Make sure the gas line has no kinks in it from when you lowered the appliance into its spot.

Step 3:

Make the appliance level and supported along the entire outer edge. If you notice any spots where it is unstable or not level, use shims around the lip to stabilize.

Step 4:

Perform a leak test. If it passes, you can go ahead and connect your transformer to the grill and then into the electric outlet.

How to Clean a Blaze Grill

One of the best parts of Blaze Grills is the clean-up process. It’s that easy!

You should always make sure your appliance has completely cooled before you attempt to clean it. When polishing the exterior of the grill, make sure you scrub in the direction of the grain. First, clean it down with a cloth or paper towel to get rid of any drips or splatters from food or rain. Then, go over it again with a gentle stainless steel cleaner to get that polished look. If there are any stubborn spots, use an abrasive pad. This will avoid the appearance of rust. Once you finish cleaning, ensure it has plenty of air to dry out thoroughly.

To clean the drip tray, simply pull it all the way out from under the grill. Use hot soapy water to clean the tray after dumping out any collected grease. Dry it completely and slip it right back into place.

Blaze Grill Fuel Type and Gas Conversion

To convert your grill’s fuel type, you should first begin by removing all cooking grids, flame tamers, and main burners. Now that there’s an empty hole in the grill’s basin, you’ll see a brass fitting on the tip of the fuel valve.

Next, use a socket to remove each fitting. Be careful with these, as they’re quite delicate. You should have the new fittings you want to use in order to convert the grill. Use the same socket to set these new pieces in place.

Once that’s done and you’ve replaced the burners, it’s time to test for proper low flame height. It should be between ¼ inch - ½ inch and mainly blue when the burner is on it’s lowest setting.

Now it’s time to shift focus to the grill’s regulator, underneath the grill in the back right. To connect a smaller propane tank, simply remove the built-in regulator and replace it with a low-pressure hose and a regulator. To connect to a large propane tank, you can use the regular that came with the grill.

Be sure to check for gas leaks after any work is done on the grill.

Expert Reviews

Of course, we don’t expect you just to take our word for it. We’ve looked over what the Internet has to say about Blaze Grills and have compiled a few of our favorite real reviews so you can see what other people are saying:

Review 1:

The Grilling Life

The Grilling Life is managed by Patrick Ginise, a grilling connoisseur. Through his own personal journey of grilling, he shares the research and knowledge he gains with his audience to spread the love of grilling and promote the best products out there. They take grilling seriously. Using facts, figures, and personal experience, The Grilling Life shares honest opinions about the experiences and qualities associated with different grilling equipment.

The Grilling Life blog gave the Blaze Professional 34-inch grill a 9.6 out of 10 reviews on their site. They loved it so much they said: “It’s hard to find any genuinely negative opinions about the grill.” That speaks for itself.

Review 2:

amazing ribs logo is run by a team of knowledgeable writers and pitmasters who scour the web for new and controversial products alike. They’re known for their ratings, reviews, and buying guides.

They use a rating system of medals to rank the products they review and keep order. After testing out the Blaze Pro grill, awarded it a Gold Medal. They followed this award by saying, “This is a mighty nice grill, especially with the optional rotisserie and sear burner. Versatile, solid and dependable: your wish is Blaze’s command.”

Review 3:

best review guide logo

A data-driven online assistance tool, serves to sort through the information on the internet to find the data that matters. The site’s crawlers search through online marketplaces to gather information about ratings, reviews, and popularity.

This site has no investment in the grilling world. It’s not even a subjective review - it’s all data! By simply pulling relevant information on the Blaze brand, Best Reviews was able to calculate an accurate rating of their products. After all, was said and done, the Blaze 32 inch gas grill won 1st place with a 9.9 out of 10 ratings. You can check out more of their Blaze ratings here, too!

BLZ-3PRO on Cart

“It’s hard to find any genuinely negative opinions about the grill” 5 star rating - The Grilling Life

So, what’s the verdict?

The Blaze Pro grill is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen! Join thousands of others and become an Outdoor Cooking Pro! 

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