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Summerset Grills Reviews

by The Search Initiative January 21, 2021

Summerset Grills Reviews

What makes a summer cookout great? The company of friends and family is important, of course, but the food must be delicious as well.  

If you want a truly awesome BBQ party, you should invest in a reliable grill. Summerset produces some of the best, so let’s take a look at this Summerset grill review.

Best Summerset Grills Reviews

1. Summerset Alturi ALT42T 42" Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill w/ Rotisserie – Best Premium

Summerset Alturi ALT42T 42" Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill w/ Rotisserie

Just the sound of the name “Alturi” gives the impression of elegance. And indeed, the Summerset Alturi 42” is one of the finest grills in the market. 

It’s a luxury grill with a stylish design. But behind the beautiful appearance lies great power and excellent features.

Made with 304 stainless steel, the Summerset Alturi is extremely durable to last a lifetime. In addition to that, the three cast red brass burners are also the toughest in the industry. Just the build itself is impressive!

In terms of firepower, the Summerset Alturi doesn’t hold back. Each main burner puts on 26,000 BTUs. The infrared backburner runs on 18,000 BTUs, while the tube smoker burner has 7,000 BTUs. See also: the benefits of infrared grills.

This grill provides a large cooking surface for your grilling needs, specifically a staggering 1100 square inches. You’ll also be able to independently cook different food in different temperatures with the distinct temperature zones.

But wait, there’s more. This grill has LED front panel lighting, interior angle-mounted halogen lights, double-lined and spring-assisted hood, and a flame thrower ignition.

All in all, the Summerset Alturi is an elite grill that blows the competition out of the water.


  •        Luxurious design
  •        Super heavy-duty construction
  •        Cast red brass burners
  •        Powerful performance
  •        Large cooking surface
  •        Rotisserie kit included
  •        Even heating with briquette trays


  •        May be too large for some spaces

2. Summerset Sizzler Pro SIZPRO32 32" 4 Burner Freestanding Gas Grill – Best Freestanding

Summerset Sizzler Pro SIZPRO32 32" 4 Burner Freestanding Gas Grill

Prefer a freestanding grill instead of a built-in one? The SIZPRO32 is an excellent grill from the Summerset Sizzler Pro series.

The 443 stainless steel construction is durable and resistant to corrosion, so this grill will definitely last you years. Not only that, this material helps provide even heating for perfectly cooked meat each time.

The Summerset Sizzler Pro 32” has four cast stainless steel burners that put out great power. The main burners are 14,000 BTUs each, while the infrared backburner has a 15,000 BTU rating.

Like most Summerset grills, this one has a flame thrower ignition that shoots a burst of flame for more reliable lighting of the tube burners compared to traditional spark ignitions. No batteries or electricity needed.

While the SIZPRO32 isn’t as large as our previous option, you still get a big cooking surface at 795 square inches. 

There are individual heat zones as well so you can cook more food at different temperatures. Even if you’re working with different types of meat at the same time, you can lock in that flavor perfectly with the right individual temperatures.

And since it’s a freestanding grill, you get additional storage with two drawers and shelves.


  •        Solid construction
  •        Even heating
  •        Cast stainless steel burners
  •        Flame thrower ignition
  •        Distinct heat zones
  •        Storage


  •        Smaller cooking surface than the Alturi 42”

3. Summerset Sizzler SIZ26 26” Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill – Best Budget

Summerset Sizzler SIZ26 26” Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill

On a tight budget? You don’t have to compromise on cooking performance and durability with the Summerset Sizzler 26”. It’s the perfect grill where affordability and quality meet.

Like the Sizzler Pro 32”, this smaller grill is also made from 443 stainless steel. It’s a durable material that’s also resistant to corrosion – guaranteeing the longevity of the grill.

The three stainless steel tube burners are also durable. They’re not flimsy either, running at 12,000 BTUs per burner. So, you still get power that’s more than enough for cooking your dishes.

One of the distinguishing features of this grill is the compact size. This 3 burner gas grill is great if you’re limited in space yet you want something that's high-quality for your BBQ party. 

You get 560 square inches of cooking surface, which is enough if you’re not cooking for large parties. A 4-burner VS a 3-burner may be better.

The Summerset Sizzler also has ceramic briquette trays [1]. These minimize flare-ups and distribute heat evenly. Furthermore, ceramic briquettes reduces the amount of energy it takes for the grill to be ready.

Also, we like the double-lined hood because it effectively retains heat. You’ll experience even and efficient cooking with this grill – and you know how important that is for cooking savory meats.


  •        Resistant to corrosion
  •        Powerful performance
  •        Compact
  •        Double-lined hood for superior heat retention
  •        Ceramic briquette trays distribute heat evenly


  •        Cooking surface may not be enough for large parties

Best Summerset Grill Buying Guide

It can be tricky to choose the best grill, especially if you’re a first time buyer. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


The burners are the heart of the grill, and they’re the ones that need replacement every few years. So aside from the BTU rating of the burner, you should also consider the material it’s made of as well. Red brass and stainless steel are excellent options.


Longevity is one of the most important things in buying a grill. Make sure that the construction is solid and sturdy so you won’t be regretting your choice in a few years. Impressive pellet grills/smokers and gas grill should last for a longer of time due to durable construction and design. 

Size and Type

Do you need a large or a compact grill? Do you need a built-in or a freestanding one? These all depend on your preferences, so consider what you need before hitting the “add to cart” button. Also, consider the built of your backyard kitchen, so that your grill will complement to its layout. 

If you're interested in more brands, we compared Fire Magic VS Lynx for better decision-making.

Our Top Pick - Summerset Alturi ALT42T 42" Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill w/ Rotisserie

We place our winning verdict on the Summerset Alturi 42”. It’s stylish, luxurious, powerful, and impressive – all the things you could ever want in a grill. 

It has a 304 stainless steel build, cast red brass burners, large cooking surface, interior lights, spring-assisted hood, and evenly distributed heat. If you’re looking for the perfect summer cookout companion, look no further than the Summerset Alturi.

There are other Summerset models that might interest you in our list of recommended 5 burner gas grills. Check those out next!

Summerset Alturi ALT42T 42" Stainless Steel 3 Burner Built-In Gas Grill w/ Rotisserie

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