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DIY PIzza Oven — How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven

by Outdoor Cooking Pros May 10, 2021

DIY PIzza Oven

The heights of the lockdown season probably made you realize the essence of home-cooking. And now, instead of ordering online, you’re thinking of building a DIY pizza oven in your backyard. 

With different options out there, constructing a pizza oven on your own could be confusing. Lucky for you, our team gathered all the details you’ll need to guide you in the entire process.

What is a DIY Pizza Oven? 

A DIY pizza oven is a cooking chamber that you can build by yourself using helpful kits with easy to follow instructions and durable materials. It comes in different designs, sizes, and shapes to match the functionality and aesthetic considerations you seek. 

Build a DIY Pizza Oven

The Materials You’ll Need

Good quality materials determine the foundation of any long-lasting construction. Most pizza cooking chambers can be made of either bricks or clay. The quantity and kind of components you’ll be using will depend entirely on the type of oven you chose to build. 

The Materials You’ll Need

This DIY project’s standard building materials include concrete, mortar, gravel, rebar, fire bricks, or other applicable masonry. You’ll also be needing tools for woodworking and concrete constructions like mixers, shovels, and saw. 

Decide on the Location of the Pizza Oven

One of the most vital considerations when setting up a quality outdoor pizza oven is the location. A well-built outdoor kitchen must consider a space for pizza oven, as well. 

You can integrate them with existing fireplaces and grills or choose to construct them separately. Nonetheless, our team recommends putting it in a sheltered area to prevent it from being damaged during bad weather conditions.

Due to its potential fire hazards and safety implications, some regulations may limit your construction’s proximity. It’s also wise to put it on hard ground to support its immense weight and ensure that the area isn’t accessible to highly flammable materials.

Would you rather grill pizza? We also have your bases covered there. 

Create the Base of the Pizza Oven

If you want to keep your cooking chamber in good shape for years, your base must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather implications. To achieve this, you must dig the foundation with consideration of the area’s climate and softness of the soil.  

After creating a pit, polish its corners before layering the gravel in the bottom and pour your concrete mixture. Let it sit for at least 72 hours before you continue with the construction process. 

Decide on the Size of the Pizza Oven

You should note several factors amid deciding how big or small your oven DIY pizza oven will be. 

Decide on the Size of the Pizza Oven

First, identify its purpose. Will it be used for light meals or high-volume cooking? Second, specify its function. How big is the pizza you want to make regularly? And third, consider external factors. Will the construction fit your available space?

Arrange Your Bricks Accordingly

Once the concrete gets settled in the pit, it’s time to outline your structure with bricks. Start your construction based on the design you decided on. Continue laying them down from its stand to constructing the shape of the hearth.

Create the Arch

The main attraction of this pizza cooking chamber is the dome. It’s the circular shape that will put the construction together. Carefully lay down the fire bricks into formation and add the layers inwards to achieve the arch effect.  You also have the option to build a chimney over it.

Cement the Bricks Together

After putting the last brick into action,  add cement to gaps and edges between each one to ensure that the materials are tightly intact together. Give it time to dry for at least 2 to 3 weeks. 

Mix the Concrete and Apply It On the Pizza Oven’s Exterior

For the finishing touch, spread a generous amount of insulating concrete or clay mixture throughout the exterior of the fully structured oven. Cladding another layer adds thermal capacity and keeps the heat enclosed inside for an extended period of time. 

Outdoor Built-In Ovens

If you’re looking for a convenient option to enjoy authentic tasting wood-fired pizza at home, then a built-in outdoor oven is the perfect touch for your new cooking experience. Aside from its portable set-up fueled by gas and wood fire, these petite countertop ovens are durable and efficient. It can easily complement to your backyard kitchen tools, as well. Despite its size, this oven is suitable for restaurant-use and high volume food servings. 

Best Outdoor Built-In Ovens

1. Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Hybrid DIY Kit Built-In Dual Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven 

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Hybrid DIY Kit Built-In Dual Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Cook with maximum safety standard with this two-burner hybrid cooking chamber. It has an easy-to-install and durable design operated on Natural or Propane Gas.

Equipped with “FlameRoll” functions that provide high and even heating, get the authentic wood-fire taste for your pizza. 

2. Chicago Brick Oven CBO 1000 DIY Kit Built-In Commercial Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Chicago Brick Oven CBO 1000 DIY Kit Built-In Commercial Wood Fire Pizza Oven

This massive seven-piece DIY Pizza Oven kit has a high-grade refractory feature to increase its durability and stand the test of time. With over 2000 square inches exterior, this oven is suitable for bountiful food preps. 

3. Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Hybrid 42" Silver Dual Fuel Residential Countertop Pizza Oven

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Hybrid 42" Silver Dual Fuel Residential Countertop Pizza Oven

Proven and certified by many Chicago brick oven owners, this top-tier Countertop Pizza Oven has a metal insulated hood available in silver or copper vein. Reliable for all-year-round outdoor cooking with its unparalleled dual fuel performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a simple pizza oven?

You can make a simple pizza oven outdoors using either bricks or cob mixtures. These can be built from scratch with recycled and locally available materials. 

Carefully construct your base and assemble the structure with your chosen foundation. Make sure to coat it with protective layers to guarantee a long-lasting pizza cooking experience.

How much does it cost to build a pizza oven?

The building cost of a small DIY pizza oven ranges from $250 to $1000. This price includes durable materials for a sturdy construction. Charges vary based on the structure, functionality, and design options of your choice. 

There are also available pizza oven kits, which you can integrate with your existing cooking system. It costs around $1000 to $1500.

Can you use any bricks for a pizza oven?

No, there are some types of bricks you can’t use when making your pizza oven. The best kind to use are firebricks and red clay bricks, which could withstand extremely high cooking temperatures. On the other hand, concrete materials have a high chance of disintegrating when exposed to excessive heat.

What kind of wood should I use for a pizza oven?

The kind of wood you should use for a pizza oven is mostly dry and seasoned hardwoods. They weigh three times more compared to softwoods, which allow them to produce more heat. 

Fruitwoods are also a good and popular option among oven owners as they provide ample heat, aroma, and unique flavors to your cooking[1].

(If you are wondering what kind of pizza oven can best complement your outdoor kitchen, you can also choose between a gas pizza over or a wood fired pizza oven here)


Investing time and resources for a pizza making chamber is a great way to extend your home cooking experience and add a new backyard activity for the family. However, if you find all the process intimidating, our experts recommend using pizza oven kits, which can help you avoid undesirable mishaps during the whole construction process. 

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