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Blaze Kamado Review

by Ian Bond January 20, 2021

Blaze Kamado Review

Kamado grills are extremely popular for their versatility, heat retention, and easy maintenance. In this review, we’ve set our eyes on the Blaze BLZ-20 kamado grill to see if it’s an ideal piece for backyard cooking and BBQ nights.

Blaze Kamado Features


When we saw that the BLZ-20 Kamado had an aluminum construction, we already knew it was going to be a tough grill to beat. Kamado grills are usually made of ceramic, but this material is more prone to cracking or breaking. The aluminum construction of the Blaze Kamado makes it extremely durable, with the potential of even lasting a lifetime.

The industry-first, solid cast aluminum construction is 1 ¼ inch thick. But aside from the toughness, it keeps up with appearances as well. The silver finish and 304 stainless steel accents are beautiful and will fit in nicely in any outdoor kitchen.

Furthermore, the non-porous body of this grill allows it to use charcoal, wood fuel, or any ignition method. We like this kind of versatility because there’s absolutely no worry about the grill getting damaged no matter what fuel you use.

Heat Retention

Kamado grills are great for maintaining steady temperatures during long cooks. So if you’re cooking baby back ribs or if you’re hosting a BBQ party that will last for hours, the Blaze Kamado grill will be a reliable companion.

When it comes to heat retention, we found that there’s not much of a difference between the aluminum and ceramic material. We’ve used ceramic kamados before, and the aluminum construction of the Blaze BLZ-20 works just as well with trapping in heat.

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Precise Temperature Control

The Blaze BLZ-20 Kamado is equipped with a cast molded exhaust cap that allows precise heat control. There’s also a built-in cast aluminum top air vent for you to set the vent opening. When we tested it out, we were happy that it stayed put even when we lifted the lid.

While you do have to play around with the dampers to achieve the optimum airflow within the grill, the learning curve is not that steep and you’ll be able to easily get the hang of it.

Blaze Kamado Features

Impressive Cooking Surface

Under the lid, there’s a 20-inch diameter stainless steel hex grill grate. The grates, which are made of 304 stainless steel [1], have two hinged sections that make it easy to add wood or charcoal. You don’t have to remove the cooking surface anymore because of this hinged design.

Aside from the main cooking grid, you’ll find an 18-inch multi-purpose grate underneath which you can use for grilling as well. This doubles your cooking space, but you can also put a pan of liquid on this grate for indirect cooking.

Assisted Hood

To add to the convenience factor, the Blaze BLZ-20 Kamado has a pre-installed lid hinge with a lift assist. With this, we found the grill very easy to open compared to others that were heavy to lift. The lift-assist hinges are made from 304 stainless steel as well, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

Tongue-and-groove Sealing

Another unique feature of the Blaze Kamado is its tongue-and-groove sealing. As the lid is tightly sealed to the base, the heat remains trapped inside.

A big advantage of the tongue-and-groove seal is that it doesn’t require replacements from time to time. The gaskets used in ceramic kamados need to be frequently replaced, costing you more money.

So, having a tongue-and-groove seal like the BLZ-20 would help save money in the long run.


As previously mentioned, kamado grills are best known for versatility, and the Blaze BLZ-20 is no exception. You can grill, bake, roast, and BBQ with this cooking equipment. If you’re craving pizza and does not have a great DIY pizza oven, the kamado grill can take on that challenge as well because of its exceptional heat insulation and circulation.

So if you’re a backyard chef who likes cooking recipes with multiple cooking styles, the kamado grill gives you tons of flexibility.


Authentic Flavor

We tried cooking steaks, burgers, ribs, cobbler, and various side dishes with the Blaze Kamado to see how various food items will turn out. The results were impressive. We were able to produce steakhouse-quality meats with authentic smoke and charcoal flavor.

The sear marks on the meat made the food extra appetizing, too. And with excellent heat retention, the meat was juicy and evenly-cooked. As for the side dishes, we have no complaints and the flavor was great as well.

Easy Clean-up

Anyone who’s used a grill will tell you that cleaning up is one of the most frustrating parts, especially if the grill is not equipped for an easy clean-up.

Fortunately, cleaning is effortless with the Blaze Kamado because there’s a full-width lift out ash pan. We’ve worked with ceramic kamados before and scraping out the ashes was definitely not our favorite part.

The ash pan on the BLZ-20 made a huge difference to our overall experience. If you’re also not really a fan of scraping off dirt and debris, you won’t have to do so with the Blaze Kamado.

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Good For Any Season

One of the best things we like about kamado grills like the Blaze BLZ-20 is that it allows cooking even in bad weather. Because the lid can be closed completely, no heat can escape. So even in the winter, you’ll be able to roast, bake, smoke, steam, and grill your favorite recipes. 

Lifetime Warranty

The warranty of a product tells you a lot about its lifespan and the company’s confidence in it. While we knew from the get-go that the aluminum construction of the Blaze BLZ-20 made it tough, the lifetime warranty of this kamado reassured our trust.

Any defects in manufacturing and workmanship on the cast aluminum body, stainless steel cooking hinge, and all other parts have a lifetime warranty from Blaze. With this grill in your backyard, you’ll be looking forward to a lot of cookouts.

Just keep in mind that you must register your grill within 30 days of purchase for the warranty to apply.



  • Extremely durable cast aluminum body
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Stainless steel grates
  • Tongue-and-groove sealing
  • Lift-assisted lid
  • Authentic smoky flavor
  • Easy clean-up


  • Some may prefer a large grill


With excellent heat retention and versatility, kamado grills remain one of our favorite grill types. Ceramic kamados do a good job, but the aluminum construction of the Blaze BLZ-20 provides great durability so you don’t have to worry about chipping and breaking.

The Blaze BLZ-20 Kamado grill offers exceptional insulation, an assisted lid, a touch-and-groove seal, cooking flexibility, and easy clean-up. Ideal for any season, you can even whip up a feast even in bad weather.

Overall, the Blaze BLZ-20 Kamado grill has earned its place in our backyard and it should be in yours, too.

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