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Best Corinthian Wind Chimes For Your Backyard

by Lianne Jones June 09, 2022

Best Corinthian Wind Chimes For Your Backyard

Summer can often be defined by the beautiful sound of wind chimes singing through the air. Many yards are not complete without the sound.

And if you have heard of Corinthian wind chimes you might be confused as to how exactly they are different from other wind chimes.

Corinthian chimes are made by the Wind River company, which are basically like the Bugatti or Lamborghini of the wind chime world.

Each chime they make is designed to be totally durable, contemporary and have a superior quality of sound.

These chimes are made with top-of-the-line materials, making them weather resistant, capable of producing truly wonderful sounds, aesthetically pleasing and also are made in the USA.

There have been many types of wind chime out there, most of which have been around for many thousands of years, often kept to ward off evil spirits, they were a symbol of religion.

Before we delve into Corinthian wind chimes specifically, we will introduce you to wind chimes as a whole, their history, uses and more.

Where Did Wind Chimes Come From?

The first ever wind chimes were known as tintinnabulums, and they were most popular in Ancient Rome.

They would have many bells hanging from a shape something like a phallus, and these were strongly believed to grant the owner good fortunes.

People back then believed in spirits a lot more than people do now, and so items like these, and rituals using them to keep away evil spirits were common.

Wind chimes were thought to bring in good spirits and keep evil ones at day.

They were often hung in religious temples, shrines and in caves.

Wind chimes found their primary practice in Rome and from Rome this tradition spread over to India, Japan, China, and many other places.

The earliest found remains of an Ancient wind chime actually date back to Asia in the South East, they were made from bamboo, shells, wood, and bone, and were dated at around 3000 BC.

What Are The Typical Uses For Wind Chimes?

So, why do we use them?

Well, most of the time we keep wind chimes in memory of a loved one long past, however, there are plenty of other reasons that people hang these up. As well as the beautiful sound they made of course.

Some people will use them as a memorial, in connection to their original use, people still affirm that they are connected to the spirit realm.

People often use wind chimes as a tribute to deceased loved ones and use the sound they make as a way to keep the memory of the person alive.

In some places, people will use wind chimes on farms and even in gardens to scare away predators, often birds and pests that can disturb plants or harm animals.

However, probably the most common reason for wind chime use in modern day is Feng Shui.

This is a practice about balancing energies and shifting them as necessary. Using sound is a well known way to do this. This is where wind chimes are used.

People who practice Feng Shui will use sound, such as the ones created by wind chimes to create positive energy and drive away bad energy, much like in previous practices with spirits.

Hanging a metal wind chime is said to promote things that metal, as an element, is recognized for such as clarity, joy, and integrity.

However, plenty of people do use wind chimes just for decoration and the happy, joyous noise that they make. They can liven up your garden, porch, yard, or even inside your home.

What Does Feng Shui Say About Hanging Wind Chimes?

According to Feng Shui rules, if you have a chime with five pipes on it then it is meant to cast away any bad luck, especially if it is hung at the front entrance to the home.

If you have one with six, this is often common in Corinthian wind chimes, then this is recommended to be hung in the corner of the home in the most North Western point.

If you were to plan on hanging them in the Western side of your home, then you would want one with 7 pipes.

The more pipes you have the more you need to have a good enough airflow for music to be created.

What Makes Up A Wind Chime?

Wind chimes are made to produce beautiful and melodic music. They have many different parts that make up the chime in order to create this music.

These parts are as follows:

  • Central cord
  • Clapper
  • Length
  • Suspension cord
  • Suspension platform
  • Sail
  • Ring/Hook
  • Tubes

The cord that suspends the chime will connect to the hook and the platform, and then the platform will keep every tube separate.

The sail is what is connected to the slapper and this is what catches in the wind, moving around and creating the sounds as it hits the tubes.

A small chime will create a different noise to a larger chime.

The Best Corinthian Wind Chimes

Corinthian chimes will usually have 6 tubes, and these can be purchased for yourself, or as a gift.

We have found a few different options for you to choose from.

44-Inch Vain Chime (Copper Material)

44-Inch Vain Chime (Copper Material)

This chime is probably one of Amazon’s bestsellers. It’s USA made and is hand tuned, for musicians, it is scaled to ‘C’.

The sound is reported to be deep, powerful, soft, and peaceful.

30-Inch Chime (Corinthian)

30-Inch Chime (Corinthian)

This option is a bit smaller, it is also priced a little lower than the previous option. It produced a higher pitch, being scaled at ‘A’.

Like the previous one it was also hand-tunes, and it is best suited for those who like a higher pitch.

50-Inch Chime In Black (Corinthian)

50-Inch Chime In Black (Corinthian)

This is a bit more elegant than the last two, and it is bigger as well. It is 50-inches and is set in a beautiful matte black.

It is also tuned to the scale of A, but it is deep and rich in its tone.

It might be a little higher in price, but its quality of construction is unrivalled, and it creates a sound that is truly melodic in comparison to some other wind chimes.

Note that you can get this chime in plenty of other colors as well, including a beautiful patina green!

Buying Them As A Gift

These beautiful wind chimes also make for a stellar gift.

If you want to purchase wind chimes for someone, maybe a friend or family member who is trying out Feng Shui or needs a new addition to their home, perhaps someone in mourning, they are fantastic.

They will look great in your garden, on the patio, in a sun room, or even on your porch.

Note that a vast majority of wind chimes can also be personalized, they can be engraved on the sail which will make for an even more touching and meaningful gift, we all know people love gifts that are personalized, it shows thought.

A good Corinthian wind chime might be higher in price than you’d expect, but they are so worth it, they are long-lasting too, and the sound that they create can bring calm, peace, and is rumored to bring good luck.

They are the gift that never stops giving.

Who can put a price on that?

How Do You Hang Them?

You don’t actually need to follow Feng Shui rules when you hang a wind chime, although you can, and it is recommended, you don’t have to.

So, let’s remember the rules for hanging a wind chime according to Feng Shui.

Rule #1- Keep it out of reach of your head, away from plants and walls where it could bump into them and cause eventual damage.

Rule #2- Hang it in a place where the wind will be able to catch on it from varying directions.

Rule #3- Move it around, and try out its sounds in different locations.

Choosing a placement can be very fun, and you can always move it if you find it is not doing the trick in one place, perhaps the sound is not right in one location, but it might be in another.

While it is good to stick to Feng Shui rules, it is not necessary, it is all about what sounds and feels right to you as well.

To Conclude

Corinthian wind chimes are the supercars are of the wind chime world, and they are so worth it, they are great gifts and have much meaning behind them, let alone the beautiful sound that they make.

With so much history and meaning behind them, we should all have them in our homes and have the chance to enjoy their music.


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